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Admirationiscom after fhwednefday mendation 1 v,1111 u 1 ? 35 with fubordinate ; thefeobeyme punílually, who ambut anEmperors Vice- gerent ; what fhall thofe thee,who artaboueall the Kings andEmperors ofthe earth a Saint flieremeand Origen vnderftandby Gods fouldiers, the.R?ingells, (whom the Scripturecalls hisMinifters) bywhomhe workshis miracles.Saint Chryfoflomevnderítands by thefe fouldiers, death , life, fickeneffe,.and health; Saint Luke fayes , ¡leerebukedtheFeuer : thewords are Mort, but fùll ;but it is cleere, that all the creatures ofGod whatfoeuer, are Gods Minifters. For as hehath command ouer the Angelis,death, life,fickeneffe,health; the feas, and the winds ; &sirhic, quia venti ¿mare °bediuntei ?Who as this,' that thewinds and thefea obey him ?So he commandeth they Ihouldbe calledhis foldiers,becaufe theyexecute hiswill. . From thofe words, Subpoteflateconfiituttee this moralitie maybee drawne, Thateuerie fubordinate dignitieimplyethfubiectionand heauineffe : I call it fubordinate, beingcomparedwith agreater Monarch, wider whole command theperfonfubordinate lines ; which Doctrine isfo plaine , that it is prooued daylybyathoufand experiences : andthepower ofChrift himfelfewas fubor- dinate ro that ofhis Father ; fo (ayes Flay, Cuiva imperium fiepérhumerumeiva, i. Whofegouernmentis vpon hit 'boulder : fo that there is notany honourwhich hath not aburthenwith it , which many times makes the heart ofman toake and groane vnder it. lbliratws eft Ieftcs FidelnCenturion( refits admiredtheCenturions Faith. Admiration (as Saint Attí enfaith) procee- detheither from the ignorance of the caufe ofa thing, orfrom thefingularitie ofit. InChriftcouldthere neitherbe theonenor the other; forhee did not onely know the faith ofthe Centurion,but had alfo beene the author théreof; fctah fecerat ipfamtdem,(faith Saint Aufen)nifi ipfequimirabatur ? i. Who hadeau- hatfaith, but hethat didadmire it' So that it feemeth,that this admiration is a commendation which our Sauiour gaue of the Capraines faith. For toad- mireathingeuenamongft prophane Authors, is anextraordinariekindofcom- mendingit. For Chrift had feeneby ableffedandinfitfedknowledge,that faith which washidden in the heart of the Centurion; but becaufe heedidmaniféft the fame inhis prefence,admiring it,hecommended it ; and therefore it is faid, Miratua efi, Headmired. SaintAuflen on the other fidediftinguifheth Admiration from Commendati- on. Some things (faithhe)are commended, butnot admired ; others areboth commended andadmired. Chrift perceiuing thishis faith, by admiring it did commend it not for any interioradmiration that was inhimfelfe ; but to con- firme and eftablifh ours : For all theworld might wellwonder, to fee fo great faith inaSouldier. Sutingwith that whichSaint Augen faith in another place, That Chrift had fhewne force motions and lignes of admiration, without per turbation : being motionsand fignesofa Mafter,wherebyhe reada lecturevn- tovs that we fhoulddoe the like. Thomau putsvpon our Sauiour, Scientiam experimentalem, anexperimental! knowledge, andconfequently, an experimental! admiration. And albeit by a bleffed and infufed kindofknowledge hedid know all things,andthat his wife- dome couldnot erre ; yet it is Paidofhim, That heencteafed in knowledge,He went onwardsinwifdame andinIIature. Sóthat his admiring ofthe Centurions faith, was nottomuchhis knowingofanywonderful and fingular thing,but an experilnentall knowledge thereof; as that of the Aftrologer, who knower 1 before gier.Mat.S. on f ts. chry fxorn. :7. No honorbut hath itbur_ then. Epay.q. Aug.Epiptor. ra En°d. Aug 1 , dr gea.COnt. . Manitb.c.a. on' . úßh. taps. rh.s.p.q. ts.