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------------------~~~-------------- 11 Chronology. Anno Emp. of Pope-; of Kings of ArchbiCbrij!i I G""""l R'""' E•gl.nJ !hops of Th~~h~~~~ 1::tA~~k~~~{~~~:i~~lCa%::'t~~~~;~~~d~F~~!:n~~;c::: ~~~~ Illr Ctmur- them to rc:t~c homea~mcoFr~mu, VoJ J.p. ThJh1:~t~3~t~~ ;.n,:~':rr~trd, whttc he hid fomtthing to do With 303 123 1 ·;· huq. The Gray or Minorite Frins mtrr fi:rll into Et~glttnJ. TheHoufcpft,hcCtmht~jiiUIMon.ksisfounded. InF.ngktnJ arc: fuch violan Tempdl~ l~t many Tms, Towns, ChurcOO arc throwndown, and fume pnfo11S flam in an Houfc:. ' Philip_ tbe Freych King_dics, his Son ~Jovilu fuccud ing~ m. The Ord~ of Frim Mmoritcs is conhrmed by Pope Honorms the third: POJ>( Ilonorius the thiid,a greatadverfary toFredtriclr. Et~peror,dirs,~ftcr Fr;;~~~~(~~~;: ~f~~:'F:i~; ~~::~ri:d~~~icvous than hts Prtdecdfor. Elafoundcththe Honfeof rhcNunsatLacock. W.BifhopoEUmtkngavcovcrhisBilhoprick. The PopeworksRtir,nuud~tsthegoodEarlofTho/ou/tgrcattrouble. 3 04 Th~Jr~t~h~i~:~s~!(!~h~; ~dk~i~~~~t:r;h:~ikyf~~~ ~~~~~~~0 t~~ ~~d"~~1~!r!fal~~~~~~~a~~a~i':~t~:O~~; ~;;;;:;:.· \Vuh rh& 307 Th~ King grants to the City of Ltmtlcn to be Toll-free. Great contention arifeth between the Prior and Covenc of Durham, and this K.Hq~r]the_third,_btcaufcd!eywouldnotchoofe him to their Br lhop whom theKmgdrdd~fire. Rieh.udut The choice of this Archbifuop, cofi theRtJim the tenths of all moveables, "~l•us. fee VoLI. The new Church of Cwmtry is finilhtd by Alexander the B;!hop of rlut City. 3"09 The Fr~nth provide again to Wa'r ag:~infi the forefaid R.timunJut Earl of 1holou[t, and to expulfehir~out of his poifdlions. "J!le Earl gives ~:~a great overrhww, ar.d drfoomfits the French three: tunes that fumAs the Bilhop and his Pcacon,and many people were in &int Paul's Church in LmJon at Mafs, there arofe luch a dark Tempe(J- with Thundn, &c. that the people ran.out, felldown amncd, con_ceivingthat Doomcsday was come ; the Brfhop and Dracon mean while take fafi hold of the Altar. T he Archbin10p now COllfirmcd in his·Sec, complains agalnft Hub"t Lord T~~~l!b~~~iS!set~ ~~:~~~hh:~~~ ~~~ep~~::g~~~~~~ot;:~:~!"?o; comh 310 :~~ ~nfor?es~~~~~\~i ::J ~i~:~o:~:-~e :ni~~ duc«< to the Pope by Simm Umghton Archhilhopof nrJ:, the Pope frufiratesthechoice. Thtnthc Monkschoofe'John their PriortobcArchbifhop, whogoingto the Pope(andthtreforenotinfuffidentbyagetogovan, whocouldtake :~J~J:tf~:~ t:C~d ~; t~~~p:. ;:~ps~~~~:~t:~· was Af:~!:;~h~~~t~~ri:j,~~d~~ro~~J.bility,is held at S.Aibans !ih;~~~~f:~~b:~~n :f;;;~~~ro~';;ings favour, and prevai l1 ~~~:r~~f~~~~~y0~1:t~~~~C:fo:~Yl~:i~;Jo~~~g ~!J~~~;~~~ 3 14 of all histteafurc. H~~~t:ac~~~2:ry:ml~e ~i:ri~~~~t~yat~~~:~r~u~ d:~~~~~ r~~f~~ again, to thc_greatoffenceofthe BtQlopJforfodJii-efpefringthefacrednc(s of that place. 'JobnB/unJischo(enArchbilhop.But he is the thirdofthofethat areunchofen by the PopC one after another, before any elcdion .would cake with the Pope. E.di!IJ;IId,of This ~chbifhop EJmu?el w~ c~ofcn ~y the Po~a:lmman~ . Aiudlll. , Ar~~~~~7~;~h!i~h~~ 0~ob~~~~~ t~te'Ki7'~~~~f~~a~ theCounalhefollowcd was not good, butdangeroustohimandthe fiatefmtaning the cow~d of Peter W,,.ciJejl", andPu" of Rivai,&c.) fhewmg it in their tum1ng the King; beart from his own natural Subjtds, andinclcvmparticularsmore. TheKing rakes pity of JuOice Hubtrl's Wife. RhharJ Earl Marihal is fraudulently circumvmted and !'lain in IrelanJ. T he King laments it. Many ofthe Caliniand the Albi"t.~fu are flain by the Popes commlnd. Peace is conclu~cd between. the Kmg a1~d the Nobles. 1-h~Ki~11!alif~~ ~e~:~ri~;fs t~~S~~o~v~t~if!'hter, Pettr Rival, Stephm' Segrllvt1 &C. toaccoUntfOJab~nghisSeal, c Great