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a1zd the a11cie11t Church of Rome tbat tben WtU. the old Church of Rome,whenJS in thefe bter dJys it h:nh ceffors, unto 1'oJ?t Pafobaliiand t~e Romam, the right ail~ bren fo much rdifkd. interdl 9f choohng the Roman Bi0op, :md 111()l"C0Vet to f:~r~ El~i~~\',~~~ ~~d1~1 ~~~~h~~~~f~:u:11~1leJ~1::~er~~ ~~e~~; ~f};:,;~, d~~lJ~~t~:~T~,~~ ~ff~~01 fa,~! ~~s ~~~~~~~h'~k~~~:~:,~:Y~~v~:~~;,~~~~~~~~l~~~~~~~l~ ~d!~~;, ~:;: ~~:· _Su~~~~~~h~[ &t~Deg~;t-cEf~ ~~t~;! i~t~1: ~i~t~~;~r0~~;~'~:~~:~~~'~fh~~~!~11~~ A~:~~ ~uf~ei~1;;)1,'~i~~i~u1; ~ftjl;v~ln~; f~~~~,d ~~{th~~~ f~f~fcd~J. ~~t~rfttJ~~J~~~cig::~il!~ ~r~It~~if~~t:~~:~~[s~,~1~r.~~~~~~!i and Minifiers flood by the Clergyand the People, wtth tbe alfo rt:qmreth the whole con!Cnt of the Romans : . neither D,Jf.~)4•P· confem of the chiefM:t.giftrate of the place, and fo.comi- doth he limply and abfolute!y g~ve the fam~,but wtth con- ~:a~·:•:£ ~~;;;·~::: ~S~ft;:;1;Jz~l~~£~i;}~~f~~~g i~~J~~~~{~:~~££f~~Fi.~~~,fr~~ ~~~ the Jl.oman fsifhop, that be fhould be t .. k~n fur true Bifhop, VOICtS g.r:tntcd bd0re, n1a.ll choofe tO be ~!hop of &m~. 1he p(Op\.cj whom the Clergy and PeopleofRomtdJdchoofe andded, And mo~V(T in the 6rn~ decree is requn-cd, that at the afA.No r. without any tarrying for any authority of the Emperor of confccratton ~tht: fame Btihop, mdf~gas fhould be di- ;~J"r:~:P~:d::~~To~f~{tby~oA~!I~e8~~~~ fa~~ incontment to the Frmch King concerning the here tlu: Biihops~ganfirfl: towrithe out their dedions. Furthennore, neitb~ryrtdidthCfame Decree (albeit andtheirnr:cksahnlefromtheE~perors fubjedion, ifit 1twaetrue) longcontmuc. Foralth~gh PopeStrp~m ~h:0 a~~~~~t~~t£~;~ ~~~~p~~~o~f~~~%ab~r:: ~r~;o:;~\~~:r~h~~~~1~a:~, n\~~;h~~t;~~~~~ ~~~~~ :~1~ ~~~~;~~~ ti~~or:i:h~~~~ ~fcai:t~::~ft~~ ~oi:g~ ~~~~~;·h~~r ~~~hei:e:f~l~~~~.Y ~~~a!f:~J~;t~~~~h~ c•~fl•""- bliothecny, afufptd-edpl_ace, andcollededbythekcepa ttmcof !J.ugemfiJ_the ferond, whtch !Uccw!ed next_to ~~f.~d ~~~a;~~~~ &~~~~~d~~~!;:~~~~~~e::rtt~:d7~ ~if~~:r: ::~~~~~,~~;e~f;~;{1~~~;~;~;:it~~T~:;:~~ ~1--~1tk !/.,.."lo'nr{,_ the Popes CheftS of Reco~s, makmg any thing on Ius Ma~tfirates over t~e C1ty•. ~Vhereby may appea~ the do- ?~~ ~~r~p~:~~!;~;h~~:~:J;~~:'~E::~~fr~~ ~~~f:{r~~~~~~~t~;~g~g!!;.~fi~~~~~)} l>td. Secondly, where Platina and SabtUicus [ay that Con- confinnation of the (aid Emperour LlffiiJViczrJ. And fo itl fl:antim moved with .the bolindS of Pope Bendifl the like manner his fuccelfors, Pope Strg~ul the fecond., Pope hrft, made that confi1tution : how fcemeth that to fiand. Uo the fourth, Pope Nicbda~ the hrfl:, and fo order!}' in with truth, when both the Empc:rour W<1$ fo fur off from a long trad: of timt:, from the afordaid Nicholru the hrfi, him, beingatConjfantHtoplt, and.alfo for that the faid. to P~peNiciJOlnsthefecoJ?-d,A""oto6_I. (which NichPopc reigned but ten Months? which was but a fma.ll clns m h~ d.ecrt:e, htginmng, In n~mme D1"!ini, drjf. Dijf aJ-r6t! timetomakehisHol.ine!S known to the Emperor f~ 2?· ordrunedalfothe flme) fothatm thedcCbm of the~;:::~· ;~t~~~er~1~n h~~,~~~l ~~ ~~;YEni~~1~? !~ 01.= ] ~k ~~fc~~:it~;~~~~~h:fR~~: ~~1~~"Gc~~ ~~~~~~ :J~:i~:. the old r~ci\'~~ rrmmer of Ius inllicuti- ~ ~~~edv;},J~J!;~7,/~'hlch'At~;,;;t~tr~~71~f:r~t~Jcd1~ T he third conjcdure is th1s, for that the faid conft ituti- without the: Emperours will and confent, aftcrw:trd. reonwasnot~bfcrved,bu~fhonlyaftc:rbythcfaidBmediEf, 1 penting the fame openly in his p.:~chingtothe People, w~ broke~nm th~ cleChon ~f P?pe Crmon. And yet not- declared chat he would no longer ht m_ the Apofiolic:t.IScc, Wlthflandmg albeit the con(htuuon were nue, ret the elc- nnleG he were by the Emperour conhrmcd. Wherefore tl:~on thereby 'vas not taken away from the People, and li- he was greatly rebuked, and cart into Prifon by Hildelntted to the Clergy only, and ~uchlefs might be take~l brand, and. (o depo!i:d. Thet; Hilde_brand and his followaway from the Clergy, and. be !united only to the Card1- ers fo ordered the matter of tlm e!eChon, that firfl the Emd~~ c:i:~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~;~~11~v~;~~~~,~~: ~~~;·t;l:~~~~u~~.p~~J f~f~fl: ~~~i~~~eb~~i~iJ~ ::;d ~~f~~Jti~~ ~~~~~~~ ~edb;~~~~~~::~g~~~~:a:d1t;J;~~~~:~~~~~~~~1~ ~~~~~f~;:~h 1Fo~~~~;~~;~i~~~~:Ct~u ~o;resn ~~fu~~ few Cardmals only, but tt> the order as wc_ll of the Clergy, on\~ by the Scriptures., :md other qnc!Uons ofEccle!iaflical as of the people? toch?Ofe not only the ~tlhop of Rcme, difcJplinc thcyclttermined bytheCanons,notof the Pope ~i¥i[rf~~~~~~~~ ~~~p ~ili~~n~r~:r,dt~~~~ap~;~:: ~h:1~l~~~~'"':tr~ t~~ of ~~~~~e:n~:l t;~~d ~r~~~~~fa~~:~ ~:~~~~~·nfl:;n!~ f:;:;~:.~: ~%~,~:~r:~i~Fr~~::\%~iE£ri~::{~:t~ ~;:Ff~~:i~~:f,::f~i;::~;,~,?.!!~;~~fii:1,~~~~ A 3 alto