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TheEpifile Dedicatory to the C2..!!_eens Majefly. fM tbolfgh they were a peop~e of much lrllth, and that tl;e wo:td ~id nu~ perctive thtm, thq pretend a face aml ze~t of great PtrliJ; and (15 thoHgh th~re were no H,florw elfe m all ~he world cormptcd, b11t only tbii Hiflorl of Atls. and Monuments, wttb Tragical Vviw theJ ~xclazm and wonder upon ~t, ?o;;;'~f~O:;~~~:!c~'~-r~;;~fl!!s':/j/ fon;;;;~:: i~P;;;;;f:;~~~7e:o 111 J;"?;n~fo,~;:/,~a~e:j;; ;~ in Rhetoric~{) that when an argument cometh againflthem whuh they cannot we/1 refolve mdi:ed, theJ have a rule tofbift ofj the mal/er with jlo11t words and tragical admiratiou,whertbJ to dafh the Opponent out of colmtenancc, bearing the hearers in hand the fame to be the weak..efl and flenderefl arg11mtnt that evefv~h tk:fophif/;c~t 0:::~~:}eeaiflj;;;d~i;h';::e'!ln~o;~e!ilft; o;;;%:r~!:!~~~; to hear their own ::~;~~~~:~'(::~ ;:;t::e ~enrh:!e/:~h; a::kha~:~ld)' t~;e:;:h~!0;e~~~g~f:::hYt;?;S:.';;~~i::~~ dtrfllllnding that the) rea1. inveigh andmalig11 fo perverflJ the [etting.o11t tbereof, 111 thoHgh neither an1 word in aU that florJ were tme,nor an1 theft my AwiferJ I do not o fXCHfimJ Jelf, 1 again; doi11g herein 111 Penelope did with her web,untwifling that jbe h:~d done before: r as Bui/derJ do fometim~J, which .bHild ~nd tak._e down again, eilber to tran.JPofe the fajhion,or to mak! the founda tion larger . So m recognifing thtJ Htflory 1 have employed a little more labour, partlJ to edarge the arg11::~: I have lr9ere tprma ~- ~ pidJm. Nwerthelefs committing the foccejt thereofunto the Lord, I have advenllm:d again HpotJ tbisflorJ of ~:~~ck;;;;,;;~~,i,e,lJ:/~ ~~fo;YI~~J.a[/'!;:i:lfo 1 a~:~'::~!~a;;:}e;~e;z; j/,;:n;~~';::;p:::~~ .lt'lajefiy, blefjing mJ Lord 111) God wilh aUmy heart; firfl for this liberiJ of peace and time which tJmmgh yoJtr peaceable Government he bath lent unto 1H for the gathering bDth of thiJ and other lik! Booi{J, TraOatiom and MonumentJ retJHiftte 19 the behoof of hi1 ChJtrch, 'tllhiciJ hitherto by iniquity of lime coHid not be contrived in any KingJ ReignJince theConq11ejl, be fore theft Halcyon dayJ ofJOUrJ, Serondl.J,Al we are aU·bound with pHblic~ YoiceJ to magnijie our God for thiJ happj prefervation Df 1 JOI/r Royal Eftate ; fo private I, for IHJ crw.n part, 1 alfo ackpowledge m.1 filf bDHnd to my God and to "'.! Savi011r,wb.o fo gracio11jlJ in foch wea4 health hath let me time, both to jinifh thi-s Wo rk,, and alfo to ojfir the ftrond Dedication thereof to JOUr Majefly; dejiring the fame tD accept in good worth the donation ~:f/:f:Cc:~f:;h ~~ ~~;tZ!nh~eo{:tfln~!:h~j;~:;~{;~ra;£~fj:~~~~ fe t:Jb:;,~;~r:v:~e and good And tho11gh the florJ beiHg written in the Pop11lar-Tongue ferveth no t fo greatfJ for JOUr own peculiar ~~:~~:fc'r;~:; ~~/.k!/~t;~::::;,(c~ t~~:! 1f:v:r~:;::~na~ti~hfu:tmc:1~~;t~~~~ thewz;e!:'{hg h.~ve bewlong led in ignorance, and wrapt in blindneft for lack.. t.JPeciaUJ DfGodJ Word, andpartiJ 11/fo for wanting the light of Hiflory, I thought pity but thatJitch fbould be helped, their ignDrance rtlieved, :;~~~P!~~~~h~~:,uf;~h/~:i/,1~1z~!e;r7c~e !!~ ~!~i:fa;~:~'S::t~:r!'t~;/::o:ft:!. 10 'l:J though tbty be b111 jimple and 1mlearned, 7et not unapt to be ta11ght if theJ were applied. Furthermore, what inconveniente groweth of ignorance where k._nowledgc tacAph, both I conjidered and experience daily teacheth. A11d therefore hearing of the 'fJtrtuo;u lndination of JOUr MajtflJ,what a provident u_a/fuU offoli· :~teuflo/c:11 o}aCh;~;~;jpeCf}:;1J:;,iJ,;tfr~:;£:~"~b;~ ~a;J,J:h:::h~~;:~:;o:~~:!;~l~::';~~;! ~o~~k~ smto thkJOUr godiJ procetdingJ, and to the fJjfice of the Miniftry, the lznowfedge a!fo of Eccieftaflical itc:~~!:· frt;'{hen-A:t:':;'J ;:~~p~;g~;;~;;.he fiparate (Tom the fome) that li~ 111 b the one the ~eople ma1 M~rryrs. zng w htJ Church, to the confirmatiOn :~:kr~0e:a~t'~~~~t :;j fh:~~~:~~~~~ ~e E~~~i~;~ ufe J;JJ:~~:z;;!;:;i~~o;'B:;,,~fe; ;{J~~;rim~=::;;G:J~~;::M:;:;efa~~};:/)~e;;tJ in preferving come1h bis Church~ in overthrowing TyrantJ, in con ounding Pride, in altering Statu a nd Kingdoms, t,n CM· Ev~:~r::. · · :;t;J t ifGod, holJ ame and Religion revenged, Murther with M1trther rewarded , AdultererJ and Wedlocftbreaf<!rJ deflrDJed,PerjJtriu,Extortio11J,cOVetDusOpprejfion, and frnHdul~nt Counft!J cDme to ntmght, with other excellent Worl{s of the Lord: the ohferving and noting whereof in Hijloriu minij/er to the Readers tbcrcDf wholfome admotJiHons of life,with experience andwifdom bo th tDf<!;ow God in hiJ Wor4J,and to worl{ the thing that if godly; effiecialiJ to feek..Jmlo the Son of God for their Salvation,and in hiJ Faith cnfJ to fnd thdt they fed,,for,and in no other meam. The continuanc e and cowjlancJ ofwhich Faith the Lord of hi1 Grace andgoodnefi grant to JOUr Noble MajeftJ, and to hh l'Jlbole beloved ChHrfh, and aD the Membeu ofthe fome to everlafling lift. Amen. Ad