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Ió2wiyoneS=aionttook¢tótee Upon theSaturdayafter &c.And on withhititvpinro theMoúnt. , afterwards veniegood proofè, when God faydvnto bin' ,, Let me make an end of this people at once, and I will make theeamightier and abetter Nation. `Whereuntobee nfweti ,.,Igin fò farte from giuing way to this That I (hall befeech thee either topardonthem, or to blotme out of theBooke of life; for Lhad rathexnotliue,thanhuewithoutthem. Dooft thou offer to laydown thy lifefor thypeoplerAndwilt thou notlook it_to fee God face to face,:' The one, was a;partiettles', theother acommongood. . Thirdly, Hee tooke onely threealongwith him ; manifeftingthereby, that hee was as fparingofhis Glorie inthis life,as hewas liberall of his Croffe.Ter- Natofayth , :That heeCooke thofethree with him, not fo much tomake them partakersofthishis Glorie,as to beam witneffethereof. And therefore carryed three , 'amide they are afull and fufficient reftimonie . And this was a great comfort to thofe that wereleft behind ; not that they did difinerit the like fá-. uor;but that therewas a neceffttie in it, thatforce fbould abide with1udaa.For,if hee fhouldhauebeene left alone,hee would haue woke it for agreat difgrace. But thofe other,did not thereforemerit lefie,by beeing left behind ;. For if the fauour,towards thofe that went vp, feemed to beethegreater , . yet thedeferrs of thofe that were left, werenot inferrior to thofe that were admitted. For af- terwards fofneof thofe fuffered for the Glorie, which theyhad feene,andmolt of thefe for the Gloriethey hadnot feene. . To this purpofe there are two Stories in the Scripture, oneofEldadandMe- Nwk. t t. dad; which ( according tç theScholafticall Hiftorie ) were halfe-brothers to Mops; and beeing nominatedathóngfl thefeuentie for thegouernement of the people , came not at all tothe Tabernacle where God didcommunièate part of Mofes his fpiritto the reff: But thoughtheyftayd behind in their Tenrs,yetdid they notloofe thisbleffing, but did próphecieaswell as therefl. The other is of Dowd, who purfuing thofe that had burned Ziklag, twohundred fouldiers were left behinde with the baggage; but whentheyhad got the viiorie, the fpoiles were equally deuided , as well between thofethat had ventured their hues in the battaile;as thofe that guarded the ftuffe. As hi part is tbatgoethdown r. 1( s 30. to thebattaile, fo (hallhispart bee that tarrieth by thefiuffe. Fourthly, Onely three ; Becaufe amongft few, all kindof obferuance. and vertue is better conferued. Howbeit the Church doth daylypray, that the number of the luftmay be increafed. Whichthe greateritis themore graci- ous itis andmore comely inGods fight. But as itis commonlyraken,the greater the number,the greater the harme. In the beginningof theworld, when there were fewpeople,the harmewas not much . But thenthenumber ofmen in- Pro4erityat. creafng, fine fo increafed in theworld , that God repented himfelfe that her had made it. Hewas fordo inhisheart,that hee hadmade both it,andman.That Gen. 6. beeing verifiedofthem,whichEf ayfaydvntoGod ; This hafimultiplyedtbeNa. tions,but not theirLoy. The Church beginning to flourifh,What followed r there weremanyFoxes,that did itmuch mifchiefe. As thewheat increafeth, fo in- creafeth the tares. So,that much profperitie (inSenecas opinion)fornetimes pro- ducethmuchpouertie. vtuguf1ine in his booke DeOmit. Dei, prooueth this truth,out oftheRomane Hiftories ; Romes owne greatneffe, beeing it'sowne ruine. suis Roma virtbtss twit. No fword could cut herthroat, butherowne. Laf ly, Onely three A number (Ariflotle following the opinion of Pytha- goras) which containethin it avniuerfitie of things. And for that it is fo full ofmyfterie, fufficeth , That it is confecrated to the molt facred and blef- fed Trinitic. To,