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A Chronology. By th:S MJ.ITiage-Match was knit a combination of War, whdeby thcQttetn Vol.r . andthcyounr;Princefhould in\·adcEn,t/nnJ; whobc:ingfumilhcdout Page of Hm:nvJe, and with fo~nc Lords tha~ C1lffiCOUt of Engl.mJ at the hruingof the Marriage, w1ch2757Soldtcrs. WiththdcfheandherSon hnds; very ma~y of r_hc gre1td\ of the No~ility (the Archbifhop alfo, asthC"yf:~.y,fcndmgrcbcfofmonyand provtlion)rcforttothcQi«n, fo b~a~~!Y,~~gft~~ ~~~~~:s; fid~;~ on the other fide, fmcc any would fhcn the K. Rys to Briftow, appointing Spmcer the Fathn to ke~p Briftvw 423 Cafilc. T~e Q1een follows, takes the ClfHc,appn:hendsthc fatd Spencer, ~~~T'tc11~.'~;~'·,;~~e~~~Y,l::~~~c1t~iful,:~~~~;:~~~~;n~r~~i:?t!~; ){tltg would come m and appear~ h~ lhould r«ctvc hisKmgdom a,!?m 1if _h~ would be c~nforma_blc to h_1s l1ege ptople. Who not apptarmg, ~~~~et!:td:~~tl ~~~tu~_:fr~~e~heH~~-~~~~he0~i~~ ~~;~ ;;d ~~ Kmelwortb Cafile. D1vers Lords and great Perfons ar~ apprehrndtd, of whom Spmcer the ~n is _drawn and hom~td o_n a Gallows fift_y foot high ; and bcheadmg h1m, and quartermg h1m, they fmd hts Limbs imo fevcral Q.Jarters of the Kingdom. Sir Jobn .Arunda alfo wasbchtaded. A Parliamrot is oiled at Llmdon, from which 3. Mt!Tage is frot to the King, lhatifhe would refign his Crown, his Son fhould haveitaf!er him,if not, another fhould~keittowhomthelotwouldgiveir. The K.ingbcing ~t b;';h~t~~:!:r:~~f~i%~~~!~~~~h; ~~~k~~~~[~;·u~P'% fon,atlafii>:flain (asAuchorsaffirm) with a hot Spit thrufi up into his body by Rogn- Mortimer's means, for which he was drawn and quartered afterward. ~~ :~;g1 ~~i!t ~:::: ~:~:~J :~;~:!~7e ~~~~~;n°;[;*ownfinm and the Abby of Bur], the Town rifling the Monafiery and imprifoning the 4~6 Monks., and Come flaughter was between them. r:.dw~rd ! .Mtpbll•· Of this Archbilbop Simon, fee Vol. 1 . Page 4~4. As :~.lfo Page 451. of the the3d. fameVolume. ,_,.,.,. f~rd. This being the liiC: and de:tth of K. Etlward the fccond,the Father as we have heard;Edwardthechird,theSoniscrownedattheageof i S years. A o;:~~:;~~~e·o~:or!::~·~of.~:.sp~~.2. TheKmgwtththe ~«lllSatrork wtth a11Army of6oooomm, ready to encounter with the Scots. The Srotsfiealaway, fodutnoBattdis fought. K. EJward the )d, is now married to the Earl of Hmawlts Daughta a· bovcfaid. A b;~~~~ ~~~~~:d:a~e:r~~::~~:~ral~~:~eh~~~~ r~:::::h! 4 28 Crown of Englt:mJ, which they were tied unto by Seal and Indenture, c:alkd the Ragman·Rolt. The Black-Crors a!Cowon from SratlanJby\'3.· lour of the for'!ler King Edward is given back to the Scots, with olher Th~h~~~:S1£~~~~~~ia~~~f'~;CcJ~tters in a legal way, are &!fly accufcdofConfpiracyagainficheKing, :~.ndtheEarl of Kent, bring guiltleiS, isputtodeath,bcingtheKings Uncle,:l.ndneverbroughttoanfwer forhimfelf. TheKingconqucrsFranu. 0fthisArchb~hOJ»feeVoi.I.p.45I . TheKingchallengethF;anceashisown. Vol.J.p.429, The Pop: fends to the K1ng of En!.land for tin« year truct: with the King of France. Vol.I.p.43S· T he EmP,t:Ior Lmlovirus Bavar, that lxfore was for the King of England, Be:~!~t t~~ ~·,hf£:,n:h~fe~n~~ail~~c;~~ ~~~!"~~~h, thus En· glifhtd: Hert'sNt:rol~tid> in life, atkathtolay; !o Clergy-mm 11 Vipn-. And thry fa)> Hu bt11rt a wand'r~r wm from truth divine, Hll Head a Cup fiU'd up withjfrongeft Winr. SttthebterVerfe. Vol. I, p. 425. c,I, Windfor Cafile repaired, the round T able made. He;~.a¥~~~~~:1&~:~~~fro~~~:fr:~~~1 ~:Jr0~1at Arms, won 11N.Bw'd- The King wins C11liJ, u;mflated the Staple th.itht:r, takes the Fretuh King WDdt~ ~~O~~h~1~ ~~~~~;l~~~eK;;~n~! ~;~a~;;~:~ ~~~~;tt:: Sirwllflip Th~~~~~~egoiugfrom l.mJJe.n intotheNorthparts, thii year (wa· g«h. Amurathu tl1c~J Ouoman. VotJ. p.838. Ca~~ almofi wpn from .the Englijh by the Frtnch. Ph1hptheFrmcbKingd1es.