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I Wherewe= ro treafure. Vpon Aíhwednefday. and thankefgiuingto God. vbi thefanrus,ibi eor,i.Where our 7reafure is, there is our heart. A wife man nót thinking it fàfe tokeepe monie in his houfe, for thofe manyperills it may run,of theeues,fire,borrowing, & fpending,putsit into fome PureBank: to hazardit by feaor land is as bad,ifnot worfe,it is the preyof Pirats,&adangerous port;Sta- domale fidecarinis,No rt.:4e harborfor afhip,faid the Poet,Amountainoftheeus, a Citie withoutdefencé. That Fanner is a foole (faithSaint Auften) who put- teth hiscorne into moift Granaries,where it mayrot, or bee deuoured and con- fumed by the Weefell. That whichmolt importeththee,is,To placethy Trea- fure vpon thePoore,for theyare Chriftsowne Banke ; for whatfoeuer they re- ceiue, our Sauiour accepts ofit, and he fecures it,attd returns itwithvfe. What fates Chryfologua ? Ifthouwert tobee Cladsperdurabilis, A durable Citizenvpon earth,it were wifely done in thee ro treafurevp upon earth; butbeing that thou arttomake a fpeedie journey forHeauen , Whywiltthou haue aboundance ofthat here,which fhall occafion thywant there c THE SECOND SERMON, ON TH8 THFASEV4Y eXFTER ASHWEDNESDAY. MAT.8. Lvc.7. Whenhe entred intoCapernaum. Cum introit Capernaum, mac. NCapernaum,the Metropolis ofGalilee, achy inbuildings glorious, in prouifion aboundant, in reuenues rich,in peo- ple populous ; in aword,Capernaum impliesall that which may expreffeaplace ofcomfort. This Citie was then in great glorie, but neuer receiued more honour than by the prefence ofChrift, & the miracles that hewrought there : infomuch that Saint cAtathewout ofthis refpeEt callsit his Citie : andNazareth(whichwas the place where our Sauiour had beenebred vp)tooke it in fuchdudgeon, that thee fent him that meffage relatedby Saint Luke, ,Q amts audiuimusfattainCapernaum, fac b bac in Patria ua, i. Thegreat things whichwebaueheard thou haft done inCapernaum , doe themalp in thine owne Countrie. Lord, art thoufo liberalltowardsftrangers, and fo Ihort handed to- wardsthine own Countrimen ? In Capernaum thouhafthealed Petersmother in