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152. Cant. 5.6. lob.3ez. Why Godwill not al. Vpon theThurfeday after waies heare our praiers. what he found was amiffe ; for by hearing hisPeoplescomplaints,he knew the better how tohelpe them. And therefore God complaining of his People, That they didnot comeandfue vnto him, nor make their moane vnto him, hee brands them in the forehead to their foule fhame,with a2ónmeinuocaf i, Thou haft not calledupon me. The fourth is S. Auftens; who faith, That God fometimedenies, fometimes grants our requefts ; one while more flow, another, more fpeedie, inyeelding to our petitions. TheDeuill crauedhis Ieaue to temptlob,and hee prefentlygaue way to it. Saint Paul didbeg ofhim, that he might be freed from that euil An- gell which tormented him,andhis fuit wasdenied ; yet the Deuils difpatchwas nothing fogood as Saint Pauls : to the one it was quicke,,but to his farther (hame and confufion : to theother moreflow, butto his greater grace andglorie. The Spoufetreating ofherBeloued,faith, 'fought him , but 1couldnotfindhim ;Icalled him, but heanfweredmenot. Richardaa deSaníIoviaore faith, That Goddoth not prefently replie toour Prayers, nor on the fuddengrant our requefts, to theend that hemight make vsthe better anfwer,and fend vs awaywith the better dif- patch . It is a note ofSaint Bafi:s, That Salomons wifedome flayed fo littlea whilewithhim, becaufeGod had foToone grantedhis requeft. And therefore it is commonly faid, uepreflòfealcaxfapreflofepierde, Saonegot,feoneloft. The fift is of Viflor Antiochenua. Our SauiourChrift (faithhe) threw foma- nic difgraces vpon this womanof Tyrus andSydon , andyet gaueher ftrength withall to continuefo couragiousand confiantall the while, totheend that if the Iewes fhouldeithergrowenuiousor jealousof the fauour that our Sauiour (hewed vntoher, by takingexceptionat his Fiat tibiftcat vis, Bec it unto thee as thou wouldit baueit ; and at that his extraordinarie commending ofher, when he tells her, lhaue notfoundfuchgreat Faith, no not in Ifraell : he mightverie wel ex- cure himfelfe vnto them , by(hewingvnto them , that thiswasviolentia mago, panevoluntatis, rather aviolent, than a voluntariealiens, and that whither hee wouldor no, hewas ina manner forcedand compelled todoe as he did : For it isnot vnknowne vnto you, how fcornefull I(hewedmy felfevnto her,howma- ny difgraces I putvpon her ; yet all would not doe,but fhe ismore importunate vpon me than before, fo that her Faithdid enforce neetoyeeld. He that is truly in loue, auoydsthe occafions that maybee offenfiue tohis Loue : Norcan that louebe toomuch indeered,which our Sauiour bare vnto the Iewes whichmade him fo loath tooffend them : but neuer was thereany wpman fo jealousofher husband, as the Iewes were of the Gentiles, as alfoof our Sauipurs conuerfing with them. The fixt, That oneof thenoblest andmolt heroical! as ofour Faith, is, Thata man fhould louehis Maker,calto God formercie andforgiueneffe ofhis firmes, defircvilorie ouerhis temptations, and fueandbeg, and thateamefily, not ayeareortwo,but tenyeares together ; and God all thiswhile notretur- ninghin any anfwer, that hefhouldforallthishillperfeuerin thefehis conftant courfes ofPrayer, isa thing, I know notwhither more tobe commended,than admired. clamo, er non exaudisme;tto, è' nonrejfricis me, faith lob, i crieveto thee, andthoudooft not heareme,neither regardeftme when 1ffand vp ;1crie byPrayer,1 /(and vp byperfeuerance. Yatabliss tranflates it, Sto, nihil mecuras, ¡Randvp, andshoo takefino notice ofit. mops diddefire of God, That hewoulddoehim the fauour to let him fee his face : that he fhould talkewith God,andGod fpeake againtq him ; this would not contenthim, hemutt feehim,forfooth,elfe all the reft was as nothing : Inwhat cafewould hee thenhauebeene , had heeneither feene nor heard