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withoutmirth. r 20 Truc Mortificationnot VponAíhwednefday.' Baruc.3.34. Barr«.. Leuit.a:. Deut.32.21. Pfat.t 1s.v.t. Rnpert.inGen. c.z.& ao. Annoint thy bead. God wil that we thew our felues glad& cheereull when we ferue him.Aaronwas fad forthedeath ofhis daughters; . &Mofesreprehending him becaufe hehad not eaten that dayof the Sacrifice, hee toldhim, Quamode potai comedere antpiacere Deo in Ceremongs mente lucubri ? i.How couldIeat or pleaf Godin the Ceremonies,witha mwernefull mind?And the Text faith,That cív'ofesre- fled fatisfied. Barucfaith,That theStarres beeingcalled by theirCreator, an- fìvered, Adfumtas,Weare here ; and theydid giue theirlight Cumjucunditate,With delight : Godhadno need oftheir lightin Heauen, Lucerna cites eft L4gnus, His light is the Lambe; but becaufeGod commandedthem to affoordmanlight,they did it cheerefully. Ifthey without hopeof reward ferue thee with that ala- critie,thouwhofehopeisfromGod,vnge ca ertuum,Annointthyhead. vinnaint thy head. The Gofpell aduertifeth thee tobe merrie,the Church, tomourn; How arethefc two tobe reconciled t I anfwer,That all thyfelici- tie confiftingin thy forrow,thou mailverie well be merrie to fee thyfelffad. Greene wood being_put vpon the fire, weepes and burnes ; A deepe valley is cleere on theone fide, and cloudieon the other. Mans breft isfad inone part, and ioyfull in theother : Saint Paul fpecifies two forts of forrow, one which growes fromGod, the otherfrom the world ;thatgiues life, this,death. Saint John fets down twofortsofdeath, one veriebad,the other verie good : fothere are two fortsofforrow,&c. Baruc faith,That the foulethat forroweth for his uinnes giues glorie vnto God. Leuiticutcommandeth, That they fhould cele- bratewith great folemnitie the dayofexpiation ; Etafßigeticanimaa veftraa,And yeefhall affliayourfeules. It feemes not to foundwell, That men fhould make a great Feat with affliíting their foules: butfor Gods friend no Feaft ought to beaccounted fogreat, asto offer vnto him aforrowfull andcontrite heart. For as there is nothingmore fad than finne,fo is therenothing focheereful as tobe- waile ir. 2Q, vidiaria hominibue¡downs i. That thoufemenot tomen tofait . For herein is agreat dealeofdanger. AMonketold theAbbot Ofacharins,Ifaft(quoth he) in the City inthat fort, that itisnot pofliblefor a manto fait moreinaWilder- neffe : Whereuntohe replied,For all that,I think there is leffeeaten in thewil- derneffe, thoughthere beno eyes,asbaits, to feedthis thy vanitie. Our Sauior ' didmarke out three fortsofEunuchs; fomeby nature, Tome made fo by the world,andTome by God : fo likewifeare therethree forts of Fafters, fome to preferue their Complexion , fome for to pleafe the World , others for Gods fake. Abulenfss doubting, Why God permitted not vnto his Peo- ple thofe triumphs which other nations did fo much glorie in r anfwe- reth, That he would notfuífer them,becaufe they fhould notfauour of them : for the PeoplePaid in theirheart, though they did not profeffe it with their mouth, Manusnaftra excelfa,&non Dominsea, feeitbacomnia,i.Our ownhigh hand, andnot the Lord,hathdone all thefi things : Whereas they fhould fay, 2jonnook Domine, non nobis,fednominituo dagloriam, i.Notvnto vs") Lord,rtot vntovs,but to thineswimnamegiue theglorie. Pater tuns qui videt in abfcondito, i. Toter Fatherwhofeesinferret . On the one fide theChurchhumblestheeby callingtheeDuft; on the other,itraifeth thee vp,by confefling thyfelfe tobethe fonneoffucha father; Pater tutuqui videtin abfcondito : who isofthat Maieftie,that mortal Mandurftnot prefume to fay he were the fonneof fuch aFather, vnleffehehimfelfe had obligedvs toacknow- ledge him for our Father. Rapertua faith,Thatall the Patriarkesof theold Te- ftament had vfually in their mouth thishumble confelfion,Ta Pater nJer es,cf, ; nos,