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ThePurermo tiue,hisowne Lone. Godsbountie towards his Suppliants. Cahtic. r.z . Thepoore morerefpc- dtedofGod many times than the rich. Pfa/.7 2.14. God euerreadie to helpc his children. Vpon theThurfeday wife, orwith fickeneffe , thou lookeftthat heefhould conevponhisknees to thee and offer thee his feruice. Thefcreafons did theElders ofCapernaumalledge to our Sauiour, &might hauealledged greater than thefe, ashis Faith,and hisDeuotion. But it isnoted bySaintChryfoflome, That they fhewedthemfelues fooles inalledging the dig nitie and worthof this Souldier , and forgettingthe pitty andhumanity of the Lordofl-Iofts. Martbaand ZlIarywere muchmore difcreet,inpreffinghim with his Loue. Forall other things whatfoeuer thatwe canalledge on our part,areto weake tobind him vntovs. Egoveniaie & curabo eum,i.1willcomeandcurehim. r. Theycould not haue defireda fweeter or a fpeedier anfwere. If aCaptainethat hath beene maimed in the warres,cometo oneofourPrinces heereof this World, to demand his pay,or Comerecompence for his feruice ; hee!ball dye a hundreddeaths before they will giue him fo muchas one poore fix-pence. But the Prince ofHeauen, wee haue fcarce reprcfented our neceffitiesvntohim , butheeprefently anfwe- reth ; Ego venomb curabo cum, i. Imoilcome and curehim. And euenthen when hce fayd I will goe and heale him , euen then was hishealth reftored vnto him : fo hand inhind goes Gods Power withhis Will. Meliorafont vbera tua vino,i, Thy breaflsarebetter thanwine, fayd theSpoufe to her Beloued. Where- in, weeare toweigh the facilitieand theeafinefle wherewith the breft affoords it milke, and thepainsand difficultiewherewiththe grapes yeeldfoorth their wine. For wee mufffirft gatherthem,then tread them,thenfquiefe them inthe Preffe, thenpoure them from one veffell into another, &c. And therefore is it fayd , Thymile is ofmore worth,than allthe wine in the World ; not onely for it's pleafantneffeand fweetneffe,but for it's readinefle athand. Efaypointing atthis readineffe inGod, fayth, Advocem clamoria ,jlatim refpondebit tibi, i. Yee willanfivere out ofhand the voice of thy crie . Affure thy felfe hee is fo pittifull, that he will not fuffer thee toweepeand mourne. Butthou (halt fcarcehaue cal- led vnto him, whenftraight thou (halt haueananfwere. Whereas, to the Prin- cesof thisWorld , thou shalt put vpa thoufand memorials , and fhalt haue fo manymore references,ordervponolder, andyet no order takenfor thee. But thePrince ofHeauen, Statim refpondebit tibi, i. See willanfivere out ofhand. Iwill come and Seale him. Hee might haue recommended this bufinefle to Saint Peter,or Saintlohn : Butthatwhich a Princecanperforme in his own per- fon,hee ought not to remit the fame tohis Minifters, though they fhould beeas fairhfull vntohim as Peter. For the feruant many times carries not that foulea- longwithhim as his Mafier hath : and in cafe the feruant shouldblurre and foile hisfor his owne private gaine, thisBoth not excufe the Matter. APrincemay well giue power in comfitpropria, i. in hie ownecaul, fora thoufand thingsto his Minifter ; but forthofe particular obligations that concernehis confcience,hee cannot,nor ought not. J eodcunquepotejl faceremanta tuainfanteroperari,i.Wbat- foeuer thyhandfndeth to do , ae it with hy might.Thewordhere tobeweighed,is manta tua,notanother mans,but thine owne. a It caufethno fmall admiration, that aKing fhould call twice vponhimfor his fonne,andyet hee excufed himfelfe; and that a Souldier fhould no fooner fend vntohim tocome vntohis feruant,but bee ftraight way anfwered, EgoIe- niam&curaboeum,i. Iwillcome andheale him. Wee render two reafonsofthis doubt madevpon thisplace: Theone,Thar withGod,fometimcs more honou- rable is the nameof the poore than of the rich. Honorabilenomeneorumcoram illo,i.Theirname ispretione inhisfight. Andalbeit this honourgrewvpfrom the bee-