Fox - BR1600 .F6 1684 v1

1559 IS60 1562 !~72 A Chro11o~gy. l ' I( i Of~~~;i~t~;:;,~'~;~~f~~~~.;~~!OC~o~tlsdlt:tlfcb~mp:ror, andofhiSA&whileshtwas g. ! ~ l ;:;~z~ ~:;~~;:;: :!o:; ro;:::/;:to~ ~h~~~~.;\~mutcb. \~ol-3- p.729. 1 ~ ~:~~~~::::~:·:~E~~~~:i~~~~~f'iu~!~i~it~.~~~~;:f:.~~~::~~:(~~~in· X ,; if . ~ Rl~:~J~?~;,, ~~J;~~~!~~~te~:%J£;f~fr~~~~~:Go'C;~.::74I. Joim Ahoc!s troubles 9 forChrifip.742. AChild is whipptd to death by Bonner.p.753 · 1'ho. BmbriJgc Martyr. P·743· ~~~a~!e~o~:;;:;:/;t~~:;:;:,rt~;;r;;th;~~-(~}wich. P-746: Phtl:. H~mfy, 'John Davit!, and Hm. Dtnml put to dcat~ for C?hrifi m the fame Month ~ttn Mar] d1ed. 1b. Cornford, Brrmm, Her{f, S~th, and Katbrmnt Kmght were: the bfi of the Martyrs that fuffered death in Q.Marys days, accordm~ to their prayer, they might~ the lafi.p.750. A n()(e of fuch as were foourgtd for Chrifi m Q.1een Marysdays. p.7 56,&c. The great Dtlivcrancc of Lady Eliz.abtth from danga in.Q_Marys day~ by the de:nh of!hc faid Q1un; who dies this y.tar, N~n.~tmb. I ?, and the faid Lady Elsz.abtth PJ?CI3Jmtd Qim1 the fame day. 792. Jo~wfa1~us'1u~:Gti~fQ~:~~~;!r~:U~g~r:~~~~l~td!· c~e~~~;~~c~n ':h; P%tors that affiflrdall Q.Marw lifetime, tLII her death, in ptr~cutmg.p.Soi. ~:t.~;;t~~:~~~8!i'J:'~~~: c~~~~:;,;:·bothtobebumed, butQMaritsdtath fa\'tS themalive.p.752. A Catalogue of many Martyrs appointed to dtathin Qtem Mariu Pafecution, tfcapjng by ha dc:uh, &c. othermtanS.p.76J . ~~ifo!~~~ ~fh;k~r;:,:~~t~~:;f;"~C:::rar.r~P~::,vtor~;';/;RttlJ~~ · P·754- ~;e~~~;~t;:~~'rb:~~;rs::r~~!~.Y:f!~ 5fh:~::r~:ff:~t~~i6a. AM:rlfacreinFrame. p.859· Th~n:~;d~~l ;;~~r~!~~ ~~~;1e ~~~~e~~;~~~~e f;:l,~g ~~d i~~a~:~~etl~~~~~~~::o~~7a~t:::h parcicularmhisownyear. l fanymanfhouldwdlltohavehadhcrealargcrumver(e ofparuculars, thoughoflcfsconfequencc; and. a preciferpundualnefso~times, even tomomhs and days; fucha man Ihall be able fully to fatisfie htmfdf with thefe~on!ldc:rauons: Firfl, That keeping dofc to the nature of dx mofi and lxfi Cluonologid, with a fiudicd concifmeiS, we intendtd to compofe o( things material, not trivial, Annals not Kalmdars, and Ephtmerides i that is, todateyens,notmonthsanddays. Seoondly, Thatftting largenefSistobeboundfafi to theabbreviature, the fccondand third Volume, andfotheygotogetherabroodintotheWorld: ltsbuttumingovakav~, andwhenthathachlxen too tcdioufiy prolix in its ample nmations, this will ttll the fame after that, without wearying eyes m: cars. And when thiswithitsLaconicalfhortntfs,leJ.vestheRcadcr hungry, to have ittn and heard fornewh:tt more, that wiU lx ready to fill thatappctitt,, That alth~~ the firll: Volume makes difpatch in its relations, and fo fills up itsvaR:ne!S with vanetyof Jlori(S,ttllttbcingsusbeyond thersoo~tar: yet thcfccondandthird Volumesconfifl of few fiories,fwoUen to that hugendS by the maffinds and voluminouGtef~ of tach fiory; fo that they bothhe-ginandmdwithinthcoompaiS ofabout'5oandoddycars,asthiSourChronidcitfelflhcws in ~he ~i~c, Page and Columes ; (o tha! of thnnfdvts, unlt!S we would turn ChrlliJOkgi~ing into, would wind up thcmklves mto a narrow compa!S. lkfides the firfiand fccond Volume in above forty years are woven tot,ether ; as may be ftcn in the Q10tations of the large Colwnc of mattcrofboth thefe Volumes. Fourthly, That ofall the Martyrs which.ind.ctd are the main bulk of the (e'?nd and third Vol11mc, Mr. Fox huh penn'd and placed at the bcgmnmg a moll. punCl:ual and method teal .Kalcndary Chronicle of ytars,t!lonthsandd~ysof theirtroublesandfuffc:rmgs: yettomakeour pro~a complcatnefsand pnf.rdwn, we took mto our other paffagesof efiate, allfpc:dal and datcdfionesof Martyrs; though in thus doing in regard of Mr. Fox his Kalendar, we .Aflum llgiml#, b poft Honumm Ttximm HiatkJ,dothatwhichneedrdnot. ~ F INI S.