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ChriR euer readieto after A'ihwednefday. helpe his children. 3` beginningofthe World:yet after that,Godmade himfelfpoore for tomake vs rich;pouertie is fo exalted by him, and inthat high efteeme,that men euer lince hauelookt vpon it with othereyes than they did heretofore. Beforethat God. came into the world andwas made [Jeff:, therewas not that richnian which did notfcome and contemne thepoore. Dimes did leffe efleemeofLazarus thanof his dogges ; But Godmaking himfelfe poore , and wrapping vp in ragges the treafure and richneffe ofHeauen , the condition of the poore hath euerfnce beene better with God, than that of the rich ; and thereforehee rather hafteth to relieue thePoore than the rich. And therefore the Phyutions ofthebodie are much condemned,who being PhiGtions the Appollo's and ../Efculapÿ of their times,difdaine tovifit the poore men. And taxed,that will not v,fir fo likewife arethe l'hyfitions for the foule, whoboaft themfelues to be Con- feffors togreat kings & princes the poore mans foule being no leffe pretious in thepoore. Gods fight than thofeoftherich.ThofeMattersare alfo reproued, who fcome to vifit their poore feruant in his fickenes ,alledging(forfooth)that the chamber MaRerslike- neigleftltheir or the bed is readie to turne their ftomacke , andmakes them fickewith the 3eruants,be_ loathfomeneffeofthe fent , whenthey can well enough indurethe flinkeofa 'ng ficke. Stable,or the nattineffeof adogge-kenneIl. Secondly,weare to confider,ThatHumilitie carries with it akind ofomni- potencie,becaufe itfubdueth the Omnipotent. Of the Sunneofthe Earththe Poets write, That wreftlingwithHercules, Rill as he tuucht the ground he re- couered frefh flrength. The humble minded man, whoefteemes himfelfe to be but the fonneof the Earth, and theoff-fpringofDaft andAfhes,by bowing himfelfe in all lowlineffeto this his mother,hee Ihall bee able towreftle with Godhimfelfe. Thirdly, Thisreadineffeof Chrifts towards the Centurion, Mould ftirre vs vp to compaffion,.andto takepittieofour neighbour. Fmlgentiusnoteth, That putgent.Epir.. thereis this differencebetweene himthat imployethhis loue vponhis Neigh- bour,and him that beftowesit on thegoodsoftheearth,that This is the poo- rer,That the richer. Saint Chryfofiomedeclaring that placeofSaint Paul, Loue feeketh not herown things, faith,That the Apoftle fpake according to the Lawes and rules oftheworld, where euery one holds that particular wealthhe pofl'ef- feth tobe hisowne ; but according to the Lawes of God, Lomefeekes the things that are her trout ; for thee reckonsof thatgood that befallsanother,as her owne. "a Eugippiü. Our Sauiourtreating ofpardoningothers, Paid on the Croffe, Fatberfar ime Lat.23.v.34. them for they,be. but fpeakingof his owne relinquifhment, hefaid , My God, my God, whyhaft thoufortken me, ere. With more earneftneffe crauing pardon for thofe thatcrucifiedhim;& for thiscaufe cals him for theirfakes Father, as ifhe fhouldhaue faid,O mygood God,I delirethouwouldft Phew the bowels ofafather towards them;as for mine ownelife,be thou a feuereGod vnto me, let mefuffer, fo as theymay Iiue. And this is Spiritus Sensiorum,The Spirit of the Saints,the natureofthofethat areGods children. Elizetos offered togoe to the Pallace,for his Hofteffe,vis vt loguar Regi ?Wilt thou thatIljeak totheKing ? whenhe wouldnot goethither forhimfélfe.Thom es,whowould not haueCler- gie men toone,-butte themfelues in theworld ; yetheaduifeth themto fpeake vnto Princes and CouncellorsofState, inmatters ofpittie, when thepooreare oppreffed,and haue nobowietofpeake fór thèm; andthat they fhoulddoit,Not out ofcoueroufnefT'e,but charitie. Mat.27.V.46' Itftie