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S.aer.Ser.t. 9ort.Ventura. Of Hypocrific VponA.fhwednefday. anHypocrite,you (hallbehold avenerable bonnet, a Saint-like looke,a frequen- ting ofPrayer and Sermons withagreat Beale offeeming deuotion 5 but their bowelsare inercilefle,feftred within them,and befmeeredwithbloud ; Nolumui foliari, fd fuperueJliri,Weteil not beflripped,but euercloathed. Saint Paul theretrea- tethofthat vnwillingneswherwith thefoule is ftript ofrhebodie.But as to put on a new fhirt or doublet youmuft take offthe old one 3 fo,to apparel ourfelues forHeauen,we muft put offthefe our earthly robes. We naturally delire to cart vpon our cloathes toourbacke a cloake ofglorie ; this is the define of the Hy- pocrite,vpon thofeoutwardraiments ofambition, ofcouetoufneffe,ofwanton- neffe (whichhewill not ftrip himfelfeof) hewouldhauethe cloake ofhis loue toGod,ofhearingSermons,offrequentingthe Communion,ofcontemplation, ofPrayer, &Mortification. This is ro fell aboxeofRatsbane witha little anis- feed ftrow'don the the top of it. Inaword,As the Deuildoth transfigure him- felfe into anAngell of light,being but darkeneffe itfelfe ; fo theHypocritebe- ingvice itfelfe, would transforme himfelfe into vertue and holineffe. But God bath fworne,thatheewill plucketheir maskes andvifards from offtheir faces,', and leaue themas naked as the Crowofother birds feathers,and that this dif- guife (hall be laidopen,andthat thebeamesof his Sunof Iuftice Thal melt away thispainting,as waxemelteth before the fire, andthat euerie one (hall appeare at T aft in hisowne likeneffe. The fecond, and that whichis molt hurtfull Istomakepublique holinefl'e the (talkinghorfe to effect the bettertheir ferret villanies. This Impofture is proper vntoHereticks, immitatingtherein the Pharifees,profefling great zeale, and outward fanftimonie in theirwordsandbehauiour,that they may thebetter bringto paffe theircoill purpofes. Thefemen (faithChryfilogtu) make wane againft the Church MacronVirtutu, WiththefoerdofVertue : beeing like vnto Pirates,who fet vp the Flaggs oftheir enemies, thattheymay themore fafely fet vpon them,andcomeaboord themvnfufpe&ed. The third is, To takeaway from goodworkes the good intention of them. They giue almes,but notwith intent to relieue the Poore ; they heare diuine Seruice,but not to compliewith the Church; they faft,butnottomortifie their flefh,&c. Nolitefierificut hypocrite trifles . Sad,like Hypocrites, dgc. TheAuthor ofthe imperfect Worke haththis note vpon this word Fieri, That itforbids theenottobe fad , but to make thyfelfe fo. Thomas vpon the word Nolite,that we fhouldnot feeme fad. Thewiddow that entreatedfor tb- falaus life fought tofliedfeigned teares,andtolooke witha fad and heauie coun- tenance : fo doyour Hypocrites, theyare like yourStage-players ; but as the Scepterand the Crowneisnot theActors that reprefents King Danid; fo that meagreneffe and leaneneffeappertains not totheHypocrite that reprefents the pcenitent. Genua mea Minna,:funt ájeiunio, His leggesgrewweakewithfaffing, not with feigning to faft:but the Hypocrite defines tobeat, though hewouldmake a thew offatting. Exterminant enimfaciesfuns. Theywryth theirfaces. Saint Hierometranflatesit Demolitintur; Saint Chryfoflome, Corrompant : and as a woman vfeth tomartirife& foke her facefor to feeme faire ; fo the Hypocrite to feeme peenitent doth laygreat burthens on his backe, onely for vaineglorie. Saint Bernardcalleth thefethe ChurchesPorters,byreafonofthegreat burdens that