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NotFalling thecaufeof all mills. Ambii. deHel. &deleiunio, cap.+. T'értul.TraiÉ. de ïeiranio.. The efficacie of Falling. VponAíhwednefday. ofhimthat isficke,That he eats riothing,when he takesno more fuftenance than will hold lifeand foule together. And the firft ftepofour Sauiours penancefor our finnes,was fafting,in tokenthat our firft hurt came by eating. The firft Law that Godgaue man after that he had created him,was,That he fhouldnot eat of i the Treeofknowledgeofgoodand euill : wherein,tendedthe one that man in this fo great ahappinefle fhouldnot forgetthat hehad aLord andMafter . the other had an eye to the repairingofthat his future fault, and that manmight vn- derftand, that heshould in fatting find a remedie for that hurt whichcamevnto himby eating. And as awife Phifitian,feelingthe fick mans pulfe,finds out hisit difpofition,& perceiuing that his ficknesgrewfrom that ill ripened fruir,which euen to thisday is not yet fully digefted ; did prefcribe this Recipeas amedicine tocure this our maladie : to the end,That as mandid Bate to fickeneffe; fo het might fattto health ; andas Gluttonie did banifhvs from Paradice , fo Fatting might recall vs thither againe. Whence this note maybee gathered, Thatallthofe euils that are nowin the world,are in recompence ofthatwrong which was done in Paradice vnto Fa- lling. Sothat not onely our firft Parents fmartedfor ir but all their pofteritie euento thisday ; fothat ifany thinghelpe this Surtèr,it muttbe Falling. Take offthe cafement fromyour Studie window in awindie day, and it will hurle all your papers abroad : What's the remedie for this ? you niuft let it vp again,& all will be wel.Chrifalegus harped vponthis conceit in aSermonofhis ypon theprodigall child ; where hecries out,F4mepereo,Idicbyhanger z Where- vpon this prefentlyfolloweth,Surgá ibo adpatron meam, Iwill rifeandgae to my father: So thatyou feethat Fatting andHunger reftor'dhim prefentlyto his for- mer happieeftate. Sothat ifourantient loft libertie couldpoffiblybe repaired, it were nowaits bettertobe recouered thanby Falling. And ifby Fatting, the Aüpofthis our life takes in nowater andwithout it is ouerwhelmed and drow- ned ; let vs Iay the wholelading.fall our it or good vpon our Fatting. Saint eimbrofe prooueth,Thatwhile fattingcontinued in theworld,God did ftill betterand inrich it withnew things:The firft day he created the Light ; the fecond, Heauen ; thethird, Earth ; the fourth, the Sunne, Moone, and Starres; the fifth, the Filliesofthe fea,andtheFowles of theaire : andthough heegaue themhisblefïng,hee did not fayvnto them, Thatthey fhould Bate. The fixth, Beafts ofthe fieldand Man : andgiuing them licence toeat, theworker ofGod and theperfeEtionsoftheworld,wereended. Wherein Godgaue man asit were awatch-word,thateating wouldbehisvndoing. And (às Saint Chryfflamebath it) ifinthat fohappieandilate Fatting was fo neceflarie, Whatflail it beein this miferable conditionof ours. SaintlehnsDifciples faidvntoChrift, Mafter,why doe we and thePharifeesfaft,and thyDifciples not Hee anfwered,Whilethe Bridegroome is prefent thechildren are nottoweepe, but the time thall come wherein they (hall not hauehimwith them, and then they (hall fait &mourn. The prefence ofour Sauiour,and the enioyingofhismoilfweet companie,did bridle theirappetites,andkeep their foules infubie&ion ;but inhis abfence he inferreth,thatthis mutt be donebyFatting. SaintCiril faith,That Fatting is agreater Sacrificethanthat ofAbraham ; for that Sacrificewastobe done vpon anothérsbodie, this vponour owne. Tertal- liannoteth,That Godcalling toÁdam,askedhim,vbi es ? Whereartthou r But toEli,u,,Quidag,s, Heliaa? Whatdo'ítthou,Eliar ?Andhefaith, Thatthe one was ofangerand threaming, theotheroffoftneffeandmildneffe,becaufehewas emptie,and hadfattedfortiedayes. Saint