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Am1D. ~ RJ:man Cbrijl1 ~ Bilhops. ro6o g_ ro66 t067 ~ ~ Kings of~ Archbi- &gl~t,ul~ fhopsof a Cantir- t bHrJ· 5 ll f A Chronology. InthisCouncilBmngari.uismadc t?rm.nt histmtt againllrta!Prtfrocc ; Vol.t, andTranfubfianriationisbroughtm. Page KingEdwtmidics. Thisyw AhlrtJusBifhopofWomfltr being to bt made Archbilhop of TDTk, comes with Earl Tojlius of NcrthumbrrlanJ to Pope Nicbol.n to Rom~ for his Pall, infiead of which (for feme pretmce) was deprived of allhisdignity;andashe WJSrcturninghome, was fpoiledofthathe carried with him. ~~ !ail Toftius with rough words to the Pope:, makcs thePopegivetheBiihophisPall , forallhisloffcs. Nic~!as (as his name fignifics) having by violence got into tht: Popedom, afttrthreeyeat5heispoyfoned. Scethefirllg.reatVol.p.217. Of thtfe two Popes Cadol. and Altx. and their warring fwords for Pttm Keys, feethelirilgreatVol.p.218. Pope Alexandtr is knockt abou~ the J?lfe ~y Hi/JtbranJ, for fctking the favour of the Emperor, touchmg his bemg Pop<. The fidt great Volum, p.1.J8. HarclJ the focond fon of Eat! GcJ')J.Iin, and lafi King of Sa:c~s, (notwith· 186 Haro!J HDt[ag r, fon of Canutu.s King of NfJrWa} and Denmark, comtS .,. aft a EJwards dtath to claim the Crown, with an army. He br.tts Har~IJ King of Englan_Jin d1cfir~ battcl; Enghj/1 HarclJ br.tts him iL1 the fcrond_: and Danip, HarclJ IS Jl(o flain by the hand of Engl~nJs Harc/J. Toftrus_alfo the broth« of Haro/J Kin~ of England joymng with the Dtmrsmthisbattdagainfihi;brother, lSflain. Onttbc,fttnJjixryjixtt w~nJrc'llsrtar; TottOourf,O, aCometJoth•pptar. Duk~ WiD~Ilm of J.!urmanJy fends an Ambaffage to King Httrc/J, admonifhing h1m of hLS Co~nant agrttd bctwttn them. ~t becau_f~ Dllke WiUiam's daughttr was dead, King HarolJ thought htmfelf dtlmgaged from that agr~ement. He al!edged alfo that thole promifes were compelled, andwLthoutconfentofhisLords, whkhoughtnot tobc. He~fhf;1iv:~~e~r~7J;~th~~~~;~~~a1;j~b~tl:~r~a~d~f~efo;ro~~ab;~ al\whofedeathsHaro/Jwasreput«l theprincipa\caufe, and to revenge the exilemmt of &btrt Archbifhop of C(lnttrbury, whfl"Wf Jlarold was caufe, Duke: WiOiam invades this Kingdom, and ~nque~ H(lrolJ in bat· tel, whaein HarolJ was flain; and fo Duke W1lbam (who was Coufin Gtnnan to K. EdwarJ by the Fathas fide) gain«l the Kingdom and Crown. lnthisConqudt, On Wifli11m's fide were !lain 6013. OnH(lro/JJiide66654, WiOiam the ~queror is C"?wned K. of Enz.JnJ ~y AlrtJus Archbilhop ~~r:~at~~~~~;;.;u:a:Wbl!hop of CanttrblrrJ bring abfent, either for GreatTaxesanla.idbyff/iNiamupontheland, changing the Laws of K. ~==~~0;rt::;:t~07jhadfworn tokttpthcm. (Ofwhich Great famine is m NortbumbrrlanJ.· 193 The s,cts ate fubducd to WiOi•m the Conquaor. ~RPmamthcfitfi t &ctsandPiflsthefccond Thislandhathbc:m Saxomtht third ti!TI(. co"q"mdby 2Danu, thcfoutth ) Wi!Jum, and hlS Ncrma11s the fifth In this Conquen obferveS~j[ 0J~~e~':~~fuality. "2ForeignMarri:lgtSincommodity. Th~ytar WiUiam the Conqueror calls a Council. Two_Cardinals and he ht~fclf are pufent; who by prttmctS drpofe many Bilhops : (Among l 93 w_h~eh was Archbilhop StiganJu1) to the intent to prd"n: Norm11ns and l.uf..- 1• aliens, as Thomas a Nurma• to be Archbilhop of Turk, andLm[rllnt:UJ a LlmbllTJand!talianborn, tobcArehbHhop ofCanttrbiiTr. This Hi/JtbramJ cauf«< the Prtlam and Popts fioutncG aga.inH Emperors, 19 6 ~g~~~e~~h~o't~::~no~mhE~!:t~f i~;;~~as~:e·T~~~ cafHinory of all his evils may befcm in this page of the great Volumt ) in!Omuch that Cardinal Btmw writrS againfi bim of his wick«<nc:B. ' OfmundthefecondBilhopof Sarum (Hirmann111 a Nur'!'a.n, that~an the new Church and Mi:nfier, being the firfi) now fimfhmg rhc Mmfler, firfi began the Ordinary, which was cUed SuunJum ufum S.rNm, Hmry