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ACls and Monuments O F THE CHRISTIAN MARTYR S, A N D Matters Ec c LE SI AS Tic A L palfedinthe Church of C HR I s TJ From the Primitive beginning, tothefe our days, as well in otperCoumries, as namely in this Realm of ENGLAND, and alfo of SCOT L AND; Difcourfed at large: And firft, the dlff~~~~n~~~u~c~ ~~eRCJM~ ot~!~h';! now is, and the CHR I ST our Saviour inW Gofpdof itwas.muchaltaedfromthefimple lincerityof thel'rin'.i: of St. Mattb. tap.I 6. hw-ing. the COil· t~v~ Ti~e, }'et in outward profdlion of Doctrine and Re· ::n ~~";:c~~:;J;:a ~~% ~ ~~:;h1~ ~~ili~:dfn~}~c~o:~~~~f~f~~ the &,n of God, and perceivmg the fe- With Sup~-rlhC!on and H fie ~ thm alto crept m. cm hand of his anfwe· fu~dyet m com~fon~t~h1ch followtd afta, it rtd again, and alludmg to hiS ~tarn~, nughc fttm as 1 la1d, fomethinl? fi.tfferable.. . all~dhimaRock, upon which Rock he would bwldh1_S 4· Fourthly, followrdthetmteofAnnchrift,andloof..nttlm't' nm ~;¥t~ 1ic: 0tc~ny~ ~~~c~~v~ ~r~e~\~~~~r~~~l:~~ ~~~~le ~~~~in~hdtt~l?~~e ~f tFo:r Ch~~~~~ ;e~~~ f~~l~ ~~J~::~ ·. ~~J: no- ~~nd~~:~~~~~~?~;1i!wg~:;h ~f~i~~~s b;o[~~ ~~ !~i~;~~~~~d~ ~~~~~~hj~~~Z~n~~~: "orde. pugncd, notonlybychcWorld, butalfobytheunermofi lersof.this WdlChurchi throughthcmeans ofthe Rn- ~h~~t. :~~~=~~1~1t~~1tt~ir~}YJt~ha~~~:l ra; ~kl~h:;!aJ!:O:~~~~gd~~~t(f:/f~~~c;:i~hh allhismalice,thould continue. WhichprophccyofChrilt wuhhtm crcptm, till thenme of Jt~hnWidliffe and we fee wonderfully to be verified, infomuch that the whole · courfe of_ t~e Ch~h to this day, lllliY fcem noth~tg elfe ne MOl'· ~tu~:~~~~~~:~~tfo~•rg;~~~~~::c . ~ri~~ ~~~~w~~=da~;!l:':;f~1~~~~~fth {;::r; ~hh~e~~r~~~~:!~~~~!t~~ ~~r:~do;~ Sub~ publickly and priva:tely,with all their firength and the number of~ Church dtcrcafing, and the n~mlxr of th1t:d~~ ~:et:fai~~~c~,a~:11t~rn:~=nd~~ ~~~hr:~~~hhi1~;::~c~~~ 1;:~t~;h~~n:d hathyetendur«<andholdenhiso~ .. Whatfionnsand andfow{coreycars, andhow~g it Cha!lcontinucmore, temJX"Ils it hath oveq::afl, wondrous 1t as to behold. For the the Lord and Gov~or ofall ttm~ heonly knowech. For more ~ident decla~non whereof,! have addrdfed this prc- in thrfe fi\"t~ divafittes and alteranons of umcs, I fuppofe fent Hillory, intcndmg by the favourah!e aid of Chrifl: o~r the whole courfe of the Chm~h. may well be comprifed. Lor~, not fo much to delight ~he ears of my Country m The which Churc~ ~ufe Jt as umve~a~ and fparfedly rtadmg of~ews, as mofi fJX"c~lly to ~refit ~he hearts of t~rough all Cowuncs dilattd, therefore m this Hiflory ftauthegodl)', mperufingant iquitJcsofanctcnt tlll?-CS. .to the dmguponfuchagtneralargument, I !hall not be bound cn_d that the wonderful works ofGod, firfi in r_hts Church, tO any on~ certai1 Natiot~ more than another _: . yet notmtght ~ppear to his glory. A!fo r?at the contmua~ce and withflandmg k_«:ping mme ::~rgument afor~fiud_, I have P.rocecdmgs of du: Church from ume to time, be1ng fet purpofed princtpaUy to tarry upon fuch Hdloncal Acts forth in thdi: Al1s and Monummtr, more k~mwledge and and Records, as mpfi appertain to this my Cotmtry of En!:' cxpericnce. t~y.rcdoundthereby,t? theprofitoftheRca- landand Scotlnnd, derand cdtticattonofChril~an Fatth. And for fo ~uch astheChltrch.of Romf; in all thefc Thc Churdr !t~~: th;:a~~~.~t:;cWtmt~~~~~~h;:ri~ :ft~~ l:J~t~ ~~k,a:di[~\~d1~~~~r't'l~:n~~~~ ~~f~~~h~~~h:~ or PJ.. .. - polida110f havetheughtgoodfir.f}, lxginrung from thetimeofthe Earth, hywhofedirectionallother Churches have betn U!lolllllory, Primitive Ghwch, and fo continuing (by the Lords grace) govttntd : in writin~ ~hm:fore of the Church ofChrifi to thefc beta years, to nm over the whole ftat_e an? court( l cannot but partly al!o mtermeddle with the a& and pr~ ~~!;~ ~fu~o~~!t~~~~HJ;~~u~~~1~ ,:j;~~~:~~~: ~:f~~~~~~~a~~~:~~~%{fior:~tn~~!~:~ of nmes_. . . . . wen he~ m England, as m othei Nations, have this long ~!'\!'~ 1. Firfi, ~ willi~treat of the fuffenng .nme of the feafonchieA_y clef:C1KI~ ~ponrhefame. \ Vh ercfore,as itis t!I~Cbtmb. Church, wh1ch contmued from the Apoftlcs age about ~nuch t~ced.lul_and requtftrc ro hav~ the doings a,tdorda~ three hundred years. mgs ol the fatd Church to 1x made mlnifefl to allChrifii- ~=!- wl~~h~cdd~~he~fd~~ ~~n)~ea~me. ~f th~ Church, j~~':~~~cfa~~;t;f;,avp:r~~~h~dati~~!~J;~~';~; ~. d,.;,lln· :.o• Th1rdl_y, of the declinmg or back.fhdmg tune of the br efly to declare, as in a fitmmary table, the mtfgwding of 1111 rimr of Ch~ch, y.oht_ch comprthendeth other three hundred years, tlmt Church, comp:tring the funnn primitive ~ate of the th• chllrdr. Ulltt! the loohng OUI of Satan, which was about the thou- forenamed Churc:h of Rqnu, with th~e bmr UiTft'S of the ~~~~~~~:~~:t~~h~h~~~~~f~~;::i~;:;Oi~7~~d~;:d1~ ~~~~~ii~~;~c~~~~1~~ ~~~;~~ 3!}~~1:~ ~~~~~~~~~~:[{~~~ A fcaoh