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Chat the bed Phyfition the firftSunday inLent. Serin.' o. in two refpeets. 171 haue growne foft and tender with it. The reifon why fo little remedie now a dayesis giuen to humane.miferie, is, becaufe the Princes and Potentates of the earth doe not fee them. Though Godhad fent downe oneof his Angelis; yet this difeafedmancontinued vncured thirtie eight yeares , and if Godhadnot comehimfelfëtohelpe him, hemighthaue diedof that fickenefl'e. When our neceffities (hew themfclues,they fpeake, thoughwe be filent : WhatneedLaza_ rtssto beg,as longas his fores had fomany tonguesandmouths to fue for him Domine vidifli, nefileae,refondepro me, Wby fhoulditthou Tooke, ôLord,that f fhouldfpeakevnto thee dooft thounot feeinwhat a wofull cafeI am Inmat- terof prouifrons orconferring ofpenfions, albeit thatthe perfons that pretend faynot aword for themfelues, yet their merits andgood deferuingswill fuffici- ently recommend their caufe, and pleadhard for them : which if it were other= wife, it werebetter to beea cogging lyingknaue , thana religiousand model} Courtier ; for he fhall fpeed the better of thetwo. Twopretend one-and the fel fefame place ; the onefues, extolls his feruices, and lyes ;the other fayes no- thing, but lookes thathis merits and good feruices fhould (peake for him : In Babylon,which is a confufion of Tongues, it(hall bee giuen to the loudeft tal- ker ; but in awife andwell gouerned Commonwealth, tohim that fhaIl hold his peace. When the Lordhadfenehim . It is vfuall with PhyfitionsandSurgeons,when they goe about tocure loathfome fores, Leaprofies;Scurfes, Cankers, and the like, toputtheirPatients to a great deale.ofpain : Eufebitis andGregorie Naziari- zen affirme, That ourSauiour.Chrift did farreexceedall other Phyfrtions. Firft, Becaufe bee curedan infinite fort of ficke, folkes ofallmanner ofdif- cafes. Secondly, Becaufe our Sauiours bowel's ofcompaffionwere tendernes,mer- cie,andpittie it felfe. CumLammultum tempos haberet. When hehadbeene there a long time . It is agreat happineffe fora man , when hee11iallfutfer fo long , that Godhimfelfe fhall come vnto him andfay, It is enough. The paines here upon earth are happie pains vnto vs, forthat they end in this, that God makes an end ofthem at lait, and faysvnto thee, Nomore, it isenough. But that of Hell is aheauie torment, forthat hee that is condemned muff abide inprifon, donee reddat nouaißimumquadraatem,Tillbeepay the vttermo,`k farthing : andbecaufehe bath notwherewithal)to pay one only.Mite, hemutt be forced to lie there for euer,and to endureeternal' torment,without.any hope of redemption. Thereare likewifepuni(hments in this life,which arebut intro- du&ions,as it were, to thofeof Hell:thereare fome likewife thatate LMartyres Diaboli, The Deuils (Martyrs, whofuller for his fake; and becaufe theydid defti- nate themfeluesrather to him thanvnto God , Godhath predeftinated them to Hell. But here in.this place,thirtie eightyeres kerning agreat many vritoGod, mooned with pittie,he fayes to' this lick man,Visfantwfieri ? ò-c. Wilt thou be made inhale ? &c. Vlsfanusfieri?Wilt thoube made whole? . Saint Cyrilfaith, Thatone of the greateft pledgesof Gods mercie,is,To pre- neat the prayers of the Affiiéted, giuingthem cafeof their griefesbefore they aske his helper refembling thatFountainwhich callsand inuites thethirltie tO drinke [Eric Ponspatensdomutlarch; ] likeunto thé Pepin tree, which bowing P a downe