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A Chronology. A Emp. of Popt'S of Kings of Archbi- GrClt variance ariftth bctwttll the: RcmRnJ ~nd Pep: Grtgtr} then~. Chrifh German] Rqmt. England fhops of ~. ur.·'. the P.opc rontmd«i conm~ to the_ nllk·m{as the _Rcm~n1 \ Pagc Canttrb, p!cdtd) that he might rxcommumcatc: aCitrztn of Rcmt, and mterdu~l theCny. 12 } 7 Sc:~~td'~;~ci':;~~b1llio~:~~;d 1 ~1~~'ebtR:,fi~~~c:~1r~~(\;h~u~a~hc~~~ 3r8 ~;~~~~~~:~tw~~~~~~~~~~~r~~~ r:~~~~d~,r;bo~~~~~;:~~~~~~ ! 1241 \, . .,,., l the41h. Th~f'P'mK>n oftho Gmk Chu"hfmm Pop< G'l"' tho ,;mh, "'d <ho I ~~p~~~~!o~~r;~~~~~o~a~rr~:;":~~u~i~t~~~ ~~~~fol:~~:~:c~1~· 1 fiudy means ofUmcy m the fcamlcfs Coat of Chrill. Th: 2~jy~~~d 1~o ffo~;~!Jc(:~~~lhSaduina~lt;~:s71~f~~~~~;;~1aid1 y:~i; 3 2 1 asmakeuplarge Tables. 312 Otbo the PoptS Legathath authoritytoftay longrrandgathumoremonyin England. Not long after i ~ this ytar!Pope GrtgflTJ fends a new Prtcept ro Le!;lt Ot/;~, ~~~ ~,~f~~~ ~~~l~~nf~h~~~:~M:~;d~~~ ~~i~,~!~~~~bJ ;~~ cufcs,werefaintopay1t. Prtachm are fiirred. up by the Lord to prtach that the Pope was an Heretick, and condemned for their pains; 'T.'i:G. Arn~/Jus, 'J6hanno Stmua theglOOWri tcrcfthcPoptSDccrm,anoppokrof thcPopc, GIIlit/msu f:aJ.anB~amrm, giving many ligns offalfcTachciS. G.:Um and GrcjlPttrtHSupinogttsl500 Marksout of lrtlandfor thcPofC; andPttms .:~::~i11~ ~:'tR::~s~~ts~f~~y~~:~~~~t~~r:; ·them the Tltfo~~~~~::c111;i~~~ct~~~~o~~~~tc:b;h~?ch,~~:s~~~~~~~fi: ::t ~~~~ pound, fothattheyfhould beasFarmm , and the Pope to receivcthe l profits. But theKingforbad t hcmany~Jchgr:mt. From Pope Imwcmt the fourth comes M .Martinsu, anew Merchant of the: ~~~~w~~~K~~~;~:r~~~ ~er;~~~ in England from giving Benefices, / Tl~11~~fgt~r~~:gtaC:o~oJ,~f[;,~';t'mt to forbear his intolerable opprclli- \ 326 Martinus bemg at~ i_nllrumc:nt of the PoptS opprdlion of Engla~J, is war· thcNobthty(and he had little: lefs comfortof the Kmg) to be , gone out of E_ngland, upon pain of being cut ~n ~ieccs; who t.lking his ~~v~~i~~~~~~~~· the: Kmg (35 Matthtw Paw (a.lCh) bids him furewcl in ! T he: Nob!cs ~td Commons of Engl.:ml writt' a fi1_pphca.ti?1~ ro_ Pope Inn~~tnt ~f!'d~~~n;~;~~~~~ Coundl. at Lionr,agamft his m1unous Taxcs 1m· l 3~7 Pope Imwant in a ~ctmg at ~l11makt perfwadcs the Frm,h King who T - E~!i~ ~':i~~~i~t~~;~~~; ~~ ~he ~~;,~:~£ ,:~:~~~ok. K~; 33I The Frmch K. bent and bound for the: Holy-land, is pcrl\vadtd by his friends and Mother_to lay down thc:obligatoryCrofs~o r ~is }ourny,as having(fay they) tak~n 1t up in the wealmefs of h1s k-.nfcsm Ius ~cknefs. The K. hcrc:· upon_ tear_mg off his Badge and rdigni~tg tt to t_hc Bi!hop (all the txrfw~- :,rs,~~~k~:~:jb~~;a~/fi;fe1' ;~:~ 1~ u~h:g~~~~j? ~:y~:~·o ,Jf/!l/f;~'}_~~j to fight agamft tht H~athms, now lta!tlt up agam m th~fi~lJ ftrmgth 6fborh. T he: Pope being at odds with the Emperor Frtdtricl:. the: fttOI\d, will not at I 'nylundbo«ro><;kd, though tho Kh>gofF""" fironglyhu"'olo!, ~td the Emperor himfclf clrus himfelf ofall tmpl_ltllllon,_ off~ full fatisfadion for all pretended wrongs, will go out ofh1s Empire: (,f the Pope 'ou.ldn~tindurc? i mther . . c) to thcHolyLI:nd,nc:vcr . toremm into Et1fZ::fh:~~:t~s~ :r~~~~AC:~%~;c~~!d?ci~~t'h;t ~~~ liuons of the Pope againfl: Chrillian Emperors and Kmgs, gave the Turk1 332 I Th~(~:;;K~~~eh~ v~;;~~~~~- Jtrufaltm takes in Damilfta. T~~d·:~~:~:h.;~. ::Za~~y~~~.l ~;~~!~;r~::::b~~~01~ 1~~m=r~.' s~ moreVol.r. p.33f.C. r. The Ttmpfm.its hghnng for the: holy Trmplcagainft the near to Anti~harevanquifhed, andthetrStandard-bcarc:r fbin. The