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Of Falling. : VpAn Aíhwedlaefday. Saint vlmbrofe attributcth innumerable miraculous effeíls to Falling ; in- {lancing:inNiniuie, in cimtofes,inElias, inDaniel,in .Hefiçr, in the mothers of Sampfon andSamuel, iiiJudith, &c. Betides,it giuethgreat lightvnto knowledge and wifedome : for Gluttonie is aneuill difpofirionfor inquin erf truth ; Reple- tifaut,qui obfnratifint terra,fàithDauid,7hey arefullfed,andblind. For this caufe Ceres the Goddeflè ofAboundance,is paintedwith Poppy inher hand,becaufe thofc that are fu11-fed.quickely fàllafleepe. Nothing fo much ouerthroweth Man,as the ouercharging ofhis flomackewithmeat ;7nmultisefcis Brit irirmi- tas: Diflemperaturein dyet is that which giues nsilke vnto the Phy- fition. Dauidwithfalling couered the faults of his whole life, operui injeiunio animam meam : Solagula tfaith Saint rcrnard)peccauit,folajeiunet,&fufftcet,onely Glattonieoffendedlet Glattoniéonlyfafl,anditfùffrceth. Our naturehatha twofold confideration,one corporal], anotherfpirituall; e..11terumcommune cumDis, (faithCicero) alteramcum Brutia , One common with the Gods, another withthe Beajfs. There isatwofold thirft, onefalfe, the other true: there is likewife a twofolddelire, oneof wantonnes,another ofnecef%ty. Our Sauiour faaed,but whenhe was oppreffed with hungerhe dideat; the like may eueriegood Chrifliandoe : and therefore Saint Gregoriefaith, That aman may denie that to defire,whichhemay grant to necefiirie. I will conclude this point with this fhort faying, Carnis carats; nefeceritis in defiderys, Letthecockering ofyourPA6e nopart of your defire. Be not like thehypocrites,&c. This little Mort claufe doth affbord three or foure feuerall kinds of fences : Whai to bee The firfl, That wee mull not onely doe good, but fhunneeuill ; and therefore obfeued in aduifeth thofe that fàfl,not to be like vnto thofeHypocrites,whom thewind of Fatting. Vaine-glorie rob'd of all the 'wood the did. It feemeth that theChurchand the Gofpell in this agree : TheChurch telles vs, That we are Dull ; theGol- pelt, That wee Mould beware of wind, that wee beenot carried away there- with ; withdrawthy felfe out of the Street , and from thy doore , wherethe wind whisketh and blowes hard, and retyre thy felfe into thyhoule, and Fall inthyprivate Chamber; let notthy right hand knowwhat thy left doth : Do not like thefe Hypocrites, publifh not thy Fallings, thy Prayers and thy Acmes-deeds in theStreetsandopen Marketplace left the wind fcatter them away,andthey bee no more feeneor heard of. Saint Gregorie faith, ThatHy- cng.Dio. pocrites dieby the hands of thofe vices which they haue ouercome : they l'ß19 ca 13 faft,and falling kills them; theygiue Aimes , and their Almes -deeds are their deflruflion. Eleazar amolt valiant Souldier flewanElephant which bore vp- onhis backe aTower ofwood, but the Elephant thus flamechanced alto to flay Eleazar : great pittie that fo valiant a manIboulddie, but more, that bee Mould die by the hands of the dead. Many Chriftian Souldiers there are, which doe braiseand worthie deeds, ouercome great vices, yet die in the end by their hands. The fecond, That your Fallings, and your Good-works are more from God than your felues ; Nonpofj"umrrscogitare aliquidex nobis, ofourfelues wee cannot f much as thinke. Mans pouertie is fo great,that heecannot come to fo muchas agood thought , and therefore may not make merchandife of that wealth which is none ofhis owne : But God is fo freein the workes of Ver- tue, and fobountiful!, that beingat ahthe chargehimfelfe, hee giúes thee allthe gaine; onely hee will that thou giue the glorie vnto him, and take the rofit