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God defers not hismercy, but toaugment it the firfi Sunday inLent. Serm.9. )59 bitin iramifericerdiasfuss ? Hewill fomerimeswithholdhis mercies,as ifhehad quite forgottenthem : it is aneffect ofhis prouidence, nowand then todefend then ; but this ftill tendeth to ourgreatergood. Be it vnta theeat thou wouldfl haue it . Our Sauiour was fomewhat flow in difpatching this woman, but it was to better her difpatch. O thou Canaa- nite, thou maift thinkethy felfe well difpatcht with thefecrummes, now all is remitted to thyneowne good liking ; Fiat tibificut vie , there is thy difcharge : And though thou haftftaid long for it yet that is not tobee accounted long, which coniesat laft : he negotiates not ill,who endeth'hisnegotiation before he depart from the pretenceof his King, obtaining not onelyhis fuir, but withall, a difpatch. TheKings andPrinces of the earthwill giue thee breadwhen thou haft no teethto eat it a bed, when thybones cannot reft in it theyare fo brui- > > , fed and broken; and when they hauegrantedthee thydcfire,thou fhalt not haue thát difpatch. Saul madeanopen Proclarimation,Thathe that íhould kill Gollob, that gyant-like Philiffine,fhould marriehis daughter;the right was inDauid,but thisfauourwas affoorded himoutof feafon and not in it's due time ; for fire was married toanother that neuer drewhis fword in the quarell. Dauidfinding himfelfe herewith agrieued,and complaining, thathewas not wel dealt withal, hereceiued anfwer, That his reward was fure enough, andthereforehe needed notto doubt of it ; but that his bufineffemight be difpatcht, he ,muff firft kill a hundred Philiftines : fo that his promifed reward colt himthe killing of one, and his difpatch, the killingof ahundred. Theworld isthe fame nowas it was then ; thedifpatch coils morethan thething wee pretend isworth. I fee many Imagesofdeuotion in the Court,as our Ladieof Pilgrims, our LadieofPains, andour Ladieof goodSuccefte;but I know not why,orwhtrefore,there being more need agreat deale, to ereft and fet vpaLadie ofgoodDifpatch. Seneca faith , That thofe thatare Pretenders, will more patientlyendure the cutting off ofthe threadof theirprerehf on, thantohaue their hopes drawne out fromday today. Saint 4mbrofevponthatplace ofSaint Lake, StatimGallus cantata, Prefeeutly theCocirecrew ; noteth threeStatims, or threePrefently's ; Pre - fently the Cockecrew; PrefèntlyPeterwept; and,PrefentlyGodforgauehim. But your Minifters ofIuftice, asalto inCourt, doenow adays delayaman, as a Phyfition -dotha Cure,that hemay behonoured the more, and'payed thebet- ter. Twentie yeares did racob ferue hisfather inLawLaban fourteen for his wiues,and fixe for their dowrie ; andbeing fo dueadebtas it was, hee went fo Iong deferringthe paymentthereof,thatifGod hadnot taken hispart,hemight haue returned home (forought I know) withthe ítaffe that hebrought with him. Mutafimerceder meamdecent vicibus, Thou haft deceiuedme, and . changedìaÿwaaes ten times : There is no honeftie in fuch kindof dealing ; therearetoomanyofthefenow a dayes ;but God amendthem : Andfo I commendyouto God. O2 THE Earthly Prin- f°`ward t° gnnt,burRow to giue. . Delay" muchpradi. fedbyMan.