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176 Theworld full ofdeceit. Ecde,iz. Vpon the Fryday after from thofe twogrounds ; The one , The making choice of fuch menwho by goodand euill meanes (makingno great differenceof either) feeke for preferre- rnent, andout of theirambition, would ratherdie than loofe it. And when bee is thusprepofreroufly preferredandput in place ofauthoritie , hec playes Rex, putting in one,and puttingout another,& fo as hee may raife himfelfe tohonor, cares notwhom he difgraces and treads vnder foot though theybeeten times better men, andworthier than himfelfe. cstdofes by Gods appointment made choice of feuenrie Eldersof Ifraéll to affìft himin the gouernmentof the Peo- ple ; and they beingone day tomeet at acertainehoure before the Tabernacle, to the endthat Godin the prefence ofall the people might put his Spirit of pro- phecie vponthem,there remainedtwobehindamong the Hoft,towit,Eldadand Medad; &becaufeGod is not confined toany fer place,the Spirit likewiferefted vpon them , and they prophecied in the Hoft. iefliaah thought this was a difreputation toMofes, that thefe two fhould propheciewithout efpeciall order from him, infomuchthat he perfuadedhim that hee fhouldforbid them to pro- phecieanymore. This is a truepilureof thecourfe & fathionof this prefent World, whichwill by nomeanes admit of any Minifters of State, but fuch as they themfelues (hall nominate, or (asif they were creatures of their making) flail wholly dependvpon them. But the Spirit of Godmade anfwer vnto Io- Jhaahby the mouth of moles, Quid amularisprome? Enuiejithouformyfake?and addethanon after, Would to Godall the Lords people were Prophets,and that the Lordwouldput his Spirit vpon them.So thatmenareneuer wantingfor to gouerna Commonwealth,buteysof charirie and difcretion, todiftinguifh of thofe that are fit, and tomake agoodand judicious choice. Tollegrabatum tuum& ambula. 7akevp thy bedandwalke . Our Sauiourhere commands him,That he fhould (hake off his former idleneffe and floathfulneffe. Horafurgendi : My fon ( faith Ecclefiaficese) haft thou flept long infine, awake and roufe vp thy felfe,and doe fo no more, but pray forthy forefinnes,that they may be forgiuen thee. The fe- cond thingto be noted, is , That our Sauiour faid vnto him,LArife,takevp thy bed and walke : one maine reafon whereofwas, That itmight appearethat new ftrength was putinto him, being growneable on the fudden to bearehisbed vp- on his backe. Theother, That none might prefume that it was theAngell that had wrought thiscurevpon him. Thirdly, To take all cauelling from theenui- ous,for thedifauowing ofthismiracle ; and that the World might praife and publifhthe fame,: Ptmiracalum videretur (faithSaint t Áugafline) ty nemofima- latum opinaretar. For this'caufe hewilled thofc basketsof brokenbread& meat tobe kept, whenhee fed fomany thoufands with folittle prouifion. And him that he healed ofhis Leaprofie, that bee fhouldgo and prefent himfelfe to the Priefts : Taking the like co urfewith diners others, holding them as neceffarie diligences for the aucrringof thefe his miracles, confrdering what captions and incredulous kindofpeoplehewas to dealewithal(. Etflatitnfatittsefitfanos homoile. r Andprefcntlythe manwas made whole. It is aneafre thingwith God, to in- richhim thatis poore in an inflant.Vponone only Dixit inthe creation,prefent- Iy followed aFailsfant.Creaait omniafimul,Hecreatedall thinsat once (faithW f dome ;) foin the reparation ofthis pooreman, itis faid,Staum f nuefaaru e- ms ille, He wasprefently made whole. He faidvnto .71artha,Refurgetfrater tuw,Thy brother