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man' be' fúftenaeeeandfooi Sunday inLent. Serm.5. is thoWordof God. F7 perfuade anyman that wee (hould Rill haue recourfetomiracles ; though in ca- fes of neceffitie, wherethere is nootherhelpe or hope tobee looked for it is lawfull to cxpe anddefire them,anda kind of glorifying of God : Demands Jive of theLordthy Gad, whither inthe dupebelow, or in the heiithJane ; It was the fàyingof Efay toKingAhab. But in ordinarieneceffiries weareto hauerecourfe toour labours,and the fweat ofour ownebrowes, notexpeEting Mannato def- cendfìomHeauen, and to haue Quailes put into our mouthes : The Scripture eueriewherecondemning the floathfull man,which folds one hand withinano- ther ; 0Mamu in manu,faith Salomon, aduifing the Sluggard togot and learne of the Ant, Vaáepigerad formicam : forcing this Lefton alwaies before our eyes, That God is neuer offendedwithvs for prouiding cloaths toour back,andmeat for our bellies. But by euerie word. Withhunger thoumaift fill thy felfe,with nakedneffethou maift cloath thy felfe, and euenwith pouerriethou maift grow rich, That is, In omniverbo,By putting thynecetlities into Gods hands : Lay it to hisaccount,to relieue thee ; for by euerie word ofhis mouth thou(halt remaine fatisfied and haue more thanenough ; howbeit to the world and tonature,the meanes feeme difagrecableandcontrarie to that fuccour whichthoudefireft. The blind man that was borne blind he inlightned by durt,beeing a fitter meanes inmans iudg- ment,to matte,than mend the fight. Thofe afíli&ions which the Deuill viedas meanes for todeftroy andvndoe Iob,God vfedas means to inrich him, & make him more happie thanbefore. The fellingof tafeph, the eicuieof his brethren, were thofe rounds that made him mount to that heigth whereuntohee came, si- cut tene6ratins, its lumenCiro : With thee, ôLord , the darkeneffe is as noone day ; thou canft as well illuminate with darkeneffe as with light. Allthe Land of }Egypt was couered oucr withdarkeneffe, aswithamantle,Falhefts ttenebr e horribiles invniuerfa terra Egypti : butwhere thechildrenofIfraell dwelt,there waslight, not onelybecaufe Godcanfree thofe places where hispeople were, from thatthicke darknes thatoppreffed the 'Egyptians ;but alto forthat he can make whenhe lifteth,thatvery darkneffe ferue as a light vntothem ; Forfitan te- nebraconcukabnnt me, &non illuminatiomea in dilicgsmeis, It were madneffe in meô Lord,to thinke that inthe followingofmypleafures I can hide my felfe out ofthy fight ; for though I fhouldhide myfel fe in the thicket} and moftpal- pabledarkeneffe thatcan be immagined, thouwiltmakeof thembright beames oftight, whichfhalldifcouer mevnro thee ;xilluminatiomea, indrlicgs mein: TheHebrew bath it, Circumme ; I (hall bee feene as eafily in the night, as at nooneday. InGent, Jacob faith, Langbit in vinoflolamfuam,tle'hallwa(hmygar- mintinwine: Itwas s Prophecieon Ind*, his fourth fonne,whowas aTypeand figure ofourSauiour Chrift. But palling from the Typeto the truth,bee faith, That comminginto the world,he (hall wafhthe Church, and thofe that arethe Faithfull,withhis bloud, LánabitinvinoflolamDram. And ifany one (hall aske me,How the Stolecan rernainewhite, beingwaffled inbloud, or in wine a Die- dormsandGenadiu,, in Catena Lypomani, anfwer, That Gods power candoe this, workingcontrarie effeéts to commonreafon : As from death todrawlife; from tribulation,coni fort ; and from fhame,glorie. Intribulatione dilatafii mihi(faith Danid)¿.glor amnr intribalatione : Somay a garment or linnen robebee white, that is wa(hed inthe wine ofhis bloud. 9,rtidat ninon, ftcutlanam , dr nebulam, fient cineremflargit ; Godcanwarme a manwithfnow, as with wool] andmake coldbevnto-vs asäcloathing.From that fireoftheBaiilonianfurnace,wherein- toNebucadnezar commanded the three childrentobecaft,Sidrac,Mifac,&Abed- H a sego, God makes oieuit, the rafti(es the ppreferuatiue' of hisScr- °ants.