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why God wiu noral- the firft.SondayinLent. Serfii.9. waiea Mare ourpraien. heardof him r Of Baalthediuine Hifloriandeliuereth, Theresa, neither/zioiceto beheard, nor ome toanfner,nor any that regarded. Hewas a falfe god ;'but that our God fhould be deafè at our cries,&c. The feuenth, That amother fhould breedvp her daughter fo ill, that Thee fhould fill into the Deuilishands, male á Damonio'vexatítr [theGreeke,Damo- niaatur] it is not much, that Chrift fnould not make her any anfwer; for al- thoughno mancan huefreefrom thebatterieofHell, yet a mother that fluff thruft her daughter into it, muffholdher fèlfe anvnfortunate woman c For it is ruceffarte thatfeandallsjhouldcome; yet Chrift didmourn forthofe through whole means theywere occafioned. The laft, God dothdeferre thefauours thoubeggeft ofhim, tò the end thou maift cfteentethe better ofthemwhen theycome ; forwee lightly efteeme of thofcthin_gs that coltvs but little labour. Elifha could haue healedTï_aamsn the KingofSyria's Fauourite, either byhis word onely,or by layinghis hands vp- onhis leprofie, or bywilling him towafhhimfelfe but once in lordan ; but hee wouldhaue him towafh himfelfetherein feuen times becaufe hce fhouldnot difefteemeof it. Speciofamefericordia Dei gxafi nubes in temporeficcitatit,0 ! how faire athing ismerciein the time ofanguifh and trouble? It is like a Cloud of raine in the timeofadrought. Forthefe, andother the aforefaidreafons, Our Sauiour Chriftwould notgiueBare to thishumble petitionofthis pooreCanna- nitifh woman. Dimitte tam, quia clamatpo,je nôs. Difyatch her,forphecriethafter .'s . Thefeweregood Fauourites,worthieto be about theperfonofChrift theirKing ; your Courtyers hauenot commonly fuch tender bowells; but thefehad compafíionof other mens miferies and ne- ceffities, they takepart in thepetitionsofthepoore; they plead thecaufc ofthe aftliéted, they folicite theirfuit, andentreat hard for them. The Propitiarorie flood vpon theArkeof theLaw, andoneither fide, it hadtwo Cherubimes co- uering theMercie feat with theirwings,andtheir faces one towardsanother,be, holding one another in that manner, that theireyes wereneuer offeach other. Saint ugullinewill haueit, That God doth herebyaduife the Tranfgreffoursof his Law, that they fhould appealefrom his rigour ro his mercie, which was the neereft cut a (inner couldmake ;and that the heft means tocome tothis hisMer- cie feat, was,toTookevpon our neighbor, & neuer to haueour eyes fromoff his wantsandnecefíiries. The Spoufedid boaft her felfeOfthofe fauours which her Beloueddid vnto her, Introduxit me Rex in cellamvinariam, &c. flee brought me into theWinefellar,andLout was his banner ouer me ;hisleft hand if undermy head, and hisrighthand dothembraceme,r-c. And her companions that kept her corn- panic made anfwer, Exultabimus&- latabimur in to memores vberám taorum, We hauereioycedindwillbeglad, fit. We takemuch ioy iñthis thyprivacie and in- wardneflèwithhim , becaufe wee know that it will makemuch forour good. Thou alone (faith Saint'Bernd,d) fhalt enter into theWine fella'. 5' but thoualone fhalt not be richand happietherein, thoumuff(hare rhefe thyblefímgs withthy neighbours, friends,and allycs,andallmuft taft ofthe militeof thy brefts : for thebreftswerenotmade 1 muchfortháfethathauethem, is for thofe hatttt- leffe creatures that mull fuckeand draw fromthem::Thislotreandcharitie thew= ed theApoflíel,when they didfolicitethis wotnans difpatch andPaidtoout Sa- uioursDimitte illanw; Sendheraway, ltd. 's3 3. KiogsIS. Freie. 3 $. Soft perlons the fitteita- bout Princes. Excel. ay. Mercie,, lure motiue for metric. Coot. 2..4.