Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

TheDeceit(nlnee of the world. the firft Sunday inLent. )7f hue ina Commonwealth, whereinyou arethus farrehappy , that you haueno formes to pretend for. Here wee may well bring in 13 :lots, Freehome. Though thou ( fweet lefu ) hadft not a man to fauour thee , yet thoufoundft aman that gauehis bloud, and his lifefor them. Ecce homo ; Lo, thou waft theman , that lhow'dit filch great kindneffe, to thofe that vied thee fovnkindly. Thou(poore Soule)haft notanAngell toniooue the Fifh-poole for thee ; Eccehomo,behold the man,who makes morehaft tohelpe thee thanan Angell. Hominemnonhabee.,Whydooft thou complain, that thouhaft not a manto helpe thee ? Why dooftthou not rather cómplaine that thou dooft relyeand truftvponman t' Hedoes like himfelfe in deceiuingthee ; but thou dooft not like thyfelfe inprefuming vpon him . Many complain oftheworld,and the deceits therof; but doenot complaine of the foolifhconfidence which them= felues put inthis falfeworld. 'I complaineof Fortune, that (he is mine enemie, butnot of my felfe , who fueto fo fickleaDame, and fo earneftly importune her. Night, is the emblemeofthe world,andof a falfe friend. Intheday, all communicate and cònuerfe together, but at night, they'take their leauc and get themgone. Inprofperitie,all the whole world will fawnvpon thee, and keepe thee companie ; but inaduerfitie no man will looke vpon thee, but will fhunne thee;andturne his face from thee. Ifthouwilt experiment , wha-: power thou haft with the world,and howmuch thou canft preuaile with it,neceífitie will in- ftru4t thee. That friendwhich (hall aiwayes lye vnto thee, in whom thou neuer findefttruth, it isthine ownefolly thatdeceiues thee if thou truft him , itis not he. And therefore he that nowand then treateth truth,is themore dangerousof the two. InDeutronomie, Godcommaundeth , Thatif there arife amongft his peoplea Prophet,or aDreamerofdreames,andgiue theea figne orwonder,and the figne & thewonder which hehath told thee cometo paffe, that Prophet,or Dreamer of dreames (hallbee flaine. But hedothnotcommand, thathee fluff be flaineif it doe notcome topaffe. For hee that alwaieslyes, dothno hurt at all; The world bath beene a notorious lyer thefe fluethoufand yeeres,and moré ; and therefore I doe notfee, what reafonthouhaft to thihke that if' will now keepe it's word betterwith thee than ithath withothers heretofore. Hominem non habee r hasenot aman . This isnot onelyacomplaint of the poore, but ofpowerfull perfons , and thole that are riche, whobecaufe they hauenot thehappinefl'etohaue aman toRiekedole vnro them, that may direst andcourrfitile them, pafl ouct this their life in diftration, and perdition, & in theend loofe both lite and foule. Homo,homini Deals,homohomini lupus, (Man is a Godroman, (Alan is awolfe toman. Expreffing in the one, a prudent and vertu- ous man,onethat is ftaydand well fettled : In the other,one that is light, incon- fsanr,and falfe-hearted. Commonwealthsvfe likewife to complaine ; as alto thofethat are iealous of their goods, that they cannot meete witha man whom theymay truft. Theodo- rttfayth, That hee offers a great, and a mightie wrong vnto Gods proui- dence,whocomplaineth hereof. For that Commonwelth that prouides it felfe of feete, fhould notlea= it felfewithout ahead : and ftooping fo lowasmans breft,for tholemorepainefull andbale occupations,asthe Scauinger, the Cob- ler,and thehangman ; theyfhould likewife hauea care ofplacing fitmen inpla- cesof a higher nature', that are to order bufineflês ofState, and toeleanfe a Kingdomeof thofe filthiedunghils and finkes of firme which annoy a Com- monwealth. This hurt(I meanewhenbale andvnworthie perfonsgouernea State)ariferh from Deut. t;.