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I .A,,. Emper. j- Poptsof. King5 o( Archb~ Chrifli ofGtrm. . Rome. Enghn-.1 ~;!" bury. 1171 :il73 AChro11ology. ~r.·~zt~~~:;~:~:~~:~~~~~:~~.ror:r:::;~:;:~7~~ ~::,:· · n:lrilyto !xfcmtobcvnyOrthcdoxandfmmd. ThisyearWi/JiamKingof Scots, withDavirl hi:; Brother, doHomagcto J!'l[.land. ThiS yar Babylun WlS dcfiroyed (and never bu]t again) by Alrmzrhtu King of 'Jmtfahm. Be~ttft~~J~b~J~~~h~%~~!utt~e~a~i~:~c:!~~ g;~~;ni~:~\;~:~1Ri~~~~b~ 2 52 the hands of the Arch· bifitnp of Tor!:, :md othe~ BJ!hops, not fendmg forhitn. AllOhemakesthcPopetofilfjXndthcBdhops. Thisfameycar a\(oLuJrJike the French King, came with a gr~at Army :~j~~~tl~h~:~~s~~~~armand], for not Crowning M11rgnm his Daugh· Bt~~:irsll~;r~g~o~~::~i: ~~~:Authors alleadged that coitdemncd 253 Abwtdance of ftr.lnge lies arc reported touchingBtd~ets millc\CS. Of lim WlS rrade this blafphcmous Anthem : For rht bi~J of Thomas, whicbln(ortbeediJfpmd, GrllntmCbrijltodimb Wbm Thomas did aftmJ. The Popcisa.ngry, a.ndmoreincenfedbyiudo--Jilu the French King, for thedeathof Btc!et. Th~oY,~f~~~~r;t::::~~;;;~~~~s~~:~ ~!:;h!;:k~i ~~~;c~dJ;:;~~,~~j Praycr,thatinfewyearsaftertheyarcfaidtodyc. The King fubdued Ire/ami, and f~r of the ri\·e Kings ther~f:. the King ofTtmaflainthatl.and,dcnymgtobefubdued;keep:ngm Woods andMarifhes. T~~rorsL~~t,tl~h~~·g :~rrs~~~~~: ~:::~?:~e~~~~~~~~n~~ to,noraffillcdinBtcketsdcath; but only fpake rigoroufly a.gam!l: hiS ~ights whi~h did not avenge him of Bulut. ~vr which the Legates inJoyn theKmg gr(1t pcn:tnceJ of fightingagamfithcTurl:, andobliginghimftlftothePopc. All ~ngl.mJ almofi dif~frd with a Cough. WiUtllm King of Scots, lS Imprifoncd in EnglanJ, {Icing taken inWar. SccthetirfigrcatVol.p.30l. This year Canterbury City isahno(\ all bumr. 2 56 A Co.nvocarion of Bilhops is held this year about. the fubjcdion of Bifhop- j' rkkstotheArch--bifhopof TQrk, apdofnrktoC•nterbuTJ· This )'ear King Ht11rJ the fccond divides the Kin~dorn into fix parts, appomtsforevcrypartthreeJuflicc=so~ Affifc. _Th~~~f~~~:~i::!ia~:~m~:;;;~~~JrE~~:~=~ :5~~~~~:~~ · in this King Hrnrirs time, began to be altered, by the procurement of Iref:Jili~ ~;;~i~~~u~ 7;;{~~~'i~g of England. . ,• Hoventltn inthisytar bring;~~~ l.cttcrs of Pope Alexander to&g~r Arch· bilhop·of York, andtheBilhopof Durt[m. Contention bt:tween the Arch-bi(hop of TorT:. and CanttrbtlrJ revives. t Tt:y_ ~~fub~~;i~;!~~te"' perfeeute forcly fomc in Tha/ouft, holding againft Po~ ~~x~~;~~isi ~!~:~~ \~~o~z=~i, <;c~nJt~~~.a~~;e~:OnA~~~i~ · lhol? fhould receive the ~all , un\e!S ht! would fir!\ (wear. The form of giv•ngthePalland takmg the Olth, fee thefirfi grt:at Volutue, P· i98, UndcrtheReignof thisHtnrJ thefecond, thcDominionsandCrownof 2)9 Engl~tml extended farther than evt:rbcfore in England. , -'[S"'I'"J. /rtUnJ. England. Viz.. He ~King ova<'~;~==~!· I Gant,&c. To t.he Moun. tain of Pirmti., which be the uttermofi parts of the "' grcatOceanmrhcBrzriJf,Sca. Pt[~tntH Bt1rgu"~• a very Learned man in Gr~k and I..atine, prefenG to Pope-Akx~Zndtrs Council, ChrJ[oftoms Homsly on the Gofpcl of .John, tranR~tedoutofGrcrkintoLatme. He i~ Protcdor of Fra,ct-i/Ph.ilip the Fi_""'b K;ng y;<Jd;og h;mfdf ~>d I •.. , ho 1\<almwholly ro h;, Go""''""· • - H< _ I