Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

TheSociety of Women, though de- vout, is dan- gerous. Rearons why our Sauiour with- drew himfelfeinto theSea. Vpon the Saturday ceafed. TheMariners,and the mil that wereaboord this Barke, acknowledged' our Sauiour tobethe Sotmeof God. They difembarked in Genezareth, the fame ofwhofe commingwas foon fpred abroad they brought forththeir ficke vntohim,and our Sauiour Chrift reftored them to their health. CùmferòeffetfaCtum. When it grew late,&c. Saint iohmfáith, That the Feaft being ended,our Sauiorwent vp to theMount toprày,vifcenditfelt« orare,Hewent vp alone. Saint c ifarke,and Saint tfrtathem, That he forcedhis Difciples to gooníh ppe-boord. NorBoth this admit any contradi&ion; for before that hewithdrewhimfelte to pray,he mightverie wel willthem tomakethem readie to goe to fea : And happely they mightfray wai- ting for him tillit were towards theeuening, andPeeing hedid not come,yet(ac- cordingashe had commanded them) embarked themfelues. Ofthishis forcingthem togoe aboord,theDoctorsgiue diners reafons. The firft is takenoutof Saintlobn. DarSauiour knew that t1wPeople had a purpofetomakehimKing ; which danger hee feeking toauoyd, heewithdrew himfelfe alide to pray, beeingall alone ; notifying to his Difciples, That they fhould in the meane while prouide to goe toPea. The fecond,Thatour Sauiorthereby might take occafion to work thiswon- derfull miracle : for ifthe Difcipleshadnot embarked themfelues, neither had our Sauiour walked vpon the fea,norPeter aduentured himfelfe vpon thewaucs, nor his Difciples endured fuch a terrible ftorme, no had there beenfuch cleere notice takenofhis fotïertlígnepower. The third is Saint cbryjàflomes; who faith,That whenthey wereto go to fea, our Sauiourwould that they fliould carrie along with them the remainder of fuch brokenpieces ofbread,andofshe fifties that wereleft, to theend that they mightthinkevpon the forepaffed miracle. Wherein they were fo dull lighted, that Saint cíttarke faith, ? on enim tntellexerunt depanibua, They vaderflcodnothing about theLeaues. And therefore thole whomFullnefFe andProfperitiehad thus blinded, God through troubles and atfliétionscleereth their eye-fight. The fourth isTheophilaíhs ; infinuatingthis foran.efpeciall reafon, That our Sauiour Chrift feeing his Difciples inconuerfation with tome deuout women which wereprefent at the Feafl,hee willed them prefently to embarke ; concei uing,that theywouldbee farre more fafein thefea amidltthe waues,than in the companie of women,though neuerfodcuout, neuerfo holy. And the ground ofthis truthmay begathered fromthe Difciples vnwillingnefte toput forth to fea : but our Sauiourlike agoodHorfeman, that claps his fpurresdole to the fides ofhis Ginnet,when he refutes tomake his catreere,Coegitillos,He compelled them. The fifth, For that the Shippe is a Type and figureof gouernment, of ho- nour, andof dignitie : AndGodwill haue his friends to beeforced to afcend to thole highplaces. And therefore itis Paid, Coegit rhosvt afienekrent, Hecorn- pelted thorn to afcend. The laft isSaintHieromes ; who alledgeth, That the content beeing fo great which theDifciples tookein the pretenceoftheir Matter, it was a cleere cafe, that it wouldverse much grieuetheirstodepart from him , andto bee forced to forgoehis companie. For he that hath once atruerafh ofGod,will hardly bee withdrawn from him. ADogge,behe beaten neuerfo much,he will not kaue his Mattershoufe, andall forthe louethat hebeareth him, andthepleafure and delight that hee taketh in his prefence. And this was it that madeieb,when hee was