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i6o O Pa ,. THE TENTH SERMON, VP- 0AC `I' HE FAYDi T" A F TER THE FIRST SVN- D6X I2C LENT'. I o 9x x'r S. S. I. Eratdies Fefiui5udseorum, j` erat Kserufalem probaticapifcina. Therewas aFeaft of the Iewes , and there is at Ierufa- 1emby the placeof theSheepe,a Poole. God the one- ly fupporter of weaker Man. Eccles. Mongft thofemany other Fifh-pooles which belonged to Icrufälem, ( betides thofewhich Salomonhadmade for his own particular vfeand pleafure, Extruxi mihi Pifcinuaqua- rum, ImadeCjernes ofluster,&c.) this of all the refit was the molt famous. lofeephue calls it, Stagnuwt Salomonis, be- caufe itwasbuilt by this King,neerevnto the Temple, for the feruice of facred things : it was a Poole that was wal- led round about, whereunto your heardsand flockes ofcattell could not come ; and force fay,That thiswas the placewhere the Prieftshid the holyFire which r ehemiasafterwards foundtobee conuerted intoathicke water. Itwas walled round about, andhadflue feuerall openporches full ofdifeafedpeople, forceof one infirmitie,and forceofanother. This Hofpitall ioyncd to thebackeof the Temple, to thew, that the poore haue noother prop inthis life tovphold them , faue Godsbacke ; thismuft bee their flrength, hereuntomuft they lean: it is our Sauiours fhoulders that mutt not onely bearevs vp,but our infirmities,by taking them vpon himfelfe. In SaintChryfofames time, theHofpitals werelet apart from theTemples,for feare ofreceiuing infectionfrom thofe contagious difeafes : For diepoore did lie like fomanyDogges,at thedoores ofGods houle. A Theefe, thathe may the betterenter that houle where there are manydoggs,holds it hisbeft courfe, to