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46 wemutt t Eneemies. Vpon the Friday" ibi, Pet.[ome or. Simo'r.Mer Tem.t.de5. Nlte b. P Art/t. Btbie. aktu, ca. r. A(ex.1O. e1O lying Law-giuers,who prefcribeit vntoyou as á Law,Thoufhadt hate thy enemie. But giueyou credit vntome,for I ama true Lawgiuert It is a hard cafe,that truth fhould be in leffe efteeme than lying ; Hearten, thanEarth.; the true God , than falfeGods. But ehottgh they lieneuer fo much at thee to hatethyne enemie , I flail neuer leaue beating it into your brefls, That you loueyour enemie. Laban whenhe purfued Jacobcame verie eagerlyvpon himat the firft, with aValet ma- nusmea redderemalumpromalo , Iam able to return. ettidlforearl; but his courage was gaickcly cooled, with a Caue, nequidquamdurim loquaris contra Iacob : Be- ware thou rakenot hardly againft Iacob ; For the GodofJacobs father had charged him to the contrarie. Where it istobenoted out of theText, That Laban did notfay, My God, but,The God ofhis father. Whence Imake this conclufion, That if he that doth not takeme for his God (forLaban was,youknow,anIdo- later) fhall obey my command, andnot be his owne cartierinhis reuenge,What ought aChriftian to do r S.Chryfoflom feemeth tobemuch grieued,that in mat- ter of iniuries and reuenging of wrongs,the World, theFiefh, and the Deuill fhould doe morewithvs thanGod,towhom onelyvengeancebelongerh.What will not thePurfe doe with fomer' with other-fome the intreatie ofa great Perfon r. Dauids fouldiers fingers itchr, Sc would faine haue fet vpon Saul,when theyhad him cub'd vp in the caue:butConfregit iIIosfermonibuu,He detained them, andwan themwithgoodwords, to let him alone ; which they did not fomuch for Gods fake, as for Dauids. But 1fay vetoyou . Manyprefume fomuch on themfelues,that they wil not flicke tofuller martyrdome, ifoccafron fhouldbeoffered, and haue fometime euenfought after it: But that pore littlevalourwhich they experimentin them- felues inmatter offuffering and pardoningof iniuries maybewraythis their errour vntothem. For, as Saint Gregoriefaith, He that (hall faint in Iliffering an iniurie, o aidfaceret indolsrepxnarum ?What will he doe in the mido of tor- ment a canhe fuller the 'training ofthe Racke, or the rage of fire, that cannot indureahardword, or brookeaflight iniurie c Spoon Metaphrafles reporteth of Sa rieita That hewould not pardonNice horur hisenemie no, though hee had P P oftentimes askshim forgiueneffe on his knees. Hewas not long after apprehen- ded in Antiochia for a Chriftian, hee was condemned,and carried forthto be martyred ; and in theway2\icephorta rcrurnes again to entreat hispardon, but could not obtaineir. Beingbroughtto theplace ofmartyrdome, hee fainted and flew backe, cardingtherewith f1great a forrowin Nicephoràu,that heecried out aloud, Iam a Chriflian,andmildie inhisplace. But Ifay vntoyou.S..lmbr. expoundingthat placeof S.Paud,Dattu eftmihi ¿c. AGoadmasgiuenmeintheflefh, vnderftandethby this pricke, the perfecutions of hisenemies ; Carnis mea, that is, ofmine owne Kindred andCountrie. And Caietameaddeth, That this pricke was fo neceffarie for theApoftles faluation, that withoutit he had beene damned. WhenSeal vnderflood that Dauid had givenhimhis l fe,faid, Iknownowaffuredly, that thou(halt resign otter Iliad. And verie well doththat man defemea Crowne, not only here onearth, but in hea- uen,who fpareth hisenemies life. But 1fay untoyou. AraientlyLexTalioniswas in vfe with the Iewes and the Gentiles ; oculumpro oculo, dentemprodente, An eyefor aneye , anda toothfor a tooth : And thistomany fcemed a naturali and iuft Law ; asyoumay read inB_ rifIotle,vfulusGellias,Alexander, andothers. Julius reporteth, Thar the firft of the Houfeof theCornelÿ thatwas burned,after his death, was Scila,fearing the punifhment of this fame LexTalionis, for thathee had before pul'dhis enemie Manias