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The reatsubtletie Sunday in Lent. Serm.5. of the Dtuill. his want ofFaith , as fomeother wouldenforce : For, Infideer levitatefan- íi<umfecit dim: but his attributing of thismiracle to hinifelfè, whichwas only Gods doing. Audite rebelles,Nunquidpoterimnadepetraeducerevobúdram?Heare yet rebelliow, Canwedraw weterforyouout of theRocke? Can Aaron and I;&c.This incredulous people faid, Nungnidpeterit Deriaparare men£m in deferto, i. CanGod prepare a Tablein theDefert ? But !oft fpeaketh inhis owne and his brothers name,2s(unquidpoterimus, Can Command that theft stones. Thy Fathercalls thee Sonne, andyet reduceth thee to thatmiferie, that tokeepe thy felfe from (taming, het driues thee to that ne- ceffitic, that thoumutt of force becompelledtomake thefe (tones bread. This difference is therebetwixt the Sinner and the Righteous, That the Deuill per- fuades theSinner , thathee maymake breadof (tones ; and Judas, that heemay make money of Chrift : Butthe Righteous willrather diefor hunger, beeing wellaffured, that Godeden in thishis hunger is able to fuftaine him. Commandthat theft ¡Ions. The Deuill tempts himwith (tones, with fuch things wherein are fcarcetobefound any ligneofdanger : For heealwaieshol- deth the viétorie to bee fomuchthe more glorious by howmuchthe leffer is the occafionwhereby hewhinesit. Lot flies out ofSodome in the companieof his daughters,and hauing efcapedthatfearefull fire, the Deuiltenlpts the father byhis daughters ; whole raging luft, neither the fearefill example of their mo- ther,whom their eyes had fo lately feeneturned intoaPiller ofSalt , tïorthe LawesofReafon, nor of Nature,couldoncebridle or reftraine. But you will faythey werewomen; and what will not a woman doe to farisfie her longing but that Lot fhouldconfentto fovnlawfullanad, beeing a man, nay,and fo ju(t a manas theScripture commends him to be,it feemeth fomewhat ftrange.Alas, (good oldman) his daughters had made him dranke ; andbeing fo wearie and heauie heartedas hee was, tofee the lamentable deftruétion of Sodome, it was notmuch that he fhoulddrinke,being importuned thereunto ; & they that could not findany waterwhenhee called for ir, couldmake a (hift to fetch him wine. In all that fortieyeares peregrinationof the childrenofIfraell, we do notread that euerGodgauethem wine : Twice didhe giue them water outof(lie rocke, and twelueFountainesin Helim ; hee gauethen) likewife Manna and Quailes : but not adropof wine thattheyfaw till theycame to the LandofPromife.And furely thiswas thus orderedby the Councell ofHeauen; for ifhauing but wa- ter they mutined fooften, what would they haue done, had they had wine r When Abrahamdid thruftthebondwoman out ofdoores, he furnifhedher with breadand water : and Procopirufaith,That he wouldnot giueher any wine ; for Agar fignifiesSuefo -frefi , AFeaft-dreamer: And this holy Father wouldnotby goringher wine, encreafe theoccafion, feeing thee dreamed thereonwhen thee drankebutwater. But to returne toour purpofe ; Lots daughters tempted their father,therebeeing in thecaue wherin hewas,no other either poffibleor imagi- nable occafion.To him that isdefperatly minded,though ye putawayfrom him and remooue out ofhis reach 'all mannet ofhalters and cords for feare hee fhould hang himfelfe therewith ; yet ifhebe fet vponit, he wilmake fhifi with agarter, a hat-band, a girdle, or fome one thing or other, toworkehis owne deftruEtion. Ifthou be theSonne ofGod. It was abolddis-refpect ofSatans,and aprefump- tuous parr in him, that hee fhould makeany theleaft doubt, that Chriftwas the Sonne ofGod ; but farregreater impudencie, that hee fhould dare in tempting him, to tel him, All theworld (hal be thine,ifthou wilt but fall down&wor- (hip 83 WhyGod allowed the IGaelites no Wow,till they came into the land of Promife.