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The difference between the Church of Rome that now i<, alforoCathrdrnlChurchesand othtt, to have their free thefaidlaterChurchofRomthathtakcnandatniburcdto Elrdions. and toprofecute the fame in full. elf~, ord~ing ir.felf much more than either the limits of Gods Word do and difpofing promoti?ns, collations, prov1lions and d1fr' gtv~ or fiandcth with the examrJc of the old Roman ~t:~;: ~~~~;~{~~~~~~fl{~§~~,t~ ~~~~~~jf~~~:;f;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; ;~i!·gcnml and IS to be ken nt the PoJX:S Dem:es, 9·tt+ Per jing11IIIJ. ~ome _cloth arrogate to Jtfdfabfolutdyan4only, both do- aDd impro- ~J~~ And lik<wif, ~lido thofo ''"io:t;'l~!,:!%: ",\~~~ ~~~~~~i;~~~~i?~~~~~~~?,~lf!~~~~ wordsasfollow. IumuaEfttmts&tmeragr~iflim'!fe- to other 1\pofl~es, but givcth 1t clearly to the Church, nmiarum, per curtam R.J>:nanam Ecdefi~ rtf:{ nqftrt tm· wherrof Ptttr d1d bear ~he figure, fo that wherefoeva the ft;;:mv;~:;k/flv[ !;::::: f~~=J~i~;; ;::;u:J!"t;_ :d !~hf:C:v~~~ri~~in~~:r~li; =1f:~dd:~;~db~~ -vari aut ciJ~'i.' nuUattnUI VCJ!umul: nifi du_ma::c_at priJ ra- med1:1ttly by ~he PoJX?r B1_!hop of Ptttr's See. ~:ffi~;:;:· !:~//:m":C~ri~ffi: &t:n,:::(}~':]//::!/:o,~ his ):fd~~~r;.~::~~:~h~rS: 1;~~eu~~~~~:m~;b: ;;~~~­ ~';nri;{:;~ifei tl~lS~~ ~~;;: ~~t~ha~~eE~~~ d~~rf;f~~:ndh,!:~~n~fr.~~~~ ;i~~C::dt~~ ~~ ~~t. (~\':~:::/~~~ f;~dK~d~~~~h~~ ~feo;,l~~~~:. ~~:~~:~·o?~:~~~~~h 0~!~~h:!11~f~~~~~~~ ~t::~ !~~~:ed:~:;g~r;t11dfu~bil:'~~rvi~ 0~r%~~~he;: !~~:ha~~~~I~h,~0S:;:~~~~·;Q!cl!:~~-~: aa:d ~~~d after tOr any m:mnrr of caufe, unleiS there come fome rea- Lorlty to their Rllias and Magiftrates, to di~penfe with (onable, godly, and mofi urgent :1nd inevitabk nectffity ; perJury,to denounce re.miffion '~here no earnefi rqxntance and that a1fo not to be done without the expreiS and v~ ts feen before, to number renuffion by days and years, to }~~~r~u~0for~f:~dK~~~;~J;!~~~~dN~;h;OJ=c~~f~~d ~~frr;~~erh~~h~~l~~h:~~~J :::a~~hwfr:~.f~~b~}~idn; R~t~ againft tlwfe_ (o mlnifefi ~nd expreiS D«reements ofGe· gion m to R.dJI$iOns,to bmd and burthen Confctences With neral CounCils,and Confumtions Synoda~this laterChurch confiitudons ol men, to excommw1icate for worldly matofRome o~bte preli.unption, degenerating from all the ters,::sforbrca~ingofParks, for not ;inging of_ Bells at ~~di~:;eb~~~~:~c~~e ~~ctfo:'f~~;r ::~ :d~~~~~~~,J~ f~: ~~1=i~~~:t {~~~~~db~;~~~gf~~tt:i~hrh~~d~~~e~ intermeddle m ~1fp:>ling and r:ran~poling Churches, Col- Church goods,for holdmg on their Princes fide in pnnccly leges, MonafientS, with the collatiOns, exemptions, eled- cafes,. for not going at the Popes commandment, for not ion, goods and lands to the fam~ belonging, by reafon atr«tng to the ~pes Eledion in anod~ Princes Realm, r~propri&- and example wherrofhave come m theft Impropriations, w1th other fuch rhmgs morc,and more vam than thefc,&,. !~~" ~~~:iofP!rifl;~:~~~htn:UJ:;-J~~~en:C~~~: ~~~~u~d~~~~~~o~:~~~~~~era=~~: which things among the old R_oman cldas were neve:r yet it giveth no authority to make Sa~ents, much ldS known. For fo much then did 1t bck, that due neccffi- to worlhip Sacrammts. And though thru authority (ertieswereplucktfT?m theChu!ch, that~pcrours, Kings v~h tolxlptife:men, yct~texrendcth nottochriflm. Bells: ~bi :;: ~;eh ~~::fi~~i~e~rown, d1d r.nher cumulate ~~;:::\t~~ !r~:~~~ke:%~Y:&!:~~ ~;:~ Agam, when fuch goods _were gi~en the Church by wr~rtm venti~ tmder ~in of damnation, to make other tho!t Ancdtors, they were nt"lther fo gtven, nor yet .taken arncks of bdief, to infbcure ftrange worfhip, otherwife ~~h:~~Eri;:~e~~~tt~tr:~ t~h~~tMub~:~i~n~~ ~~~~~~~~bed which harh tol~ us how he would the needy, as iscontainalin theCanom~l lnfiinmonsby Thethud_abufe_of t~teP~~Jurifdtd"ion frandeth in 3· i:E~~;~b x:J,mrs:tr~~~~::J:h?:t::re ~::~~rt~~;~; y:~~~}~~ ~~~ed~tt~e~~~:~d~~~~.f~~~llr~~~~~~;;e7~ck~Z al!o'fa- ~::~~j~~Th:w~:'~f,~hemCh!ltb;';h:'':o!;'X~11k i~ ;;~~~~:~~~~~~~~~~~~s d~~e~~:l~~~r~~~~~~~~~'::; ~~t (;~~sr~ff~~~:~~~~~~i~=~~onfi~~~~~;~~~;~: \~t~1 ~~;~~: ~~~~tp~i~!~~~: i~:!:e~~~~Sen~~~ ~;~~:. ~~Jf~~P a1bi"i lity\~~~:~:~~~~~~th alfo the tcfiimony of Profptr,whofe ~:~~i~~dt~~·a~mea~~!a~~v~t !~~e!'~~~(el:~cy ~d to do. !;;.. {;,~· r~~~;£y~~7~·f::J{et.~~iY£.~;:-;t~~ ~~~~~~:~~~~,~.::~:'-~l:h:~;~;,'1~~~~ own, but <lifiributed them as gtven and bequeathed to the mgratr lul Cltents ro fuch Benefadors, afraward fiampt pxlr. And flith moreover: Quod babtt Ec~ltfia, cum upon their Necks, have made ~hem to hold rheir Stirrop, omnibus nihil habtnt1brn babtt communt: that JS, Whatf4> fome tohokl the Bridle C1fthar Horfc:, have cauf«<. them C\CrtheChurchhath, itha.thit commonwithallfuchas tofeekthdrConfirmarionatthtir hand; yea,havebem have nothing, &c. . E~perours themfelves, Stile vacante, & i~ diftorJia tlt- .A . dB Add the worthy tdl imony _of S. A11guff, ad Bonifac. flumu,and alfo have ~en Snmors of the: C1ty; moreover, •: • ·~· }:n,;u:;: nfP~::'['J p~:~":~7 ~"!C::;J:~;:;;:;,; q:O:. ~~~;~~dtj~r{fd~fr::~f:~h~~~~t~~~~~~~;~~ JammoJo gtrimm, ntm propmtamn n~Wu11[urpartont dam- the tllne of Pope HlidebranJ; wh1ch J!lldtbranJ depolin~ 71abili vmduamus, &,, H~ry the 4th Emperor, made him g.tve attendance at his Likewife Vowfons and pluraliti(S of Benefices .\~'ere Cityg:~.te.And~frerhimPOJX~ifact~heSth.~ew~dhim- ~~~~~. ~~i~!f: ~~~~r1~~~~~~~~~~;~ ~e~~:k~~la~r~r:t~: ~:~~~ ~~~~~~~~;~~~~~~ dZydi~I~~~Rao?!~!::;:~vt~~ from the flock ofChnlt. naked fword bont before htm, like an Emperor,m the year lhT« !"'in" All which inconvcniences as t_hey fi rfr yam~ :11~d crept in o~ OlU" lord 12 98. And for fo much as this inordinate)urifp~:'" tl>e chi~Ay by the preltnded authorux and )utifdtChol.l abufed ?tt"ti~u h_athn_otonly been ufed of th~m,but alforothls day r~~~~~::: in this later Clmrd1 of Rlmt : fo tt caunot be demed, bt~t tS mamtat.ned m Romt ; let us theretore now compa~:~~