Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

188 A twofold Light, the one tempe'ral, the otherfpi- rituall. Thequairitofhis Vpon the Saturday after, &c.And on transes oration. Pharaoh,that I am that I am ; He that cannot,not be; That I am he that haucpro- fpered&proteëted t 4braham, If ac, & Jacob. Which was not onlya making of himfelfe knownwhat he was,but were likewifepledgesto his people,that they fhould lay their confidence, libertie,liues, &their perfons vpon him : I am that Iamby my effence ; I amhe thatalwayes was,and euer (hall be ; it is I that haue power ouereuerie thing, andbeg nothing ofanyman. ThePrincesofthe earth, becaufethey are today, tomorrow;and are nomore, theycannot giue vs any af- furance of our hopes ; andbecaufetheyhaue nopledges oftheir own,but what they borrow fromothers,their fauours cannotbe fecured vnto vs : For(as Saint Augußinefaith ) Remotajat7antia, quidfonthomirres, nifi homines ? When Princes will fhew themfelues in their pompeand ftate, they borrowhere,and they bor- row there ; theyare nobodie , vnleffe they bee accompanied with the great Lordsofthe Kingdome, vnleffetheybeattended on by aGard ofHalberdiers, vnleffetheyberich andglorioufly apparelled, andbrauely mounted. In a word; thefe are externalltransfigurations , andof fuch thingsas are more others than ourowne ; butthat of' our Sauiour Chrift was of owne proper goods,with- out beeing beholding to any. Et refplenduitfacia einsftueSol. Andhitface did(hive like the Swine . Inthe beginningof the world God did handfcll hisWord with the Light ; for before , darkeneffe had ouerfpread the face of thisconfidedChaos, Tenebra erantfulerfaciem, &c. And as hee that di- uethintothe botromeof the lea for Pearle, as he goesfpurtling theoyle out of his mouth, goes,as it were,thcreby ingendering light ; fo God by venting this word out ofhis mouth,fiatLux,created the Light, difcoueringthereby the ef- fence and nature of things. Some hauenot ffickt to fay, thatthe Light gauethe red colourtothe Rubie,the Greeneto the Emerald,andthe Skie colour to the Iacinth,&c. And though this benot fo,yetfo it is, that without thisLight thefe colours could not haue beene diftinguifhed, nor couldwe haueenioyed thathu- manebeautie andbeautifull fplendorwhichnow wedoe. Inthe Spheareofthe SpiritGod made another Lighr,wbich was Chrift our Sauiour, [Egofilm Lux mundi] this Light doth as farce exceed the former,as the Spirit doth the Body. Dauidmakes mentionof thefe two Lights, in that Pfalme ofhis, cæli enarraut, &c. The Heavensdeclare thy,&c. Of that ofthe Sunne he faith, TanquamSponfus procedens de thalamofuo, This is the BridegroomeofNature,and comes forth of his Chamber cloathed all inGold ; But that Spirituali Light is more fayre and more beautifull by farre : Lex Dominiimmaculata,idefl,immaculatior,&c. The Law ofthe Lordispure,that is, purer,&c. Thebeamesof the Sunne neuer yet had the power to pierce fo, far asto inlighten theSoule ; but thofe oftheSunof Rightcoufneffedoth both inlighten it &conuert it. He that tooke thedayfrom the night,andthelightfrom darkenef c, made light tobrcakeforthfromout the darkene of ourhearts,to the end that Godsfa'uoúrable countenance (Liningvponvsthrough _I hisSonne,we may come to the fullerknowledgeofhim. For this Light did ont only eclipfe and darken that ofthe Sun,as that ofmany Torches dothapoore forcie Candle; nor onely inrich the airewith the beames ofhis brightneffe, nor onelymade aHeauenof this Mountaine, by gilding the ftemmes,the barke, the boughes,and leaves of the trees,asalto the ftones there- of, with it's glorious rayes; but it did likewifeillumine the foulesof the Difci- ples,who from that verieinftant,bythe euidence offuch divine demonftrations, remained conuinced,and euer after acknowledged him tobeboth God& Man : For