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Rearonrwh, todoe good after / fhwednefday. tooar Enemies. Serm.3. 55 thou (halt reign . For fuchagreatneffeof minde could not bee repayed with leffe thanaCrowne. Scitote quoniam mirficauit Dominus fare?umfrcum , i. Know that the Lord bathmagnifiedhis holyone. TheHebrew letter bath it, Elegirfbido- minus mi f ricordem,i. TheLordbathcholer: to himfelfe the mere:full man.. Noman will offer to takemy Crowne frommee,becaufe God hath giuen it mee , for (hewing mercie to mine Enemies. Dauid conípofedhis 5 6.Pfal. vpon that Ac- cident which hapned vntoSaulat the mouthofthe cane. And the title there- unto is,Nedifperdas infagniaDauid;or,áureolam Dauid,Doe net blot out theArmesof Dauid , nor take his Crownefrom of hishead. His fouldiers importuned him to takeawayhis life from him ; telling him , that God had deliuered him intohis hands. Bywhich nobleaétion ofhis (fayth SaintChryfefiome) heegot himfelfe moreglorie than whenheoucrcamethe Philifline: For there heegothimfelfe but theglorie ofa valiant and venturous fouldier ; but here,ofa muffholy, tuft, andmercifull man ; there,heeread onelya lectureof Forritude;here, ofineeke- nefle, whichof all otheris the chiefeft vertue ; there,thedames ofHierufalem did folemnife hisviEtoric; here the Angells ofHeauen ; there, God (hewed himagreat fauourindeliuering him from the fwordofhis Enemy ; here, hee did God as acceptable apiece offeruice , for that it was the rarer of the two. Andthis was it, thatmade Godfay ofhim ; lnueni virum fecundumcor meam,i. I hamfounda manaccording tomy arseheart. That great Prince mops, wasfohot and chollcricke that in his anger hce killed an lEgiptianthat mifufed anHe- brew. Clemens Alexandrines fiyth, Thathee difpatcht him at oneblow . The dayfollowing, another Ægiptian ftanding in feare ofhim, faydvntohim,N_unc occidere me vis, i. Wilt thou nowkillme ? But beeing afterwardstrained vp inthe fchooleof God , neuer any manindured fo manywrongs ofhis friends, his enemies,and his brethren,as heedid. Whohath thuschanged thee ? Potentißi- .musfaciem iQisucommutauit, i. Themollmghtiehadalteredhisface. Andbeeing thusntoulded,God faydveto him , EgoieconflituamDeum Pharaonis, i. 1 will make theeasaGodto Pharaoh. Againftfuchhardneffe,power,andtyranny, it is fit thou thouldeftbee aGod,and thatto reprefent myperfon,thoudooft put on my condition . TheDeuill coniectured bymany fignes and tokens,that Chrift at hisbirthwas God:As by Ancrels,Sheapheards,Kings,&Ptophefies: But tothis, his póucrtie, his fuffcring cold,his (beddingof teares, thethatch ofthe houfe, thecobwebs in the roomewhere he lay,&the hay in thecratch,left himmore perplexedthanbefore. Afterwardshewas more amafed, whenhe fawhim fait fortie dayes, whereupon,hee ferhimfelfe to tempt him,fayingSifilius Dei es, i. Oho:,bee the fameofGod,&c: Then heehadgreater.ftaggerings, when hee faw hisfomany,fo ftrange,and fearefullmiraçles, euen to theforcing of theDeuill himfelfetoacknowledge him tobe the formeof God. And thisdidconfound him more than all that wentbefore. But when heefaw,heepardoned fob many iniuries that were dayly donevntohim, heethenbegan to (hake and tremble,as ifheehad beenetouchtwith.quickfiluer. Heebeheld incitahis fellingofhim, his kille offalfe peace,his calling ofhim friend,and vnder thatnamebetraying him ; bee faw the night of his imprifonment inCayphas his houfe,and the iniu- ries that theydidhim; perfuading himfelfethat no other butGod, could poc- ket vpfuchwrongs. The World cals the reuengfull man valiant ; but the bloudyminded mati,the Scripture filesweake,effeminate,and womanifh. When foab killed thofe noble paireofbrothers Abner and Amara, hauing dyed his belt and íhooes with the bloudof.tbner;Dauidfayd,Nondefricietdedome ioabfluxum feminrafuflinens,&r, tenons thé pratile ofMet cie brings with it the greaten g lórie. r. Reg.t . Chrili patiéce more flagge- red the Deuill than all his miracles. z.Reg.3.zs.