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To THE READER. togoe and conquer the Countrey : thé like hadbeene wrought vpon the Ifraelites,when fome ofthofe,whom Mojes by the appointment ofGod himfelfe,had fent to view the fruitfulneflè of the landof Canaan, brought them of the Grapes,Figs,and Pomegranats, which the Foyle affoorded; ifothershad not marr'd this reali de- monftration with avaine fufpitionoldie ions of Ana% But what, [hall not the corne be reaped becaufe there's cockle in the field:Shal not the role be pluckt becaufe it grows ona Brier : Andyet let me tell thee,to hearten thy aduenture againft all needleffe & iinaginarie fears, The captiue here hathher headfhorn,andmaywell be admitted for a true Ifraelite .. Thou [halt not cry out, Mors in olla, Death ïs in thepot ;that little leafe of Colo- quintidawhichwasin it, istaken out, and the childrenof the Prophets may taft ofthe broth without danger. Others itmay be,wil condemne it as defe tiue,becaufe fuchproofes &paffagesasare alledgedout of the fathers arenot quoted inthemargen;-&indeedtheyfhould not haue bin wanting , but that in the Spanifhcopy, they were foundvpongood perufall ( whether through the negligence ofthe Printer,orfoieother default)to be fo miftaké,that to haue fetthem down,would haue occafi- oned trouble rather thancontent:butif euerthe Booke come to afecond impreffion,all things[hal be added,for the fatisfyingofthydefires io the full.Meanewhile ac- cept of this,and let it be thy Chriftian ioy,That the pingEphramite is heard here tofpeake as plaine as the fmooth_tongúd Canaanite ; and that there is not fo great a diftance betwixt HierufalemandSamaria , as force imagine. And fo I kaue thee to the bleffing of the Higheft. Fare.ell 14'tsm. z3.z 3