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170 z.,Kings 6. II(iagr r.}. Godpittieth when none elfe wilt. A weeping Eye caufeth ableeding heart. Allfinsare not alike,lcthere. \Upon the Frydayafter forenot alikedifplcafing. Euthimiusclothmuch endeere his fufferance and his perfeuerance, neuer dc- fpairing, but affuringhimfelfc, that Heauen would yet at laftbee propitious and fauourable vnto him : and thoughyeare after yeare, nay,for fomany yeres toge- ther, l:+e found nogood, (many contradictions offeringthemfelues vnto him)yet hishopes didneuer failehim. His finneswere rather accetforie and accidentali, thanof any propofed malice, or indefpight (aswe fay)of God ; and fuch kind of faults as thefe, God foonerpardoneth and farre moreeafily forgiueth. The Scripturefometimespropofeth vntovs Pttcadores remitados, Notoriosufinners,to whofeaccount youcannot adde one finnemore than they haue charged them- felues withall : Whohatepurpofeely departedfromGod: Of thefelob faith, reef de indu riareceirunt dme. Efy, Pepigimusfedue cummorte, Wehaue made a couenant with Death. Malachie, Yanuaeft gutferuit Deo, He isvain thatferueth God. Thefe are defperate refolutions. Others thereare who finne by accident. In theHiftorieoftheKings it is Paid of Dauid, That he arofe vp from hischaire , towalke vpon the Tarraffe ofhis Pallace, and that his eye lighted bychancevponBerJheba, who was bathing her felfe in her garden : thiswas abufineffe which fellout cafually,and (as we fay)by hap-hazard,thoughhis plotting how to hauehis pleafureofherwas a thing pre- meditated ; buthis feeingand his couetingof her was, asitwere, accidentally, andby chance. Whereasthe defire that Dauidhad toferue God,was euer pur- pofedanddeterminedby him [ luraui & fiatui cufledireiudicia juJlicietme. ] So that his offending of his Godwas not wilful,but ofweaknes&by meere hapha- zard. Saul madea Proclamation, That noman Mould cat till heehadgotten the vittorieouerthe Philiftines; but the fouldiers were fo hungrie with fighting and fatting, that theirminds ran on nothing elfe fauetheflanching of their hun- ger; Etcomeditpopular camfnguine,Thepeopk tookeSheepe,andOxen,andCalues,and flew them on theground, and dideat them , withthe bloud, (whichwas contrarie to Godscommandement)not confidering,that this their eatingatthis time,andvp- on fuchanoccafion, waspeccatumper accident, anaccidentalsfinne. Inaword, one ofthe fureft pledges ofour predeftination, is, tomakeour feruing ofGod the Principali, andour offendinghim,the Accefforie. HttnccùmTidif, f"at:Dominos. When theLordhadfeene him . This his feeingofhimwas notbychance, nor is it fo to beconftruedof Chrift ; but tohew that hewas man, hee did many thingsas it werebychance : And therefore when he taw thismans miferie, and knewhow long he had layne thus,andhow hewas forfaken ofall theworld,and that there was nobodie tohelpehim,tben, &c. It is a great matter (Icanaffure you) for aman to caft his eyes vponthe wret- ched eftateof the Poore; for from the eyescompanion,groves the hearts ten- derneffe ; the one is nohonertouchr, but theothermelts. Noliauerterefaticm tuas ab vilopaupere,Turnenot away thyfacefromthePoore. Tobias toldhisforme, That ifhe fhouldnot turne his eyeafide from the Poore,Godwouldneuer turn away hisface from him. The fores of the Poore (faith Saint Chryfe/lome) being beheldby vs, teach, aduife, andmoouevs. WhenPilate prefented ourSauiour Chrift to the lewes, wounded from headto foot and all his bodie ona goare bloud, hePaid vntothem,Ecce homo,BeholdtheMan; buttheyhutting their eyes, andturningtheir faces away from him, cried ouyinheywith him, awaywith him : whereasif they hadearneftlybeheld him,and viewed himwel from top totoe, their hearts, had they beeneof(tone, (as theywere little better) they would hauel