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afterAfhwednefday. Serm.3, 6 for hisGod,and for the welfareof his brethrenin the Lord : And that thereforehe had fcarce efcaped one danger,but that he was defirous to enter into another. weztpastawmtveltogsismasstmtvegsmo `kwouta THE FOVRTH SERMONI, ON TH8 SfIIII1(DfIY eílFTEk ASHWEDNESDAY. MARC,6. MA?'.i4. Cumfaro of tfaElum, erat áuia inmedio e5t/faris. When it grew late, the Shippe was in the middeft ofthe Sea. HeEuangelift recounteth heere vntovs afearefull Tempeft, Thedirciples whichthe Difciples endured onenight inthe middeft ofthe weaknes of fea; thewinds being fifeand terrible, the wauesfurioufly Faith. raging,the clouds thicke anddarke,the fhipfmali & fhrewd- ly beaten,andhardly able to withftand the fwelling of this rt*'° á1I'heforth want h in the n in it's .And though thefe were many and venieforcible reafons tomake them tobe affraid ; yet vntothefe was added anewcaufe offeare,to wit That our Sauiour appearing vntothem wal- kingvpon the waters they thought it was aPhantafma,fome Spirit in a feeming affumed fhape, whither Angell, or Deuill, they could not deuife with them- felues. And thecommon receiued opinion is,Thatthefe Vifions had their feue- rall apparitions, as it appeatethin Saint Luke,andthe vlasof the Apeter. They pittifully cried out, for feare ofbeeing drowned in the Deepe, not confidering, that hewhohad filledtheir bellies in thewilderneffe, could trample the waues vnder his feet, andpreferuetheirbodies from linking. OurSauiour madefhew atthe firft,ofwalking a faareoff from them, ashedid afterwardswith thofethat hewent along with to Emaus;but in the endhefpake vnto them,andmade him- felfe knownevnto them. Then Peterthereupon rufhed prefently into the Sea, and beginning tofinke,he ftretched outhis handvnto him,and reprehended him for hauing fo little Faith. At laft theyentred into the fhip, and theywere no fooner come in, butthe winds went away, the feagrew calme, and the ternpeft F ceafed.