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Trueatortificationis Vpon-Alhwednefday. not without mirth. tg pla. 1. 4441'15. threefcore yearesofmartyrdome hath tiredhimfelfe,hath no hopeof Heauen, but dyesdefperate, breathing outat his Taft gafpe, Cepiat omnia dcmon. Chrift curledthe figge-tree, becaufe hee found it without fruir, what would hehaue done ifhe had found it without leaues r That diuine Hiftoriographer treatingof the Locufts of Ægypt,fayth, That they left neither fruit nor leaues on the trees, Nthilomnino virens relictüeft in lignus,b inherbis terra. Ieremy com- plaines,that the finnesofhis peoplehad made the Earth fo barren,that there re- mained neithergrape in their vineyards,figgc on theirfigtrees,nor leaues vpon their other plants ; it is the badge ofa bad Chriftian whenhis fins leaue neither fhtit , bough nor leafe to(how there is hope of life inhim . And therefore the Scripture inproofe of this point , doth in many places call an Hypocrite a Sinner. Tu(veto svnge caput tuum, &facienstuarnlaua. Jutdoe thou annoint thyheadandwa fh thyfact. It was the fail-lionnot only with the Hebrewes,butall the eafterne people, toannoynt themfelues on feaftivall dayes,& whenany profperous chauncebefell them : But it is bothSaint Chrifa- fiomes, and Saint Hieromsnote , That Chrift doth not fomuch pretend, that we fhould annoynt the Head,or wafhtheFace,as that we fhould film the oftentati- on ofour ftfting.ThisTu vero,But thoù,hath anemphafis withit. Thou,that de- firefi to pleafe God with thyfalling ; thou,thatweigheftwhat thyworkes are, being fauoured andaccepted ofGod ; thou,thatdoeft not efteemethe applaufe of the World, pat away that forrowwhich fatting bringeth with it with to- kens ofioy. Annoynt tbyHead. Therecannot any daybee morefeaftivall and ioyfulI vnto thee, than that wherein thou fhalt offer vntoGod the facrifi.ceof thy flefh. First, becaufe the weakerand feebler itis, by fo much thySpirit is the ftron- ger. According to that of Saint Paul, When Iamweeke,then amI firong. Secondly, becaufeifat thyrepentance,Heauen and theAngels reioyce, it is not much that thoualfo fhouldeftbe glad. Thirdly,becaufe thereby thou ouer- comeft thyenemy,and triumphell ouer him. Et nemomaflustriumphat. i. Ngman isfadwhen hetriumpheth. Fourthly, becaufe the ioyof the Spirit is great,and maketh vs to continue in theferuice ofGod.For he that once tafteth the fweetneffe of louing him,hard- ly canforget him. Vt in eocrefcatisinfelutens,ft tarnen guflatis , gueniam fuanis eft Dominus. i. Thatyee maygrowvp in himvistafaluation,iff. beeyee taft howfweet the Lord is. And this cheerefulneffeGodwillnot haue intheSoule onely,but inthe body alfo ; for it is meant ofboth. HilaremdementddtgitDeua.And the glory ofthekingsdaughter,although Demistfaith,that it ought to beprincipally with- in,G loridfLa regis ab in:us,Theglorie oftheKings daughter is within ; yet isit like- wife to bee manifeftedoutwardly: in fimbrÿsaureis circamamilta varietate,i. Her clothing is ofwrought gold,andher rayment ofneedle worke.ForGod hauing created all; he will be ferued withall. For this God refpeeted Abell and his offering, andnot Caine. Andhe wasnot pieafedwith him onely, forthat hee hadoffe- redvp the belt ofhis flocke, but forthe willingneffewherewithhe didit, and cheerefulneffeofheart and countenance.Andthisput Cainquite out ofcounte- nance, and made him to hang the head. Who can offerthe chaffeofhis corne to Godwithagood face. dnnoint