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Dog,a name l degree fen's' the firft Sondayin Lent. Serm.9. ( 157 ing the lowefldepree ofbafeuts. the children(for fo was Ifrael called) Filiusmeta primogenituslfrael.It was proui- ded,& principally promifed vnto them,vpona pador couenantwhichGod had made withAbraham.Inawell ordered houfe,the dogs arenot allowedto eat the childrens bread, worfer fcrapswill ferue their turne ; it is enoughthat theyhaue that which is necef brie to nourifhtheir bodie. (culi omnium,in to f erant Domi- ne, The eyes ofall thingswait vponthee, á Lord ; andthou giuefl them their meat` in duefeatn, fuch as is fitting for them. But the choyce bread of his Law, and of his prefence, this isreferued for his owne houfeand familie, thofe thatare his children,and his owne people. OfwhomSaint Paulfayth,Credita runt illis elo- quia Dei. And Dauid; Nonfecit taliteromni nation ; Seebathnot dealtfowithany nation betides. Your Turks the Moores,and the Negros, in a fcorneand con- tempt of them , wee call them dogges . And wee inherit this name from the Moores, whowhen theywere Lords ofSpaine, beftowed that nick-name on vs. The Scripture giuesthisname ofbate mindedmen. 2'unquidcaput canis ego flan ? AmI adogges head? It was Abvers laying tolfhbo/heth. As if bee Mould haue fayd, fhallI be fobate as to pocket fuch awrong. Againe,Shall I takeoff this dogges head that curferhmy King r Itwas Abifhays fpeech of Shimei ; as making nomore reckoning ofhim than of a dogge. Againe Is thy feruant a dogge, that I fhould be fodeuoyd ofall pittie and humanitie It was Hazaêlls anfwereto Elifhia when bee told himof the mill that he Mould doe vnto the children of Ilraell. And Saint Paul aduifeth the Philippians to beware of dogges ; alluding to Heretickes. And the Iewes gauethis attribute ofdogge to the Gentiles. EtiamDomine , nam&callite. Tes Lord, for euen theWhelpes. Here this Canaanitifh woman, taking her Cu, caught him athis word. She had himnow,and(as Saint Chrifoslomenoreth) held herfelfenow as good as alreadiedifpatcht, and that herfute was atanend.Infer- ring hereupon ; ôLord, I account my felfe antoft happy woman,that I maybe admitted into thy houle, though it bebut in thenature ofadog. First, becaufe that dogs beeing faithfull and louing, affe&ionare thereby their Matters vnro them. Andnone fhall bemore louing and loyall vnto you than I, who [hall (till wait vpon you,be neuer from your heeles,and follow you vnro death. And fe. condly ; for that to dogs, wereneuer yet denycd thecrums that fell from their Matters table. I would not (poore vnworthy creature,as Theophilacimakes her fpeake) delire any of thole thy greater miracles, which thoukeepeft forthine own children,the leapt that thouhaft will content me,be itbut as a crum incom- parifonofthewhole loafc. O how humblyanddifcreetly did this.Canaanitifh woman goe toworke. Howmeane, andyet howgreat a courtefie didThee beg ofourSauiour? For inGods houfe,the leaptcrummeofhisbread,isfuffrcient tomakevs happy for euer, and neuer more to fuller hunger; as theleapt dropof his bloud;is able to cleanfe thoufandsof foules from their fumes. Elegiabieaus of in demoDeinei, Ihadratherbee adoore-keeper in the houfeofmy God, erc. Ano- ther letter bath it, Ad limenDei mei, At the tbrea(holdofmy God. I had rather bee abegger, andcraueanAlmes atthe grouncell or lowe(tgreet` inGods houle, than totriumph,and line inpompe inthe pallaces ofPrinces. cAtofes would ra- 'therhaue his ferip, with Morfell ofbread and cheefein the feruice ofGod, thanto bee a princeofA,gypt, It is a common prouerbe; e valem,os migaia de Rey, quefatice decauallero ; A crutàme in aKingsCourt is more to bee eftee- med thana fhiue of bread inaGentlemanHall. Thechildrenof Ifraellwere O well Exact 4. PP1. 145. Pfal447. s. a. King 3. a. Kingt 16. 4.Kings 8. Philip. 3. The leasi of Gods fauours no way to be valued. Difaetioa a minemotiue in our petiti- ons toGod. Pf`l. 84.