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OfHypocrific. Vpan t4íhwédnefday. 17 that theybeare ; Ya, efui trahitis iniquitatem infuniculis vanitatis,&yquafsvinculum plauftripeccatum ;Thereare thofe that draw the Chariot of Iniquiue with the cords of Vanitie : Theweight of finne liesheauie,& thevanitic ofHypocrites feeke tomake it light:and eafie. Richardet compares them toPrinceEmors vaf- fals, whodid all of them circunicife themfelues to pleafea vaine youngman, who were fo exceeding forély pained,thata whole citiecouldnotdefendit Pelf againft abrace ofbrothers. . Thoma,:.figures forththe Deuill vnto vs bySenacherib, who layes vpon vs three burthens. The firft, Thegrieuous yoke which he layeth vponhis feruants neckes. The fecond,The Rod wherewith he fcourgeththem. The third, That Scepter andcommandwherewithheencreafeth histributes and intollerablc taxes. All thefe our Sauiour Chriftouerthrewbyhis comming , Ieauinghimmore tormentedthan euerheretofore ; fortohim there is no torment comparable to that,aswhenaman is freed from his torment. AndthereforewhenChrift com- mandedhim togoe outofamanwhom he tormented,he told him, ,9,uidmihie . tibi refit Nazarene? Yenifti ante tempostorquere nos ? i.What haft thouto doe with vs lefus ofNazareth ? art thoucome to torment vs beforeour time. Thethruftingofthe Deuil out tormented not the man,buthim : it is Gods prouidence ouer vs to feeke todraw vs to ferue him truly without diffiimulation ; but Hypocrites, Est- terminantfaciesfuas,vt appareant hominibusjeiunantes,i. Theypat theirfaces out affa- fhion, that theymay appeare untomen tofafi;it is a kind ofInchantment which wor- kethvpon them, to gainethe good opinionofinen.Saulmade Iightefteemofit, that Samuelfhouldhonour him before the Peopie,ballancing this againft Gods reprobationofhim. Honour is agood thing,which though Godbedefirous to haue wholly tohimfelfe, yet is itnot tobee condemnedin man, but it hath it's reftraintand its bridle ; the danger is in makingthe bridle the fpurre, and fo to jerke out beyond our bounds. Tovfe it moderatelyandmodeftly,and toGods glorie, itisgood,and muchgoodmay it doe thee ; but that thou fhouldeft hue vponthe depédency ooman,& become the captiue of common opinion,& only to efteemofpopularapplaufe,&c.this is vtterlyvnlawful.l,&meerelyPharafai, call. Saint AuftenfhewethThatHypocrites Hiwitha golden hooke,where or- dinarily the profit dothnot quit the coif. Verily Ifayrvntoyou,they haue receiuedtheir reward. Petrus Chrifologus noteth, That Chrift calles that a receiuingof a reward, which was the loofingof it. That Fatting which isrented forth to theeyes of man,is nottoexpeétany payment from thehands of God.Thoudoeft either fel orhire outthy houfe,thoufetteft vpabill, thoueithermak'ft fateofit,or rent'lt it out for a thoufandducats to Iohn, it weremadnefle inthee to pretend to reco- uerthe fameof Peter, whodidneither hire nor buy it of thee. A woman de- firesto feemefaire,fhe feemeth fo,andis foefteemed; her ambitionis topleafe, thehath herWith : fhehath already receiued the recompenceofher defre,what can theexpeft more? God callsvpon thee to ferue him,thou wilt not, but wilt feruethe world, What canftthouthendemand athis hands Ngnne ex denario conuenifli mecum ? toilequodtuum eft,i.Didit thounot agreewith meforapenny P take what isthy owne. Youknowwhole fayingit was, and vponwhat occafion. The paywhich theHypocrite requireth,is, theapplaufeoftheworld,hehath recei- ued that alreadie,and therefore canaske nomore. Whereby theway I would B 3 haue, E/ky y'.v. S. Rï r,i, Mat.i.v.ay. Popular ap- plaule not to beaffc ed. cfiry/:Serm.7. r 3.