Fonseca - Houston-Packer Collection. BX1756.F66 D5713 1629

To the Reader. Ourteous Reader, to feeke thyapproba- tion of this Booke by any faire &plaufi- bleinduc ións,were to dif}ruit,ifnot im- ,paire theworthofit. ' Tis folly to light a Caridlkto"the Sunne,as likewife to prai'e that,which in it felfe is all praifeworthy. True Vertue needs no Orator to fa her foorth ; her ovine natiue beautie is fo mooning, that outward trappings can afoordher finali aduantage. Ifthe diuine conceits and meditations of Antiquitie can worke vpon thy Affe- ctions,l make no doubt but rheres.enough towin thee. The whole Booke is nothing but abunch Of flowers collet ed fromout thofe pleafant Gardens; which were long fince planted by theart and induf rie of thofere- uerend Fathers, whom God raifcd vp for Guardians to his Church,duringhir nonageand minoritie.1fthefent ofthefe !hall pleafe thee, the Tranflatorwill hereafter furnifh thee with the Labors of the fame Authorvpon ail the Parables. Some peradoenture maydislike it, becaufe it was firft compofed bÿ á Spaniard;' as if£liah should haue refufed his meat, becaufeit was brought himby aRa- uen . or that in a curious Fountaine, where there are force fpouts formed like the heads of Serpents, others, like thofe of Doues,the water that iffüed out of either were notall one. The antient Gaules had no fooner ta- iled the delicious wines ofItaly,but adefire tooke them to