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86 Miracles t `o bW sh Vpon the firft Gods friend- Chip to be pee ferred before the greateft plenty: Themore wealth the morewoe. faying, No infOtopane,viuit homo,Mao_hall not hue by breadalone. Not by Breadalone,&c. S.Chryfoft.m treating touching thecare& prouifion that ought to bee had of things neceffarie for this life,fayth That it is not focon- uenient a meanes to feeke after the aboundanceof things,as tohaue God to our friend ; wherein he recommendeth vnto vs thewonderful) care ofGods diuine prouidence for our good,howbeit by the world,ill vnderftood, &woifeexecu- ted. Whereas indeed wee fhouldconfider with ourfelues,That theendof our fweates andour labours,beingto enioy force fweetneffeand content in thislife, they inioy it moft, andmoft fafely, who inioy leali ofthepleafures of this life. For they thatabound inRiches, abound inCares,and Wealth is the mother of Woe. ThePrinces of this world and our great powerfullmen haue more gold than gyldingin their beds but yet they haueno golden fleepes ; their brameshaue toomuch Quicke-filuer in them to fettle toany reft. They haue their fat Capons and theirdaintiePheafants fetbeforethem in veffels of fluer, but theyhaueleaden ftomackes , and haue noappetite to eate. Whereas your husbandman fleepesbetweene furrow and furrow , and that foundly hauing a clodofearth for his pillow, and fats as hungerly to aPilchard, and a cloue of Garlicke,as if hee hadalfthe choicedifhes in theworld : For, Tlon infile pane viait home. The Childerenof IfraeIl beeingthirtie yeares inthe Wildernetfe, Goddrewwater for them out of theRocke , and it feemed fweeter vnto them than Honey, that is, Depetra mellefaturauiteos. It isagroat comfort to aman, to hauea God that is abletomakevs tobe bettercontented with hunger,than with all thedainties andcurious fare that the world orfea canaffoord. Efaypondi ing with himfelfe,Howrichly&how happily amandothhue vnderthe fhadowof Godswing, and his diuine proteion, faith, Itisaboueall Glorie. The Prophet there treatethof thofe great fauourswhich God (hewed tohis People ; As that Pillerwhich ferued them in the nightas aTorch,andwas as a Tent pitchtabout them in theday time ; that priuiledge whichhegaue them,that neither thegra- uell nor the rand should weare outtheir fhooes, nortime, northe bullies in the Defer ts wafttheir cloathes : making tiis inthe end (as it were) aburthen ofhis Song, Super omnemgloriamproteélio. Great were all thole glories which that People did enioy ; but aboueall, was Gods bleffed prote6tiontowards them. The richandmightiemen of this world enioy much in this life; but Ihad ra- ther ôLord,beepoore Siehtegmine alarum tuarum,vnder the coweringofthy wings ; For Noninfolopanevisithomo, tXan lixethnot by,&e. Sed inomni rverboquodprocedit de ore Dei. But byemeticmordwhichproceeelhh from out themouthof God.OurSauiorChrift tooke this authoritie out oftheeigthChapter ofDeutronomie. Thofe dainties wherewithGod inriched the aire, the fea, and theearth, maintainand fuftaine man,and forthis endGodbath created them ; but moreefpecially is heemain- tainedand'fuftainedby theWordof God ; Verbo Domini Cælifermatifunt,61fi- rituDrys einaomnisvirtu: eorum. Fromthe beginningof the worldtheHeauens weremooned with amolt fwift motion,& theirinfluences &verrues arefo effe- ctuall & fo 'fiefh, as ifthey hadcomebuttoday (as itwere)out ofGodshands: nor is it tobee feared,that Heauen shallwaxeold,or fall todecay,becaufe Gods word doth vpholdit. Isit much then, orfeemeth it foftrange a thing,that the fame wordMould fuftain manwithout bread e For toput life intoman,nomore was required than Godsbreath, Spirauit infaciem eisu_fiiraculumvita:Therefore rhis,andleffe than this,willpre^ferue his life. Yetdoe I not pretendby this; to perfuade