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7o Vpon the Saturday Men feare not the finse, but the fuife- ring for frame. Thedefaip tionofChrift Combat with the Deuilt Et putauerunt Phantafmaefe. vtnd they taoke himforan apparition. Here is one fearevpon another, &there- fore it was not much they fhould crie out. Thewindand the waues had forely affrighted them, and that whichwas to bee theremedie oftheir danger , made them toapphrehcnd a new danger fearingnowmore their fuccour than their hurt : being hereinlike vnto many,who feare their good,but not their euil ; the Glutton dothnot feare drunkenneffe and that fulneffewhich leffens his health > > and puts his life in danger ; but fearesthofe fyrrops and purgations whichhe is to take for his recouerie. The bad Chriftian fearethnot the fault he hash com- mitted which is the greateft euill ; but feareth todoe pennancefort-he fame, which isfor his greateft good. TheAtheift fearethnot death,northegraue,but faith,Wehauémade acoutnant withDeath andHell ; yet hefeareth pouerty& hun- ger,andtheenemie thatthreatens him ; but not God, whocan fwallow him vp quicke inthe flamesof Hell fire : He feares an earthly Iudge that mayput him to torment; but not that IudgeofHeauen,thatcancondemn toendleffe paines which are neuer tohaue end. 1V r N( wEgo.i "} g( te. l¡4 1 tÿí, 71:Tñ.:6 RFEW+C6 THE FIFTH SERMON, VP. D .\; THE FIST SV5(VAY IN LENTS TOVCHING OVR SAVI- OrRS TEMPTATION. MAT. 4, Lvc.4. MARC. I. DuEiir8 eft ?eftsab Spiritu in Defertum. And lefus was edby the Spirit into the\Vilderne%, His famousCombat betwixt twoof theftouteft and valianteft Capraincs that euertryde theirvalourMatngleDuel,wilvery ki . WelldeferUethe lookingon and our diligent attention, -- r \ taking vp as wellour eyes asour cares. This báttell thenthatis i heredefcrtbed by the-Euangelifí, isthe notableft and the ftran= in former, beefeene in future geftthat euer was ,oreuerfhall Ages. The Combattants aretwogreat Princes, whofe power all theworldac- knowledgeth,and whofewifedomeadmits nocomparifon;the one,thePrince of