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TheSocieticof thewick°d, the fecondSunday ill Lent. Ser.u. preimheiall to the Good. 181 in this life,is like to aRofe that is befer round about withThorns,which today colts vs deere toget, and tomorrow iswitheredaway : But that fupreame hap- pinelTe fhillnot only beeternal! and perdurable;burwithout anythekaft pric- kleof {-nine to offendour tender Souks. - ' He tookevntohimPeter,&c . Firftofall, Damafcenefaith , That our Sauiour- did not carrieall his Apoftles with himvp to the Mount ; for it was not fit -that. ludo shouldenioy fo greatableffrng-in whom thatprophecie ofEfy, wa -s ful- filled, interraflinfiorum iniquè gefit, e- non videbitgldriam Dei. He who info holyacompanie committedfuch aviletreacherous aet,as to betray and fell his . Matter, for the loue ofa little Money, did notdeferuetoenioy thegloryofTa-' bor. So that totheend radar might-not complaine,:Thai Chrift had difcarded him,andquitePhut himout from this biding 3 this holySaint faith, That thofe othergood& holymen were for his fake debard ofthatgood: whence we may gather,what hurtmanyanhoneft man receiuesby keepinga lewdknauecompa- nie. But becaufe it might hauefeemeda fcandalous piece ofbufrneffe, to haue left Wasallalone byhimfelfe, the reft remained with him ; /attarhis companie being no leffe dangerous rothe Colledge of lefus his Difciples, than itwas to-: dious andwearifome toour Sauiour himfelfe. Infomuch that when lua s was gone out ofthe houfe where .Chrift fupt withhis Difciples, (which hedid pre- fentlyvpon the receiuing of the fop) he faid, 2(uncglorifeatus eft Filiushominis, Now t.the Sonneof manglorfed. When Chriftmultiplied his miracles,Saint John faith,Nonerat Spirit`dataas,quia Cbrirarnondüeratglor f catus,The holy Ghofimas not yetgiuen, becaufe that refuwas notyetglorified. Why Chrift, being neere vntohis death, fhould hold himfelfetobe glorified, and intheworkingof miracles not tobe glorified For thedecifionof that point, I fhal referreyouvnto Saint Rai- gufine. Youfeehere how thewindwas come about, ludas was no foonergone. out, buthe faith, hee isglorified ; but before,knowingwho fhouldbetray him; bee told Peter, Yos mondi efüs, fednonomnes, (i.), Teeareclean, butnot all. The Cockle was taken away, and the Wheate now pure and cleane;and our Sa- uiour tooke it fora great glorie vntohim, to fee himfelfe thus wholly ridof his companie. Secondly, Gregory Nazianzenfayth, That hee tooke thofethree alongwith him, becaufe he alwayes loued them beft. Showing thereby, that Princes may' lawfullyhaue their Privadoes,and Fauourites towhome they may giuemore graceand countenance,thanto others ; butwithal!, thatthey ought tobee fuch, as Mould bee difinterreffed, and not defire any more for themfelues than their Princesgrace, leaningthe refsof his fauours to bee communicated too- thers,as wellas themfelues. Saint rude once askt of our Sauiour Chrift, How comes it to paffè, that thou fhouldflmanifefi thyfife vntovs,andnot vnto theWorld? Heethoughr,that the Sunnefhould inlighten all. But becaufe he didfirft beftow his light onthe mountainetops, it was fit, thatthe grace, which they receiued, theyfhould gratis confer vpònothers', Like good Stewards. The Euangelift cals Saint Peter foole; becaufe heewould haue all for himfelfe, and thofe that were therewith him. And if Elias, and Mofes,were admitted tomount Tabor, it was, becaufe theywere louers ofthe common good. Mofes once difired of God, that hewould let him fee hisface ; but God told him, heecould not fee his faceand line. It feemeth,that here t3Ytofes{hewed himfelfe to bee but aco- ward ; What, to inioy a poorelife for theprefent, would{{ thou forgoefogreat ahappineffe e But it wasnot theloue ofhis owne life ; but the loue that he bare tohis people, whowould haue had a greatmiffeofhim. Whereof there was 2 after- , ro,,. tohnr Thepublieke tobeprererre. before the ruua`e'