Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

THE THIRD SERMON, ON TTH6 FRYDAY eífFYEk, ASHWEDNESDA. MATS. ellud>1ir,quia diEturn eft Antiquir. Yee haue heard, how it was faid to themofOld. Vr Sauiour Chrift treatingof the reforming of theLaw, fpoyledand defaced bythe falfe Gloíl'es and lying Com- ments of the Pharifees, for fo thofewords feerne«s infer, 2'Zgnvenifoluere Legem,fedadimplere, (i.)Icamenot todilue theLaw, but tofufillit: And (as Saint Cbryfoltomenotethit) promifinggreater, and moreexcellent rewards inthe Law of Grace, than the WrittenLaw ; it was fitthat thofeLaws fhould be fomuch the moreperfeû,to the end that themeanes might beanfwe- rable to the end and the greater theworke, thegreaterthe reward. In this vaft Commonwealthoftheworld,all is diforder ; the Palme is not giuento the aEti- ueft, nor the Viétorieto thevalianteft, not Honour to the wifeft; ridiferuos in equis, rhaue feeneflanes onhorfebaeke,&c. but in Gods Kingdome, he bearesaway theGarland thatfightethbelt. But to comea littleneererto the point, After thathe hadreformed fixe importantpointsof the Law, (as itis treated elfwhere moreat large)he comes to the Loueofour Enemies, which is fucha feeming monfterroman, and carries fuch a firie lookewithit, that ithath much affrigh- ted the world. Dietum eft Antiquís, Itwas laid to themofOld, TheLawwas euer to the Delinquent as painefull as ftriEt ; and as they that find themfeluescurbedby forcepenaltie,feeke byall means either to breakeit, or to comment rherupon, as maymakebeltfor theirpurpofe,(a courfetoo com- monwithHereticks :) So againe is this courfe of theirscroièdby thofenames which the Scripture giues vnto theLaw. Ecelefiafücuacals it Alligaturamfalutie, The Ribondor bendof Saluation,wherewith theblotid is Ranched, andthe orificeclofedand !hut vp. But he that is thuslet bloud,themore foolifli he is, is euer the more impatient, complaining,That it wringshim too hard, &defires toPacken, ifnotvndo it. Salomon in his Prou.Riles it thus,4chainfor thyneck.But the impatient manwhen the coller fits dofer to his neck than he would haue it, thrufts 39 Nothing but diforderin this world.