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6 The world how,andwhcrin V,pon the Saturday like+nt° theSea. worme-wood, that there isfcarce tobee found in it anythe icafiackofcon- tent or fweetneffe : Suting well with that other Paying of this'fäcredDoaior, Thatthe greateft ioy whichwe inioy in thislife, is not ioy, butakind of light- ning and eafrngofforrow.The other (which is likewife notedby Saint Baftl,and Bafit.Aom.j. Clemens Alexandrines ) Thatas inthe Sea, thegreater Fifties deuour the leffer in exam. clem.lib.t. Fr b a kind of tyrannical' violence fo the powerful' men of thisworldop- Y Y Y'" P from. prefl'ethe poorer fort,and fwallow them - vp. According to that of Habacuc : Abac. r 4. Facies homines, ftcut pifcesmarls, i. Thou makefl menastheffhes of theSea. Gregorie Nazianzenputteth two other proportions. Theone,That ashe who Na'Kian na£t dovita ttener'i fai'.eth in the Sea, leadsa life very neere vnto death, hauingbut a poore plancke b.& betwixt him and it , Exigua enim li;no,credunt homines animas fuaa, i. For men saPt4 n&eg.zo. mill afmall pieceof woodwith their lines ; So hee that walkes in the dangerous wayes ofthis world,may faywith Dauid,Vnotantamgradu ego,&morsdiuidmur, i. Ther's butone degree betwixt meanddeath. The other, thatthofe,who takeplea- fure in going toSca, come tomake thewaues thereoftheirwinding fheete : So thofe, that are wedded to the world, receiue their deathat the worldshands. The deceits ofthe world, are like thofeof the Sea. And for this caufe per- P/a46.2. haps the Scripturegiues theSea the name of Heart ; Trans.ferentur montes in cor marit, i. The mountainsfhallbee tranflated into the Heart of the Sea : And Lome- Pfat.se4. 2 s. times,of Hands, mare magnnm,&jpatiofiemmamhus,i. The Sea bathwide and"pa. cious Hands ; SomctiinesofEyes and Feet .4!arevidit ej- fugit, i. thefeafawit Pfal.''4;' andfed; Sometimes of Tongue,Defolabit Dominus linguam maris,i.the Lordl .d'1 Ffay.t I..r3. defroy the tongueofthe fit:. And lift of all,rob paints it foorth like a moft fierce tob.7.11. beaft (hut vp inan yron grate,or ftrong prifon ; Num quid mare egofromquiacir- cumdedilli me in iflo carcere ? i. Am la flea that thou fhouldefl keepe mee continu- allyin hold r From hencefolloweth another proportionor conueniencie, which is a verie cleare one. Foras the wayof the Sea is full ofdangers , of Pyrats,of Shelfes, andof Rockes ; and as it is notpo(lible, thatmans wifdome and experiencecan prcuaileagainft them ; euen fo is it with the world.ThewaybyLand is ofleffc difficultie : Euery manknowcs howtomake his neceffary prouifion;asahorfe, a man, a cloake-bágge anda goodpurfe. And fuppofe Come of thcfefhould failevs, weemay furnifhourfelues afrefh at the firftgoodplace weecomeat. And if weepaffeouer mountaines,whcrethere is fufpitianof thecues, wemay perceiucthe peril' and preuent it; but for thofe that goe by Sea, the likepro- uifionand preuention cannotbemade, cfpecially if fortunedoe not fauour vs. Efl via;quivideur hominirelfanou f imaautem tins ducunt admortem, i. Thereis a Prou.76. waywhichfeemeth right to a man, but the endof it leadeth todeath. A fhip (hall goe faylingwith the winde inthe Poope ofit, witha great deale ofcontentand de- Iight,and onthe fuddaineit fhallbee fplit in pieces, and no memorial' remayne thereof. Thelike fucceffe befalleth menin thisworld, euery fteppethat they tread. And therefore Saint Auften fayth , That it is as great a miracle fora mantowalke vpon thewanes of the Worldwithout finking, as itwas forSaint Peter to walke vportthe wanes of the Sea. Manyother conuenienciesthere are, which I omit tomention; thisWorld beeing inconclufona Sea,our lifea fay- lob.19. ling theréin,and euery particularMan a fhip. Sicut nautspomaportantes, &c. and therefore fubieét to 'tonnes. -Et nauíserat in mediamaris. AndtheShip 'vas ¡Tithe midi} of theSea. This