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Thedefireoffatisfaftionafive after Afhwednefday. Serm.;. we with for Reconciliation. gi by Prayer balfe anhourewith God 5 it is a thing ofnothing. Petrus Chryfolo- gas purfueth this Conceita little further , to whom I (hall referre you. Benefacite his quioderunt rvos,orateproperfequentibtts'tos. Doe good to them that hateyou, Pray for them that hurt you. The offended that feekes mcanes for his fatisfaaion, fhewes hee hath a mind to he made friends ; and Godbeing willing to be friends with thee, hath inuented themcanes ofFaffing,Prayer,& Alines; but more particularly recom- mends lierevntothee aBenefacite,and an Orate, aGood turne,andaPrayer. Na- tureteacheth thee to repell violencewith violence, power bypower , and the fwordby thefword, with a rimvi repellerelice} : But Grace teachethvs another Leffon,Benefacite ha (faith fhe) qui oderuntvos, orate , &c. Doegood to them that hate you,andpray,&c.Ill is hardly ouercomewith il; hatred,with malice ; orbad, withworfe dealing ; but with goodneffe,andwith loue,withaVince inbonoma- lum, ouercome euillwithgood. Plutarch reporteth, Thatthe Windand the Swine did lay awager,whichofthe twofhould firft (trip amanofhis c 'oaths ; forthis challenge the fieldwas appointed : the Wind ftoutly bettirres himfelfc , and furiouflyfets vponhis hat cloake, jerken,andbreeches , but hewrapping them doleabout him, with the helpeofhis hands andteethhekept himfelfe vnftrip- pedbytheWind, whocould doeno goodvponhim;fohegiuesoff. Then comes me forth the Sunne, whocame fohot vpon him , that the man withina verle litttlewhile was faine to flingoffall, and to ftrippe himfelfe naked. The verie felfe fameheat and couragedid the Sunne ofRighteoufneffe vfe, in that lafteclipfe ofhis life, when from the Croffehe did fo heat & inflame thehearts of them that were prefent, that theydid teare and rent theircloathes, Et Velum Templumlciffiem eft. And as thebarrenneft ground ismade fruitful' by theHuf- bandmans induftrie ; fogoodneffe ouercommeth euill. Fortisvt mors diletlio, i. Lone is f rong as Death : The ftouteft,thevalianteft,and thedefperateft manaliues cannot refit Death, nomorecanhe Loue. (mink natura befliarum,domitaeft á na- turn,The natureofbeaflsis tamed6y7.0 ture. Againftthat harmewhich the Phi liftines receiucd by Mice, the Princes made Miceof Gold ; let thyenemiebee as troublefometo theeas they, moldhim into Gold,and hee wil neuer hart thee more. S. Chryfoflomeconfidereth the truth ofrhis inSaul,who bearing adeuelifh hatred againft Dauid; yet byDauids twicepardoning himhis life, made him as tradableas wax; andhe captivatedbythishis kindneffe,brake out into this ac- knowledgement, lufliarme eft, He ishiller than 1; for I returned thee il forgood and thoume good for ill. S. Chryfoflone concludes this Hiftoriewith a ftrange endeering; That Dauids drawing teares out ofSaule hardheart, did caufehim more to wonder, than did mopand Aaron, when he ftrucke the Rocke, and the waters gufhed forth. Wewantnot examples of this Dodtrine, euen in thofe things that are inuifible : The tougheft Impoftumes are made tenderby VnEti- ons.Plinie faith,Thatthe rougheft fea ismade calmewith oyle. In theProuince ofNamurcatheyburne{tone in fteadof wood, and that firewill bee quenched with Oyle.Againftthe Impoftume ofhatred, the raging feaofan angriebreft, and the flamesof a furious enemie, there is nobetterremedie thanMildnefïe; Sermomallisfrangit Tram,Afeftanfwermitigates wrath. Orateproperfequentibres rvos. Prayfor them thatperfeecuteyou.ThisPrayer maybe grounded vpon two reafons E z The cb,pf: ¡D., x2 Seneca tí5.3. debawl: des uï Dau,d. ndl d pro uaileth upon the fiercer} pert °ns.