Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

i56 PAL4y. Hope and patience the onely meansto bring vs to heaven. Vpon theThurfeday after which is notedbySaint Bernard ;to wit,That hethat fhal not be afheepe in this life, (hallafter deathbedamned toHell ; Sicut Dues ininfernopofitifunt,They licin Hell likejheepe, anddeathgnameth vponthem. As here we take the fleece from off ourSheepe, and leaue them naked andpoore; fo there theWolfe (hall bee flee- cedofhis riches , and of allthepleafures and comforts that hee tooke in this world,and be left not only naked,but full likewifeofpaine and torment ; caters depafcet cos, Deathjhiallgnaw vponthem, anddying ro life, they ¡hall hue to death. Venìt adorauiteum ; dicens,Domine adiuua me. Cameandmerjhippedhim ;faying,Lordhelpeme. As thereare forcekind offires which recouermore force by throwing watervpon them ; fo the heart ofthis womandid recouer more courageby this our Sauiors difrace, innot vouchfa- fingherananfwer, thinkingthereby to quench the heat ofher zeale : And fai- ling downe proftrate before him, and adoringhim as God, Paid vnto him, Lord, am I thy Sheepe, or notthy Sheepe cameftthou forme, ornot for niec I dare not be fo boldto difpute that withthee ; yet giue mee leave, confidering the wretchedneffe of my cafe, to callvnto thee for helpe,and to beat at the doores ofthine eares,with aDentineadjuva me; witha HelpemegoodLordHere arethofe hot,impatient, violent, and firiedifpofitions condemned, for whomthofe two louely Twinnes,Hope andPatience were neuer borne : with whom, euerie lit- tle delaying oftheirdeliires, and deferring of theirhopes , driuesthemto the depth ofdefperation, and is as a thoufand deathsvnto them. Theyare likevnto your hired Horfes, whocome fohungrie totheir Inne , that they will notfray thepluckingoffof their bridle, though thereby they ¡houid the better come at their meat. ofeecompares them toa young Heyferthat hath been vied totread out corne,who is no foonertaken from thecart, or the Plough,before her yoke is takenoff would faine runne to the threfhing floore, Ephraimvitola ef, dollä di. ligere tritaram ; So affeEted toher feeding, that thehath not the patience toputa meanebetweene her treadingandher eating. Non efl bonumfirmerepanem Filiorum,&mittereCanibus. It is notgood to take theChildrens Bread, andsine it to Doggs. This was fo cruell ablow, that any bodieelfe would hardlyhaue indured it; But Godalwayesproportions his fauours and disfauours, according tothemea- lureofour capacitie : To thee, hee giues riches, becaufehediftrufts thyweake- neffe; to another,pouertie, becaufehee knowes his ftrength. Fidelis Dens, qui non patietur vos tentare,vltraid goodpoteflis. God is fogood aGod that hee will not fuffer yee to bee tempted aboue your power . And this reafon alone ought to makemen reft contentedwith that fiate andconditionoflife,wherein- toGod hath putthem. Chriftyou fee,carrieshimfelfe fcornefullyto thiswo- man, yet (poorefoule) fhee patientlyfuffers and indures all : Whetherorno, for that it is an ordinariething with God,tobe thenmoft kind,when hefeemes tobee nioft curft. Howdidhe dealewith vibraham touchinghis fonne Ifate t Hee makeshim draw his(word, fetanedgevpon it,and liftvp hisarmeto ftrike, but whenbee was readietoglue the blow, hee holds his hand, andbeftowes a bleffingvpon him, forthis his great faithand obedience. Noneftbonum,fumerepanemfiliorum. It isnot goodto takethe childrensbread. What c íhalt I giuethe childrens bread vntodoggesc Iris not fitting. My Miraclesand my Doûtrine were meant to the I. cor. t t.