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How toa o ```°" Vpon theThurfeday 3 b ßá The Cet tari oat Faith. firít dignitie, Noman can receiueChrift worthily ;for the holieft;beehee ne- uer foholy, is butacreature,andthere is an infinite diftance betwixt him and his Creator. But touching that other dignitie, ofpreparation and difpofition, amanmayreceiuehimworthily, bydoingthat which God commandethvs to doe for the better receiuing ofhim. A Husbandman can hardly receiue his King worthily, in refpec`tof hishoule, and hisperfon , byreafonofthe great difequalitie between them ;but in refpeét ofhis preparation,doing that which he is commanded to doeon his part, asto fee thehoufe bee clean, and euerie thingingoodorder ; fo may he receiuehimworthily. , Sedtantum die rverbo, difanabitur Puermeas. onely fay the word, andmyServant Pallbe whole. Sir, trouble not yourfelfe , in commingto aHoufevnworthie fogreata fauour, But halfe a' word from your mouthwill be fufficientto cure my Seruant. Yetdothhee not hereby fignifie that hiswordwas neceffarie,fincethatwithouthis word,and without his corn- ming, hiswill was fufficient : andall thisdidthe Centurions Faith procure ; but hewouldlignifie thereby, that it was in his power todoe it, and that veryeafi- ly ; and itis anordinarie phrafeamongft vsto fay It is buta word fpeaking. Saint Chryfefiomeindeereththe mode[tie, and curteous carriage ofthis Cap- taine, that he bearing thatgreat loue tohis Semant, that heewas as fencible of this his fckeneffe, and the dangerhewas in, as if the cafe had beene his owne: He did notdefire any indecent thingofour Sauiour, nor lath out into paflion, tranfported by his affeétion ; but proceeded thereinwith great prudence andfobrietie, not onelyhauingga care to that which was fitting for hisferuaiit, but with what refpeêt alfo, and reuerence,hee was to carrie himfelfe towards our Sauiour Chrift. Onelyfay theword,&c. FromhenceChryfiflome proueth, That the Centurion didbeleeuethe DiuinitieofChrift: For ifhee had thought him to be buta Saint, andnot aGod, hee would hauefaid, I pray Sir fpeakeagoodword for me;but he vfethnotthatphrafeoffpeech,but, That himfelfe would command him tobewhole. But itis tobee noted, That though all the antient Saints doegrant, That the Centurion beleeiied that Chrift wasbothGod and man; yet Gregorie2(azianzen,SaintChryfafieme, and Saint Auflen,doenote,That fpea- king abfolutelyofdoing amiracle, with empireandcommand, is notprenda, that is, atoken ofGodonely; forany manmay doe the like, towhomGod íhalgiuethe power.Ifthouhadft(faith our Sauior)butfo much faithas agraine ofmuftard feed,thou mightft command mountainesto remooue,and theyfhal obey thee: But toworkeamiracle , commandingthe fame to be doneby his own properpower &vertue,that isa tokenofGods power only. And that the Centurionpretended this it is prooued,firft,bythe great curtefievied by him, Lord,' ononot worthiethat;houfhouldfi comeunder my roofe ; whichwas as maner- lyas any mancouldfpeake it. Secondly, becaufe a Saintmay veriewelldomi- racles,andby commandement too; but fo, that hee muffhaue this power from God:but withall , it (hall notbe lawfull for anymanto craue themin that kind; forthepower ofdoingmiraclesisneuer fotied tothe will ofanySaint,that he mayworkemiracleswhereandwhenhe willhimfelfe. Thirdly, the compari- fonvfedby theCenturion,prooueththe fupreme power to refideinChrift our Sauiour. Nam a egohomofom,fob otefateeonfíituIwo, i. For roff; amamanrtinautho- ritie,&c.. ThouLordhaft fouldiers, fo haue I ;thouwith abfolutepower, I with