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A Chro11ology. Anno Empcr. Popts of Kings of Archbi· l!iament is.hdd by th.e,wherdn.· m>.ny greac.comp!aimsar~ Vo].l. Cbrilii ofGmn. 'Romt. I Engf 11nd Jl10ps of mJdc ag;[ the ~OptS exaCbons.. • P1gc , 307 ~;:;:(r· A ~a~~~;:~Y5Jlf~:«;{r~:f,~~~~S~;~~~;u1~~,~~~~~~!~~!h~ 401 - K.v:~~;~~:~c~r~l~!'~f:~~ towards ScotltmJ, falls fick of a llix; fwms ,~: %o~f· ho,~:k~v~c~~~~;;p:;~ ~~0~1~ ~~d ~~~1ifuc~1~ :~sg~~:: :~~ War eo rbe Holy Land, carrfmg hiS heart wuhh1m, whtch had vow«! to go that Voyage himkl£~ Out Scmifo Wars hindred him, and fo be .... 131 0 ' P+ Z..i1virn 1316 ~~~:;~. 1317 tlth. ]1h12. Po·pc. This E;/warrl inchis I_307_ 1 enters into theThrone, bdngofa grap::ful body, Th~;.~~~ta~~d~:~i~fo;~, h: J~~1iward crowned. j The King is much ltd alide by the evil counfd ofone Ga1Jtf/on,aud eh~ two SptnfoTJ. AP.nliammt is C31l«i, whmin are exhibittd divas Articles touching things 417 his Father h~d gi\'en hirn in charge, n:tmely, to remove from him and his O:lurtaiiAilens:tndpCTVelfeCounfeilors,andtoletmatters of St:Hc bt debated by the Council of the Kingdom, and touchfng fundryother mat· ters. The King prrceiving that this did hit at his Gtn.ufton, did when there was no remedy, yidd to let Gawfton be banifhed into Irel•nd, and fotheParli:troentmdo:l, theotherArticlesnotfpcd. The tirft Ouoman having oonqumd the 0100 thue Families of the Turks, A-,no 1300. now ~on conquering theChriftians. Vol.•:P·8J7.C,I, R1h~:t/:::;tt:l':~~p3~~~~7~;~£?o'mw;:,~ ~:::::.rJ the fuft had b:tni· 11for ~~~~~:t~~t~~~!~lon:~.~~~~:~:.t~~~~~f~d:~~ 418 forfeiture of life, goods,&c. Prefumes upon the Kings faVour, tetums agtin. Ptur Ga-vefton is apprchcndo:l by Guido, a !illS Guy &rl of Warwirl:, :tnd bcheadtdbythcNobles. l11e King bath a young Son born, the joy whereof made him begi11 to Cor· ·F9 get his farrow for Gavtllon ; but that Fm~ehrnm make·bates, cau(c con· tentionbctwool thcK.andNoblestoarifeagain. TheScoutake occalionbythisdifcord,torebelagainlltheKing.,underone 419 Robm BrNil, whom King Edward thcfirft had ch:tftd o_ut of Sco~land, Kmg,~howhen Pope CluDtnt dies, after whom the Papacy continues void two years. This Emperor Lud~vicm a worthy man was crowned without the Popes confent,and was much vexed by thiswkkedPope1obn, Vol.t.p.424The King raifeth an Army, and befi~(th Barwick in Scotland: The mean whilt the Scots by another w:J.y invaded the Mcrchants of Torkjhirt, rob- ~~~h:hA~~~~~P of~2:Y~f~i~c~=~~i~;;,~fc~~t~~rH~=~ men to rdili them, they flay many, and that ofthe Clergy, caned therefore the Whitt Batttl ; infomuch that the King was fain to retire from BllMPick,andrtfcuenrl:fbirt. A\~~o~:;n~~~fo ~~~'/~ ;t~,~~~d~~~~h~:~~~~hd~~~~~ 420 them,fothattheyweremuchhatedofthcNobles. ! 1321 A Prohibition is fc:t fonh againft Pmr·pence. The Sptncm bani(hed by ACt of Parliament for their wickedne(s, are reJloI' 1322 1323 :!32+ !"""" · I \ . 1)25 \ I i ~~i~~~~~~;nc:tbb:i~~K~~~;er;J1b~h~1fu~~1~~:~t~f;~'~h~ff~:ld 421 &~sea~9e;;~4s~v:;e~:~~~'ad~a~~~~~;~~~~~~~r:d,d/a~i~~~~! ~~ t~~ of Lancafttr was behnded. This crudty to his natunl SubjeCts wrought hisuttaruineatlaft. Now the King begins with the Spencers to ttiillllph in his Victory of put· ringtheNobkstodeath. Th~~td~~:J:h:c;~~z:;hht~k"C~!e~~~f;;!~~:~~~nAt~~~K~~d~: ftth an Army againfi the Sco~s ; but the good leaders being put to dtarh, andunskilfulontsltadingth!SArmyone lumdredthoufandof:his Ar· orn;j:!;J~~c~~ -bf~t~.~~~p.424. The King cited by tht Fmtth to do homage to him for the Dukedom of ~:~g~f~7l~~:~~!;~g~I:~rr~1~l~~E~.~% Thby~;~~!~1~l~f:;~~{Lc:a~hr:~nt:r~:;;~,a~~[~t:~~~f the French K. himfclf. The Frmch K. removed the ~een and her Son from him, who are both joyfully rro-ived in the Court and Cow1try ol the Earl of HmawJe; where a Marriage .\~as conc~udcd betwttn Edward haSon,lkingofthcageofl41 andPhr/rpthc(a!dEallsDaughter, [< >] By