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God, how to be the fecondSunday inLent. leene of Men. . Ser. u i 5 but hewhichdefcendedfiomHeauen, the Sonneof cuan, who is inHeauen. Ye will not giue credit to thefe earthly things, howwill yee credit thofe then that are heauenly :And condemningthis theirincredulitie, hefaith, No manáfeended vp into Heauen. There is notany man thatcan make true report of the things that are there, becaufe noman hath afcended thither to fee them : only I,who liued in Heauen, and defcended downe from Heauen,am ableto tellyethe things that are in Heauen: our being in Heauen then beingall one with the feeingofGod, and the feeing of God beeing our happineffe, it foliowetb that our Sauiour' Chrift is happie. The fecondTruth, That he was fofrom that verie time that hee firtt tooke" our naturevpon him; Saint viuguflinecolleëts it out of the Gxtie fift Pfalm,Bief- fed rc the Man whom thouchufefl andreceiuef1 vnto thee, hefhalldwellinthy Court, and fball befatiredwith thepleafure of thy houfè,&c. The :ameEufbtauCefarienfisin- ferreth vpon the twentie fecondPfalme,Thouarttee that tooke me out of my mothers wombe ; or (as.theChaldee letterhath it)Lerrautme in reboretuo, I got vp to bee ioyned equall with God. Which teftimoniesofScripture are confirmed byall your ScholafticallDoctors, The third Truth, That our Sauior Chrift mutt needs behappieboth in foule and inbodie. !charmer Damafento prooues it out of that ftri t vuionof the Di- uinitie,whichDeath it felfe cannot vndoe. Saint Auguflineaffirmes , That the glorie of the fouleis naturallyconueyedto thebodie,as the lightofacandle to apainofglaffe. - The fourth Truth,Thatour Sauior Chrift was transfiguredbygiuing licence, totheglorie ofhis foule, thatitfhould transferre it felfe to the bodie not that glorie which he wasable togiue it, but that which.his"Difcipleseyes were able to eadure ; as it is notedbySaint Chryfifiotnetreating on this point. Et transfigurattcseft. And hewastransfigured. We haue elfewhere fet downe the caufes ofour Sauiours transfiguration ; butnone fo often repeatedby the Saintsand Doctors, ashis difcouering thereby the hidden treafuresofhis glorie,as the reward that calls vntovs, and {byes for vs, halingas it were our thoughts andhopes after ir. Such isthe condition ofman, that commonlyhe makesintereft and privat gain, the North-f}arre ofhis labours andendeauours; this he thinkes on,dreames of; andadores. Butas to theWorldling the worlds wealth is hisNorth-ftarre fo the North-ftarre of theSonne of God,is theglorieof God. Nowour Sauiour Chrift difcouereth vnto vsa fireake. or a line,asit were,ofthathappineffe,which though it doth not fully exprefTe vnto vswhat God is,yetit remooueth from vs all thofe difficultieswhich might diuert vs from his feruice.And therfore Saint Ambrofefaith, We quisfrangarur,&c.He allurethour mind with this fofoueraign a good, that the troublesof this lifemay,not difquiet ir, nordriue ittodefpaire. So furiousare the tempefts of this Sea, fo raging thewanesand toffingstoo and froof this life, that if God didnottemper thedittafts thereofwith the hopeof another life, ourlife werebuta Hell. Saint Bernardfaith, That the end which ourSauiour hadin transfiguring himfelfe,was,that wemight fettle our thoughts and our hopes on that gloriewhereuntohe inuiteth vs;for that,mans happineffe wholly confrfteth in enioying the prefence:of God. Saint Bafil expounding that place ofSaint Mathew, Effòteperfetli,&c..Be yetperfea eaten asyour FatherW perfea; faith, That theplainett way toenioÿ, God,is,to thinke fo continually on him, that our Soules. fhouldbe tranflated; were, ititohimfelfe 5 wee playing Q,3 therein