Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

Vpon theThurfeday in law;many that were tormentedwithDeuils, efpecially onewoman of atal- kingDeuill;himthatwasticke ofadead Palfey;whom they letdown through the roofeòf thehoufe;the fon ofRegulus, & diuers others ;Letvsfee thee now exercife theft thy fallouts in thine own country.Rome hadahundred fouldiers there ingarrifon, as it had inother places of the Empire; theCaptaine where- of in regard ofhis office was calledCenturion. This Commando hada fef- uant that was ficke,whome he loued verie well. Hee follicitedour Sauiour for thecuringof this his ferúant, bya thirdperfon,yet difcoueringtherein fomuch deuotion , and faith , that hee remained a chiefe Matter of the faithful( in Gods Church. Saint Chryfflorae,& Eùthimius feeme todiffer aboutthismiracle: Forthe one fayth,That the Centurioncameandbefought himhimfelfe.The other,That he onely fent vntoChrifi to intreat him to doethis courtefieforhim. But it bee- ing fo difficultto beleeuetwomiracles, bothin Capernaum,bothat oneand the fame time, inone Mailer, andin one Seruanr,letvs run along'with allthe reti of the Doétors,who are of opinion,It was onely onemiracle. Saint Aufen cleareth this controuerfie. For the Scripture (fayth he) is wont verb.domini. to attribute that vntothee which thoudoofi byathird perfon. As whenKing &deconexr Y P Eaang.lib.a. vlchabwenttotakepoffefïionofNabothsVineyard ,Eliunieetingwithhim,told cap.1o himoccid f iinfuper,&pofsidiFti, i. Thouhaft killedhim,andartpofefdofhis Vine- 3N=nga ° yard. The Kinghadnot killed him, but the Queeneandthe Councell. But be- caufe heewas well contentedtherewith and confented vnto it , hee fayd vnto 2Rege'R him ; occidifti&pofsidifli. Nathan fpake to Dauidinthe fame language, Priam Etheumoccidi/ti gladiofiliorum'Amon' i. Thou haft /hiñeVrias the Hittit, with the fwordof the childrenofAmmon. Not that heehimfelfe fluehim, bùt becaufehee willedhis Captaine Ioab to doeit. The' Iewes tòbke away our Satüouis lifeby the hands of the fouldiers , and though they would haue wafhttheirhandsof ir,withaNobis nonlicesinterfrcerequeisguam,i.Tisnot lawful/forvs to putanymanto death. Yet Saint Peter chargeth them therewith. Authorem vero vita interfici- ftic, i. Tee haue killedtheLordofLife. And becaufe God was the mediate caufe of his death, Dassid tels him ; Tuvero repuliftitarn deftriexifli & defßex i,i. Thou haft broken him eff,deflroidhim,d c. Inaword; As heethat is married bya third perfon,is married by himfelfe : Andas hee thatfpeakesby another,fpeakes by himfelfè, as Kings doeby their Embaflàdors ; and as hee that defpifethanEm- ; baffàdor,defpifeth himthat fent him : and asourSauiourfayth , vos audit, meaudit,&qui vos fpernit,me f ernit,i.Hethat hearethyou,heareth me, andhee that defifeth you,defpifethmee. So the Centurionprocuringthe Antients of Caper- naum to fpcaketo Chriftforhim; theEuangeliftfets it down, that hee fpake himfelfe. Vice hard to AcceptCenturio,i. Therecame aCenturion. Therearefomekindofpeople,that be" owed. haue had fo antient poffeffronof ill, that they willhardly beebrought toany good. Tradefinen and Merchants plead prefcription fortheir buying. How manyyeares fince (faythSalomon)hath it beene the cuftome,thatthe feller com- mends'hisware, and the buyer difpraifesit,Bonum¡efl, bottom eft,dicitomniaemp- tor. In Receiucrsand ProEtors, it hath beeneanantientfafhionwith them, to pill and topoll; inSeruants,to flatter; inSouldiers,to boaft,robbe, and rauith. Ege.7s6:q> ' Affueti latrocinÿs,as Egeftppttsfaythof them. And as aMerchant canfcarce hut eaP a inthe world without lying, no more can aSouldier without finning. In matter of glutttony, they are Bacchu s : Efanduntfe industry& epulac, faithTacitue; In matterof filthy Tuft Priapus ; Inmatter of braggingand fwaggering, men that